Monologue: Welcome Reality Deniers | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including the upcoming CPAC convention and Sen. Ted Cruz's much-maligned trip to Cancún.
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  1. Brian Morit

    Brian Morit20 dagen geleden


  2. Brian Morit

    Brian Morit20 dagen geleden

    Trump2024 haters gonna hate

  3. Roy Fileger

    Roy Fileger20 dagen geleden

    This is my third Bill Maher video, the first two I enjoyed, but here he is the complete asshole I had heard he is. But seriously, no American with a functioning brain can believe that "Reality Deniers" exist in the face of overwhelming evidence of the 2020 voter fraud and lack of any evidence to support "man made" global "climate change".

  4. David Carter

    David Carter26 dagen geleden

    The Rush Limbaugh comment was surprising. The man is dead.

  5. R H

    R H27 dagen geleden

    Reality deniers. lol Fantasy deniers much better?

  6. Kathy Hernandez

    Kathy Hernandez27 dagen geleden

    Stuart Davies

  7. Nathaniel Svensson

    Nathaniel Svensson27 dagen geleden

    You know...when left-wing media gets too much with their goodie-two-shoes, inclusive, blah blah shit. And then the conservitive media is making one of your eyebrows tired from not understanding how they're this stupid. We can all relax and remember that Billy-boy is still around. AHHHHHHHHH. What a sigh of relief.

  8. George R

    George R28 dagen geleden

    The comedies are gone because Trump is gone it’s not the same President Trump did a fantastic job in office

  9. Rosco Coltrane

    Rosco Coltrane28 dagen geleden

    I honestly don't find Bill funny 80% of the time. The Ted Cruz jokes and the Trump (whatever you call that train wreck statue) were the only things funny and I'm a fan of both.

  10. Bader

    BaderMaand geleden

    Maaaan. I though I'd never say these words, but Bill Maher is starting to make a lot of sense these days. YES, that's what talk show hosts should do... I don't want to take sides.; just blast every and all presidents/politicians, because they're the absolute worst.

  11. Altrusian WolfDog

    Altrusian WolfDogMaand geleden

    We are just having a problem convincing the liberal sheep who want us to become submissive slaves to an offended society that we really don't give that big of a fuk about them....comprehensive reasoning is not their strong suit....

  12. Oussama Al Rifai

    Oussama Al RifaiMaand geleden


  13. Mad Bunny Art

    Mad Bunny ArtMaand geleden

    Jesus Christ, what's happened to him? He can't finish a sentence without fumbling all over himself.

  14. Sean Marvet

    Sean MarvetMaand geleden

    I’m a Republican Trump supporter. But I still love your comedy!

  15. emcats84

    emcats84Maand geleden

    Perfect example of a smug, misinformed liberal.

  16. Kevin McCaffrey

    Kevin McCaffreyMaand geleden

    Trump 2024

  17. B Miller

    B MillerMaand geleden

    Can't WAIT for Trump to be the nominee in 2024 to GUARANTEE a DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE WINNING in another "Biden-sized ROUT"! At a MINIMUM, hopefully if he loses the nomination, the party will split WORSE than over Bernie in 2016... and they STILL LOSE. All the election ADS are being written now: a. TRUMP and the CAPITAL RIOT! b. Repubs against COVID RELIEF etc.

  18. Teresa Thayn

    Teresa ThaynMaand geleden

    Texas is a genuinely cut throat state everyone should avoid!! They have no shame!! I lived there for 5 shitty years!!

  19. david ohler

    david ohlerMaand geleden

    I'm sure Texans love you Bill,you make it real. Keep it real

  20. Seagull Livingstone

    Seagull LivingstoneMaand geleden

    Best brain. Love your humor. I was afraid that after Donald Trump left you will run out of material but i was obviously wrong .

  21. Ben Janes

    Ben JanesMaand geleden

    What else are you going to deny than reality? Unreality, oh right, that's just called telling the truth.

  22. Dave Fiano

    Dave FianoMaand geleden

    Cuomo kills thousands in nursing homes and gets praised to the skies. Ted Cruz did something tone deaf. Same.

  23. docbeepsjb

    docbeepsjbMaand geleden

    Bill Maher for PRESIDENT! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾😉

  24. The Gnostic Truth

    The Gnostic TruthMaand geleden

    Bill Maher and Dolly Parton have something in common. A propensity to pretend that sanity prevails only when you believe roughly what you are hammered into believing by everything that can be thrown at you by the CIA/Media machine, corrupt government officials and institutions, the WHO, Bill and Melinda Gates and their pet projects, and any greedy evil Pharma entity that is happy to make a buck injecting people with chemicals for their own good. If you don't agree with them, they also have a proclivity, shall we say, to denigrate your sanity while supporting their position with nothing more than being a bunch of unstudied sycophants.

