nirvana's "smells like teen spirit" but played on my synth

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hey guys in this video i play the nirvana song. this video was a lot of work but very fun (at times) to make.

Thank you so much for watching!

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  1. SethEverman

    SethEvermanMaand geleden

    thank you so much for all the support on my videos again and again and again. it ALWAYS amazes me and i will forever be grateful. in this video i play the nirvana song. ok thanks for watching

  2. Rodney Hull

    Rodney HullDag geleden

    Seth when is the next video

  3. אוראל שורק

    אוראל שורק3 dagen geleden

    hello bald guy

  4. Kela Oracion

    Kela Oracion6 dagen geleden

    Do rickroll

  5. Your local kid who is lesbian

    Your local kid who is lesbian9 dagen geleden

    I’m the bald guy

  6. Ivan Deias

    Ivan Deias10 dagen geleden

    0:50 that's literally a mashup with "somebody that i used to know" & "Dernière Danse"

  7. Toni Blackstone

    Toni Blackstone2 uur geleden

    You little genius seth.

  8. Siddhant Sharma

    Siddhant Sharma6 uur geleden

    He is the BALD guy

  9. Aarsh Rawat

    Aarsh Rawat6 uur geleden

    plz increase your consistancy .

  10. Rafael Soares

    Rafael Soares8 uur geleden

    Do it more videos! Its the law!

  11. Andrew Faraday

    Andrew Faraday8 uur geleden

    Why is his foot censored?

  12. legotull

    legotull13 uur geleden

    what if seth played on a ORGAN hmmm i think this is a good idea

  13. Aku

    Aku14 uur geleden

    this is legendary

  14. Neha

    Neha17 uur geleden

    So Jeff benzos is so much talented , how does he gets time to have youtube channel and create videos

  15. halo

    halo22 uur geleden

    the fact that he blurred his feet lmao

  16. Pato Parra

    Pato ParraDag geleden

    Why do you put a link to your youtube channel on the description of a video in your youtube channel?

  17. Anton

    AntonDag geleden

    Lets start a charity for him to grow his hair back

  18. GUI animations

    GUI animationsDag geleden

    what shampoo do you use?

  19. Christof Apolinario

    Christof ApolinarioDag geleden

    Best of 2021 Thx for watching Impressive

  20. Isaac Lopes

    Isaac LopesDag geleden

    Genre: flute Instrument: recorder I FEEL OFFENDED. WDYM "recorder"????????? it's THE flute.

  21. RG_ Shincena

    RG_ ShincenaDag geleden

    I'm the guy with hair😁

  22. Gery Fabrega

    Gery FabregaDag geleden

    Never thought I’d see Billy Corgan covering a nirvana song.

  23. ~Itz_RozyBunny!~

    ~Itz_RozyBunny!~Dag geleden

    Imagine if all Nirvana songs were made by synth

  24. Miftahul Zidan

    Miftahul Zidan2 dagen geleden

    Are you Agent 47 ?

  25. Guester

    Guester2 dagen geleden

    Dream defeat you about "most liked comment in NLpush" in Mrbeast Shorts Video

  26. Мая Зайцева

    Мая Зайцева2 dagen geleden

    Pls make Imagine Dragons "Machine" 🙏🙏🙏🙏⭐

  27. Katie Stanton

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  29. Syn Fanatyka

    Syn Fanatyka3 dagen geleden

    Sam se polisz mazurka

  30. GoodFox

    GoodFox3 dagen geleden

    Guitar: dead, but still worked.

  31. GoodFox

    GoodFox3 dagen geleden

    Начало мне одному Псковское порNо напомнило?)

  32. Erkin

    Erkin3 dagen geleden

    blured feet photo... why blured? unf


    LAURA LUIS3 dagen geleden

    Hitman plays paino


    ARMAAN MUSIC3 dagen geleden

    "i'm the bald guy"

  35. olivia valentine

    olivia valentine3 dagen geleden

    me walking out of the theatre after watching black widow

  36. El SantiGD

    El SantiGD3 dagen geleden

  37. gugurlqk

    gugurlqk3 dagen geleden

    it’s not shocking how fucking horrible the Bulgarian night club synth sounds but how the fuck did he knows?

  38. Beckill

    Beckill4 dagen geleden

    I'm hyperfixating on the censored foot tho wtf

  39. Nils D.

    Nils D.4 dagen geleden

    OuMuPo Indeed 🎀🦩✨

  40. Leonardo Ruaro Schneider

    Leonardo Ruaro Schneider4 dagen geleden

    U look like hitman!

  41. Pirate Steve

    Pirate Steve4 dagen geleden

    I was expressing my love for yours truly content with one word - perfection. Google denied me the satisfaction of becoming a higher tier fanatic in the SethEverman universe, bois watch it google’s got the error 403 on ya

  42. Pirate Steve

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  43. ____stu____

    ____stu____4 dagen geleden

    Fucking inspirational man 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  44. Im to bored too make a Name

    Im to bored too make a Name4 dagen geleden

    Im bald

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    SOFIANE EL VINER5 dagen geleden

    This man is the blad guy

  47. Magic Wanner Card

    Magic Wanner Card5 dagen geleden

    Why did he hide his feet?

