Most Destructive Weapon Wins $10,000

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  1. JustDustin

    JustDustinMaand geleden

    Did you watch last weeks video? 🧐

  2. Michael Weston

    Michael Weston3 dagen geleden

    @thick chungus p

  3. FaZe_MASTeR1X

    FaZe_MASTeR1X6 dagen geleden


  4. Reptile Gaming

    Reptile Gaming7 dagen geleden


  5. Bernardo Osorio

    Bernardo Osorio7 dagen geleden


  6. the assassin

    the assassin14 dagen geleden

    I need a shout-out ori well cry

  7. kash t

    kash t3 uur geleden


  8. Dr_ace77

    Dr_ace774 uur geleden

    Do they actually get 10,000?

  9. Fix Price

    Fix Price5 uur geleden

    Kazahstan/russhia me watching this interesting than a4..

  10. D U C K

    D U C K5 uur geleden

    Bro Trent’s weapon is literally a swat log they use it to break into criminals locked house doors


    PEKKA KING14 uur geleden

    Legos are indestructible. One survived a hydraulic press

  12. Mc Groovi

    Mc Groovi15 uur geleden

    This is proof that legos are military grade toys

  13. Bendy And Puppet Studios!I hate youtube

    Bendy And Puppet Studios!I hate youtubeDag geleden

    The single Lego being torched

  14. ꧁•Trey plays Roblox•꧂

    ꧁•Trey plays Roblox•꧂Dag geleden


  15. murder sans

    murder sansDag geleden

    Biebier you mean justin biebier


    ARKHAM KNIGHTDag geleden

    trent is a freaking 1945 naval canon

  17. JsRyns

    JsRynsDag geleden

    For some reason I thought he was about to hit me 6:57

  18. Badabing Badaboom

    Badabing BadaboomDag geleden

    The slow mo's were awesome

  19. Tony Soberanes

    Tony Soberanes2 dagen geleden

    That "Yess" with evil voice 10:32

  20. Abhay Kumar

    Abhay Kumar2 dagen geleden

    What if......... accidentally?

  21. Carinha que mora logo ali

    Carinha que mora logo ali2 dagen geleden

    How weak they can be?

  22. FlippBoyzz

    FlippBoyzz2 dagen geleden

    Whats Wrong With Zach Then?

  23. Camaronblue

    Camaronblue2 dagen geleden


  24. Samantha Dement-Graham

    Samantha Dement-Graham2 dagen geleden

    He always has a swingy weapon

  25. Jadon Brent

    Jadon Brent2 dagen geleden

    yes i did watch the video Last week

  26. Ben Carr

    Ben Carr2 dagen geleden

    Trent won fair and square.

  27. Noah Riley

    Noah Riley3 dagen geleden

    Wean Dustin was hitting the cardbored of metal safe he goes this is a bad idea

  28. Jana Hartley

    Jana Hartley3 dagen geleden

    Ride home horses in a video

  29. Noe Escobedo

    Noe Escobedo3 dagen geleden


  30. Ethan Bayer

    Ethan Bayer3 dagen geleden

    Morgz but the good ending

  31. epic gamer

    epic gamer3 dagen geleden

    Man Trent is the stogest man alive and I'm surprised the weakest man was second

  32. AdultSwimBumps EXTRAS

    AdultSwimBumps EXTRAS3 dagen geleden

    *nukes the whole thing* ok where's my $10,000

  33. Cooking Parker

    Cooking Parker3 dagen geleden

    The present flax technologically annoy because stinger connoly shelter athwart a wrong hamburger. rampant, enchanting calculus

  34. Manuel Ruins Everything

    Manuel Ruins Everything3 dagen geleden


  35. S.S RADON

    S.S RADON3 dagen geleden

    how about a medieval polehammer? sorry but all your weapons truly do suck ass, like you aren't mechanical/structural engineers or something.