  25. kevin davis

    kevin davisMaand geleden

    Friday 5 march..Bill maher..reparations should be payed by government. .slavery was constitutional. .institutionalize..ownership of one man' over another man as property law ...individual citizens today share no burden or responsibility for slavery..but the government is responsible for creating and continuing a debt for enslaving free human beings! Out

  26. Angelum Band

    Angelum BandMaand geleden

    Hey puppet go and make some comments about New York and Cuomo or are you afraid of his mafia.

  27. Francisco Lopez

    Francisco LopezMaand geleden

    Partisanship is it's own religion and the reality denial runs deep in both parties. After the 2016 election, 66% of Democrats believed that Russia tampered with the vote tallies in order to get Donald Trump elected. [Source: YouGov poll March 4-6 2018]. This is comparable to the 64% of Republicans who believe that Biden won the 2020 election because of voter fraud. [Source: POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, Nov. 6-9, 2020]

  28. Johnny Atoms

    Johnny AtomsMaand geleden

    Multi-tasking is a little hard for Republicans to comprehend.... They could only handle one peanut at a time.

  29. Rocky Road

    Rocky RoadMaand geleden

    "Comedy" in 2021.

  30. jsean g

    jsean gMaand geleden

    The golden calf was made in China,...LMAO

  31. Donald Clément

    Donald ClémentMaand geleden

    How about fencing capitol.but taking down border Fence .

  32. Donald Clément

    Donald ClémentMaand geleden

    An now demonrats in Power is better .lying Harris bejin bidon.o yea the drinker of the House what a party

  33. Donald Clément

    Donald ClémentMaand geleden

    Continue your crap.

  34. Russell Dolter

    Russell DolterMaand geleden

    People down there died of hypothermia so f*** you Bill

  35. Sunni Enciso

    Sunni EncisoMaand geleden

    Gee, having to get laughs from Texas's tragedy, Rush's death, and a girl sexually assaulted by Coumo. What a class act this guy is. NOT!!!!!!

  36. Rich Odegard

    Rich OdegardMaand geleden

    Now Bill. You just offended shit with that joke. Cruz is much worse.

  37. JR Chamberlin

    JR ChamberlinMaand geleden

    Reality deniers like you Bill? How is blue no matter who so long as it's not Bernie working out. Eff you bill Maher! You are so effing irrelevant!

  38. Patrick Marble

    Patrick MarbleMaand geleden

    This is so good how he talks like this and then a month later today is figuring out the left is eating there selves and HES ON THE LIST love it

  39. Brosef42

    Brosef42Maand geleden

    wow, shitting on a dead man. Never a good look

  40. Matty Dice

    Matty DiceMaand geleden

    I bet you are more relevant to Colbert, who seems to drag behind on your coattails, though.

  41. Matty Dice

    Matty DiceMaand geleden

    Get a life Maher... you wish you had the cultural relevance and impact of Rush. I will admit you are not completely devoid of a conscience, but know that conservatives won't bother to even mention your passing. You will not be relevant to a joke, let alone a legacy.


    ROGUE REPUBLICANSMaand geleden

    I would say CPAC is the yearly Neanderthal family reunion. But, I don't want to be offensive to families (*cough* Ted Cruz's poor family, especially) and Neanderthals.

  43. SharkBiteInSight

    SharkBiteInSightMaand geleden

    Your so petty bill

  44. Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman

    Reid Fleming, World's Toughest MilkmanMaand geleden

    You're not supposed to speak ill of the dead, but let's be real. Rush exempted himself from that rule before Reagan was out of office.

  45. Marguerite Hudsell

    Marguerite HudsellMaand geleden

    You give my elastic support hose new spring.

  46. Marguerite Hudsell

    Marguerite HudsellMaand geleden

    You put a silver lining on my Major Depression.

  47. Graham Sawicki

    Graham SawickiMaand geleden

    Can tell this is a Democrat heavy page so many cowards still scared of a little flu 😂

  48. Frances Gregory

    Frances GregoryMaand geleden


  49. Jeanne Vogel

    Jeanne VogelMaand geleden

    this was cut off before the monologue was over. What is up with that? I am new to this NLpush channel.