  48. luigi

    luigi5 dagen geleden

    Instrument lives matter #ILM

  49. BlackWolve

    BlackWolve5 dagen geleden

    Jazz one is a Banger change my mind

  50. Pepef Lebrin

    Pepef Lebrin6 dagen geleden

    Only one comment: 😂

  51. Ender_E X1E

    Ender_E X1E6 dagen geleden

    Good morning

  52. Piano Music Ar My

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  53. TheLongestNameInTheCommentSection

    TheLongestNameInTheCommentSection6 dagen geleden

    As a video game water level i can confirm the "video game water level" is accurate

  54. HyperRacer

    HyperRacer6 dagen geleden

    lol he blurred his feet

  55. Bimmy Beutron

    Bimmy Beutron6 dagen geleden

    that genre was "somebody that i used to know" by gotye. great song

  56. Rimsiakas

    Rimsiakas7 dagen geleden

    As a podophobe, I appreciate the blurred-out foot so much. Thank you.

  57. Titan Object Cosmos [CAO] [UOM]

    Titan Object Cosmos [CAO] [UOM]7 dagen geleden

    i’m the bald guy

  58. Rey Ψ

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    "Im the bald guy"

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    I'm the bald guy...

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    Can I see your feel pls

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    I am the bald guy


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    Aya gya i am a bald guy wala banda😂

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    Video Game = Super Mario 64

  64. Боро Първи след пикото

    Боро Първи след пикото7 dagen geleden

    i am bulgarian and this shit aint close

  65. tvbox303

    tvbox3037 dagen geleden

    Have anyone ever told you, you look like the MVP Jokic?

  66. Spookyladyyy

    Spookyladyyy7 dagen geleden

    The World's Angriest Musician

  67. Raccoons are cool

    Raccoons are cool7 dagen geleden

    We miss you seth

  68. Devon

    Devon7 dagen geleden

    I actually forgot what song this was half way through, and got really confused when I heard the solo on shitflute

  69. Johannes Ehmer

    Johannes Ehmer8 dagen geleden

    the fact that he censored his feet killed me

  70. Smiley01987

    Smiley019878 dagen geleden

    LOL at the blurred foot

  71. Varsha P

    Varsha P8 dagen geleden

    Instrument: steel pan 😂

  72. Septiana Yoga

    Septiana Yoga8 dagen geleden

    F E E T.

  73. That Human Guy

    That Human Guy8 dagen geleden

    Kindergarten in a nutshell:

  74. Fauzan Ahmad

    Fauzan Ahmad8 dagen geleden

    Good job bro.. 😀

  75. Lomimimi Silva

    Lomimimi Silva9 dagen geleden


  76. Sound57

    Sound579 dagen geleden

    Fuling where

  77. Applecake

    Applecake9 dagen geleden

    Some say he has 9 extra toes and can play all of Beethoven - Für Elise with his right foot That's why its blurred out

  78. Lamprey L

    Lamprey L9 dagen geleden

    What is the model of your synth?? I’m interested now

  79. Lamprey L

    Lamprey L9 dagen geleden

    I would love a full version of minimalist jazz

  80. Janko Aćimović

    Janko Aćimović9 dagen geleden

    You have to make one of these in Hitman suit.

  81. P¡nnedby Crypto Savy

    P¡nnedby Crypto Savy7 dagen geleden

    Thanks ~~~

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  83. Chris Cagica

    Chris Cagica9 dagen geleden

    I love this

  84. Alessandro Panico

    Alessandro Panico9 dagen geleden

    the first synth sound reminds me a lot of the super Mario 64 theme of some painting I don't remember

  85. Kenizawa Kai

    Kenizawa Kai10 dagen geleden

    0:24 sounds exactly like Leszek Możdżer version xD

  86. Bernhard Sonn

    Bernhard Sonn10 dagen geleden

    Why do you destroy all you nice Instruments?😑😑

  87. Bernhard Sonn

    Bernhard Sonn10 dagen geleden

    Smeells like synth spirit

  88. Tung ChengYu

    Tung ChengYu10 dagen geleden

    Can you play giorno’s theme please

  89. MrLowbob

    MrLowbob10 dagen geleden

    thats nice! now i somehow remember the ancient latin bardcore version of this song though

  90. Rezco Hikusaak

    Rezco Hikusaak10 dagen geleden

    F instrument, you Can donate them for poor children if you didn't break it... sadly

  91. Cadnan Mr

    Cadnan Mr11 dagen geleden

    Look Victor in pubg mobile

  92. Snob Bob

    Snob Bob11 dagen geleden

    Warum ist sein fuß zensiert?!

  93. Лайкавичь

    Лайкавичь11 dagen geleden


  94. Naina

    Naina11 dagen geleden

    Seth will never pin my comment

  95. Roundy

    Roundy11 dagen geleden

    gru's at it again

  96. Andre Rk

    Andre Rk11 dagen geleden

    You're a king man!!

  97. D A

    D A11 dagen geleden

    The destruction metal with the recorder was the best! I got kicked out of classing playing the recorder with my nose when I was 10 :(

  98. Nova's Night Funkin

    Nova's Night Funkin12 dagen geleden

    I would've loved that piano...

  99. Sinner's_Slumber.13

    Sinner's_Slumber.1312 dagen geleden

    this song makes me want to break my nose to punch someone for smelling their garbage axe body spray.

  100. ace penguin

    ace penguin12 dagen geleden

    agent 47

  101. Balazs Barabas

    Balazs Barabas12 dagen geleden

    Not the guitar!!! Aaahhhh...

  102. Quizitty

    Quizitty12 dagen geleden

    The flute killed it

  103. Svetoslav Ivanov

    Svetoslav Ivanov12 dagen geleden

    The eye contact tho- ;x;

  104. Guilherme Vesaro

    Guilherme Vesaro12 dagen geleden

    1:13 Bruh

  105. CanalSemTerror

    CanalSemTerror12 dagen geleden

    Censurou o pé descalço

  106. ocular sinister

    ocular sinister12 dagen geleden

    Mario just ran nnnnnnn nnnnn