  36. ThatOtherGuy

    ThatOtherGuy3 dagen geleden


  37. Area 51 Squad

    Area 51 Squad4 dagen geleden

    Honestly, when I first saw trent, I thought it was a bigger version of dustin

  38. JustDustin

    JustDustin3 dagen geleden

    I am Trent 🤫

  39. Shameka Nelson

    Shameka Nelson4 dagen geleden

    wheres zack?

  40. NeWputerWhODiS

    NeWputerWhODiS4 dagen geleden

    DO IT FOR ZACK!!!! let me, let me then, let mee

  41. SplosionMaxx

    SplosionMaxx4 dagen geleden

    7:24 boom ch ch 😭😭😭

  42. Drew Dobbs

    Drew Dobbs4 dagen geleden

    hmmm trent sounds suspicously like tren

  43. coocoo4746 *

    coocoo4746 *5 dagen geleden

    The music is giving me streaming service flashbacks

  44. Allen Wang

    Allen Wang5 dagen geleden

    I thought Trent was the weapon

  45. Brayden Zoeller

    Brayden Zoeller5 dagen geleden

    The moment Trent (or whoever the log person was) brought out the log I knew he was going to win.

  46. EpicAndrew97

    EpicAndrew975 dagen geleden

    Nature is the most destructive force, no matter how good your manmade weapons are (Talking about Trent’s weapon)

  47. Edit God

    Edit God5 dagen geleden

    Damn Dustin just got BURNED

  48. O-5 -13

    O-5 -135 dagen geleden

    Who would win Any of the skinny f boys will weapons bigger than them Or A man built like Kratos with a log

  49. /////;

    /////;5 dagen geleden

    Tent does steroids not impressive

  50. /////;

    /////;5 dagen geleden


  51. Briant Woodworks

    Briant Woodworks5 dagen geleden

    Because "dayum" lmao. ☠💀

  52. Muhammad Akram

    Muhammad Akram5 dagen geleden

    Apakah hanya aku yang Indonesia

  53. Rare Breed

    Rare Breed5 dagen geleden

    Most destructive weapon? The human female vagina. It's caused more death, loss, misery, destruction, and war than any other object known to man. It can also reproduce itself.


    DOOMSLAYER 646 dagen geleden

    7:30 my guy be sleeping after throwing beaver wood lmao

  55. Fc McFlurry

    Fc McFlurry6 dagen geleden

    Lol damm

  56. cody graff

    cody graff6 dagen geleden

    Imagine the beaver but with a big ass steel spike

  57. Castaway Gibo

    Castaway Gibo6 dagen geleden

    World plaaampiooooon!!!

  58. deerslay95

    deerslay956 dagen geleden

    Did nobody else see the candy on the plexiglass where Dustin was

  59. Joordy Dreaming

    Joordy Dreaming6 dagen geleden

    Trent MVP lets go!

  60. Jacob Price

    Jacob Price6 dagen geleden

    I did not realise my childhood block was as hard as well everything

  61. Aleksandra Bell

    Aleksandra Bell6 dagen geleden


  62. Kevin F

    Kevin F6 dagen geleden

    10K$ ? let me introduce my new friend : Medieval battering ram. Tested and approved by all europe castles.

  63. {Çõøpēř_ Ťřøøpęŕ}

    {Çõøpēř_ Ťřøøpęŕ}6 dagen geleden

    When it comes to trent destroying something you know he wins

  64. Edina Adz

    Edina Adz6 dagen geleden

    Trent's weapon should be a new battery ram

  65. Luxe H8ted

    Luxe H8ted7 dagen geleden

    Rip the beaver, the most iconic weapon :’(

  66. the end?

    the end?7 dagen geleden


  67. Monke Dream

    Monke Dream7 dagen geleden

    2:19 Warhammer titan moment

  68. Monke Dream

    Monke Dream7 dagen geleden

    yo just build houses out of lego

  69. Debreczeni Árpád

    Debreczeni Árpád7 dagen geleden

    That was a portable ram

  70. Liz Anderson

    Liz Anderson7 dagen geleden

    another good name for trenches weapon "the battering ram"