  50. Rimshot 22

    Rimshot 22Maand geleden

    He denies reality too. He thinks women still want him for something other than his $140 million. He thinks he has courage because sometimes he breaks with the left. But he also thinks we don't notice how he slips in qualifiers and disclaimers to cover his butt.

  51. Dan Buker

    Dan BukerMaand geleden

    Nobody in the comments noticed 2:10? "I wanna grow old with you, then put you in a home and cover up your death." Bill Maher is very well ranged on politics and I love him. Though I hate both sides and am not religious so I might be biased towards him.

  52. April Sisco

    April SiscoMaand geleden

    "Ted Cruz is proof that shit can actually step in itself" I never thought of it that way...😆

  53. ApolloCreedAoC

    ApolloCreedAoCMaand geleden

    Theres a line in the stand that's been crossed with techno

  54. Cc So

    Cc SoMaand geleden

    Rushlimbaugh died ? huhuhuhu.

  55. Tony

    TonyMaand geleden

    Texas don't want you fool! Yur no better than all these super rich politicians Where are u vacationing? Making fun if a dead man?

  56. Rodycaz II

    Rodycaz IIMaand geleden

    LOL at his uber-liberal audience not cheering for the Cuomo joke.

  57. Mark Lally

    Mark LallyMaand geleden

    stop clapping and smacking your lips, very annnoying

  58. Joycelyn Burke

    Joycelyn BurkeMaand geleden

    Republicans cults

  59. John Harrison

    John HarrisonMaand geleden

    Ever notice how politically convenient the bug is? If people we don't agree with gather, they're spreading the Kung Flu. If it is our team, they're being brave & gathering to show solidarity in these tough times.

  60. Come and take them

    Come and take themMaand geleden

    Anyone who cheers the death of one who has not brought about death, is a ghoul.

  61. Isaac Leillhikar

    Isaac LeillhikarMaand geleden

    3:40 They painted up a Ronald McDonald thing in the play area. And changed the hair.

  62. Aaron Mitchell

    Aaron MitchellMaand geleden

    Excellent show Bill! It's ok to make fun of people and help them laugh in the name of comedy just don't be a soul taker.

  63. Kenny G 1607

    Kenny G 1607Maand geleden

    The open hearts of liberals....

  64. Chad Losh

    Chad LoshMaand geleden

    We talk and we laugh about Hitler And how dumb the Germans must have been to elect him when they were known collectively as one of the smartest countries in the world with more geniuses per capita than almost every other country in the world. And now we have Trump. Drive it through your relatives think heads that he didn't do shit when he was in office-- he undone a lot of good that had been done over the last 100 years or so but he didn't accomplish much of anything himself beside blocking progress. He didn't give the little guy a seat at the table. So let's start a PAC to buy his lunch everyday and everyday it can buy him all of the McDonald's that he can eat-- that way well know for sure he won't survive to run again in 2024...

  65. Tony Drury

    Tony DruryMaand geleden

    I really cant talk about all of it here until you go look her up on google or through her direct feedback@lyraholtdean .com to see how she has helped myself and so many others in becoming financially stable


    EXPRESS SHIRTSELFMaand geleden


  67. D Kelley

    D KelleyMaand geleden

    It's the C-POOP Convention, Bill

  68. lee gibson

    lee gibsonMaand geleden

    What exactly is a reality denier?

  69. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    Whiskey Tango FoxtrotMaand geleden

    I remember when Bill used to be funny. What the fk happened?

  70. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    Whiskey Tango FoxtrotMaand geleden

    Ted Cruz takes his kids on a vacation: * OUTRAGE!!! * Cuomo murders tens of millions of old people: * crickets *

  71. Adrx ME

    Adrx MEMaand geleden

    ​@Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Wow, sick burn man. "People like you" yea, that will show them! Lmao.

  72. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    Whiskey Tango FoxtrotMaand geleden

    @Adrx ME I understand that facts can be offensive to some people. People like you.

  73. Adrx ME

    Adrx MEMaand geleden

    You shouldn't be trusted around sharp objects.

  74. Terrier Queen

    Terrier QueenMaand geleden

    Looks like CPAC needs schooling on the Old Testament re-enactment. The wayward Israelites constructed a golden CALF, not a golden ASS!

  75. Maroua Lamine

    Maroua LamineMaand geleden

    You have to talk about those obsessed with the idea of ​​having children🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  76. Sir Derty

    Sir DertyMaand geleden

    The people that find this show funny are the same ones who think Big Bang Theory is comedy. Sad, fake laugh tracks.

  77. lucy molockian

    lucy molockianMaand geleden


  78. Delores Vickers

    Delores VickersMaand geleden

    I like Bill, but here's the big Lie and most whites keep repeating it. The Minority on planet earth are those classified as White people!

  79. lunamypet

    lunamypetMaand geleden

    The dotard says , “If you stick with me you’re gonna win” when they lost the last election lmfao. I am in tears😹😹

  80. Toey Toe

    Toey ToeMaand geleden

    Barely criticizes the current governments already failures, moves straight on to opposition government.

  81. Shawn Tandy

    Shawn TandyMaand geleden

    like to have a few minutes with bill it would be fun for me.

  82. Xophe A'dethri

    Xophe A'dethriMaand geleden

    3:54 I believe you meant to say "Orangutan Glue"

  83. Inga Mgoduka

    Inga MgodukaMaand geleden

    Bill Maher can roast like nothing is happening while people are dead with laughter.

  84. Idonthigh5

    Idonthigh5Maand geleden

    It's hilarious how your audience applauds even when they have NO idea what you're talking about.

  85. Jukka K

    Jukka KMaand geleden

    Oh my god.. i remember when president george w bush ws the worst president. F**ck ive always thought the U.S.A being the force for good in the world. It worries me that Trump is always blames the otherside for what HE is doing. Im an Atheist from Finland but i pray for god that America will take the leader place in the world AGAIN before china does! I hope its not too late!? I love you Bill! Ive been watching you for decades... hope you get those solar panels installed soon😢



    Hey Mr. Bill Maher ask Mr, Keith Olbermann onto the show! (I'd like that) sincerely, Chris

  87. M L

    M LMaand geleden

    was Biden ever able to visit Texas? as our commander in chief to lead us??

  88. John Smith

    John SmithMaand geleden

    Meanwhile, the NYT's is firing reporters for using the N-word in the context of discussing the N-word.

  89. Greg Murphey

    Greg MurpheyMaand geleden

    CPAC, spreaders of disease and madness.

  90. toriless

    torilessMaand geleden

    More like "let's get dung, 'cause I am full of it."

  91. toriless

    torilessMaand geleden

    How can you mess up a Cuomo joke? He somehow did.

  92. Dan Hawkins

    Dan HawkinsMaand geleden

    Shit can step on itself!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  93. George George

    George GeorgeMaand geleden

    "Let's get done what we've never started!" - next Trump slogan XD XD XD

  94. Steve D

    Steve DMaand geleden

    That new hand clapping tick by Maher is bugging the fucking shit out of me.

  95. Mundy Morning Report

    Mundy Morning ReportMaand geleden

    Bill, do people still read the "Onion"?

  96. Nature Made In Utah

    Nature Made In UtahMaand geleden

    Screw all your liberal tendencies and bad jokes. This guy is nothing but a puppet for Hollywood.

  97. FuzzyPanda16

    FuzzyPanda16Maand geleden

    Bill confuses me sometimes, he knows how crazy the left has gotten, and does segments on it, but then he does segments like this where it's 90% ripping into the right. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty going on on the right to make fun of, I just much prefer it when he's tearing into both sides equally.

  98. Marie Clark

    Marie ClarkMaand geleden

    Bill Maher is actually one of the largest purveyors of Cancel Culture. Bill Maher's show REAL TIME supports and thrives on CANCEL CULTURE. They could have called the show "Cancel Culture with Bill Maher". Bill won't survive the attempt at canceling Cancel Culture. It is way too late to defeat the wave of hate he helped built.

  99. federico silva

    federico silvaMaand geleden

    Hahahahah hahahahah suckerssssssssss

  100. margot melvin

    margot melvinMaand geleden

    in 2021 TAXES going, Up in 2022 taxes going up ,in 2024 TAXES will DOUBLE for middleclass Will you love. or vote for him THEM 2024thnaks Trump.

  101. jackson moon

    jackson moonMaand geleden

    Proof shit can step in itself. Brilliant 👏

  102. Michael R.

    Michael R.Maand geleden

    biden's stuttering/faltering is getting worse, did you see all those supporters show up for him in Texas LOL

  103. Rorrihim __

    Rorrihim __Maand geleden

    It's kinda sad how we can joke about Republicans, right leaning groups, etc. but as soon as we say something negative about the left we get cancelled.