  71. Kaiden McGowan

    Kaiden McGowan7 dagen geleden

    trent: i am going to use only wood i am to strong for wepons

  72. Diego Benhumea

    Diego Benhumea7 dagen geleden


  73. mariano colsin

    mariano colsin7 dagen geleden

    Once more, the beaver has proveen to be the most destructive weapon of all

  74. Something I have no Idea

    Something I have no Idea7 dagen geleden

    I say Dustin didn’t win the first challenge because he knew egsactly where the ball was



    The lego looks like the TF2 power jack

  76. Cpm Chad

    Cpm Chad7 dagen geleden

    Bro i love your vids.🤤🤤❤️❤️❤️

  77. MG42

    MG427 dagen geleden

    Trent be like: We have technology

  78. mr. രാക്ഷസൻ gaming yt

    mr. രാക്ഷസൻ gaming yt7 dagen geleden

    മലയാളം പറയെടാ കഴുതേ

  79. Quincy Russman

    Quincy Russman7 dagen geleden

    Trent makes these videos awesome

  80. Jacoby Werner

    Jacoby Werner8 dagen geleden

    That 3rd weapon looks like a gorn weapon that one vr game

  81. Vac00m

    Vac00m8 dagen geleden

    Karen’s: Your not wearing any masks

  82. Tristan Koehler

    Tristan Koehler8 dagen geleden

    Jeremys axe looks straight outta dark souls

  83. Bobby's Adventures

    Bobby's Adventures8 dagen geleden

    You should get merch

  84. Taylor Not Tyler

    Taylor Not Tyler8 dagen geleden

    This is too easy **pulls out ak 47**

  85. RIØT

    RIØT8 dagen geleden

    Because daaamn🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  86. Lj Bue

    Lj Bue8 dagen geleden

    War hammer titan

  87. josh mcdowell

    josh mcdowell8 dagen geleden

    they gave Dustin way more time than others

  88. Ya boi XxtrippyxX

    Ya boi XxtrippyxX8 dagen geleden

    justin is cracked my guy

  89. Da Gamabuta

    Da Gamabuta8 dagen geleden

    Who else remembers when this guy was drinking pop through a giant straw

  90. Kaki فترمتط Holiit

    Kaki فترمتط Holiit9 dagen geleden

    100 000 layer looks good

  91. marlo best

    marlo best9 dagen geleden

    Where is zack Justin

  92. Fabian

    Fabian9 dagen geleden

    The true is, that the cameraman stinks. I was dizzy the first 2 minutes 🤢

  93. Sports4u

    Sports4u9 dagen geleden

    No such thing as luck, it’s God’s plan

  94. The Roger

    The Roger9 dagen geleden

    Mr beast should do this

  95. Cody macaroni

    Cody macaroni9 dagen geleden

    They give Dustin more time

  96. Liam Tranka

    Liam Tranka9 dagen geleden

    The beaver is a weapon of mass destruction

  97. Liam Tranka

    Liam Tranka9 dagen geleden

    All these weapons I probably like the beaver the most

  98. ThatLittleKid

    ThatLittleKid9 dagen geleden

    6:02 Scuffed reinhardt on the loose

  99. Lop Mop

    Lop Mop10 dagen geleden

    Steel rods are not Trent proof

  100. Jamie Smyth

    Jamie Smyth10 dagen geleden

    blind folded Eric is a bad idea lolllllll

  101. AL Obidi

    AL Obidi10 dagen geleden

    لااله الاالله محمد رسول الله

  102. Mike van der Ploeg

    Mike van der Ploeg10 dagen geleden

    trent is a beast


    ADHEEN YT GAMER10 dagen geleden

    Trent ❤️❤️

  104. Slugged Sumo

    Slugged Sumo10 dagen geleden

    At the start Trent literally died 😂

  105. Furi

    Furi10 dagen geleden

    Every time I watch these videos ,I get tired and then sleep,I'm the only one?

  106. faizh affandi.

    faizh affandi.10 dagen geleden

    NOKIA are best