OFFICIAL TRAILER: Rick and Morty Season 5 | adult swim

Now you can start asking us about season 6. Rick and Morty return for season 5 on Sunday, June 20 at 11pm ET/PT on Adult Swim.
Stream seasons 1-4 on HBO Max.
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  1. Adult Swim

    Adult Swim20 dagen geleden

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  2. human no. four

    human no. fourUur geleden

    Y do I have to wait so long:(

  3. 『AKDENIZ』

    『AKDENIZ』Dag geleden

    Omg yes ı wanna season 5 ı m wait longer please hurry

  4. Claude Speed

    Claude SpeedDag geleden


  5. Corey Blue

    Corey Blue3 dagen geleden

    Why is Comcast putting you guys on the more expense package? I can watch you anymore.


    ROBERT ROSALES4 dagen geleden

    What happened to mr.poopybutthole’s Santa beard & grandkids he said he was going to have at the end of season 3 never saw that

  7. Book ?

    Book ?9 minuten geleden

    How do I put the settings in Hulu to this high quality?

  8. Devin Doran

    Devin Doran12 minuten geleden


  9. Patrick Hullman

    Patrick Hullman33 minuten geleden

    that running at the beginning looked kinda jank

  10. ysay

    ysayUur geleden

    Man, I hope we learn more about Dianne Sanchez, Rick's wife, in this season

  11. Charlie Macguire

    Charlie MacguireUur geleden

    Can't wait for season 5 but wouldn't a Rick and Morty movie be cool id pay to watch that

  12. That One Guy

    That One Guy2 uur geleden

    It just me or his voice sound a little off?

  13. L0cal Terr0r!st

    L0cal Terr0r!st2 uur geleden

    Just u

  14. Hiba YacOubi

    Hiba YacOubi2 uur geleden

    the most exiting part of my life

  15. autumn Lancaster

    autumn Lancaster2 uur geleden

    "Its obviously quiet if it's too quiet" is almost the best line ever.

  16. RoxiPlayer401K -

    RoxiPlayer401K -3 uur geleden

    I hope evil morty makes a comeback.

  17. Jesus Hiko

    Jesus Hiko3 uur geleden

    İ cant wait

  18. Карина Каролла

    Карина Каролла4 uur geleden

    Скорей бы! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻Очень жду😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

  19. Minter ZzZ

    Minter ZzZ4 uur geleden

    Yayyyyyyy finally!!! I watched the 4 seasons 10 times already so cool

  20. KomandoKAV

    KomandoKAV5 uur geleden

    Oh shit, do we finally get to see the C-story of Ricklantis Mixup?

  21. Corbin Williams

    Corbin Williams5 uur geleden

    Thank fucking God the cliffhanger is real

  22. MsMailZ

    MsMailZ6 uur geleden

    Сделайте еще перерыв на год

  23. dark pro darc bro

    dark pro darc bro7 uur geleden

    Police i have no hbo max

  24. LuigiBro74

    LuigiBro748 uur geleden


  25. Jonathan Martinez

    Jonathan Martinez8 uur geleden

    I didn’t see any meeseeks 😢

  26. Henry Brown

    Henry Brown8 uur geleden

    This show is the reason why I breathe. Can’t wait for Season 5😄😄

  27. Hollie Lavin

    Hollie Lavin8 uur geleden

    Ahhh is Beth a clone i just wanna know!!!!!!

  28. basil

    basil9 uur geleden

    fuck yeah season five! missed the chance to say "it's not a democracy, it's ricktatorship" tho

  29. Oscar Kravss

    Oscar Kravss10 uur geleden

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  30. Richard Fitzwell

    Richard Fitzwell7 uur geleden

    Spam scam. All names are fake.

  31. Becky Cho

    Becky Cho9 uur geleden

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  32. engineer bruce

    engineer bruce9 uur geleden

    @John Freed Thanks

  33. John Freed

    John Freed9 uur geleden

    +1 = 8= 5= 7 =3 = 0 =0 =1 =7 = 3= 9•

  34. John Freed

    John Freed9 uur geleden

    @engineer bruce His availability is on WhatsApp👇?

  35. AlienBoyAdam

    AlienBoyAdam10 uur geleden

    I wish poopybutthole has more scene in this season

  36. 17 S

    17 S10 uur geleden

    This shit is gonna suck😞, i just know, theyve lost all their energy. if you cant do it no more, please stop otherwise the legendary status and feeling is just gone fade away, finna be worse then season 4😖, they lost it

  37. Keffrey OG

    Keffrey OG10 uur geleden

    ngl dont find season 5 interesting where is evil morty?

  38. 许明睿

    许明睿10 uur geleden

    wow,season 5

  39. Robert Lazar

    Robert Lazar10 uur geleden

    I just love it

  40. AdamWest

    AdamWest11 uur geleden

    Looking kinda mid...

  41. Sławek Stokłosa

    Sławek Stokłosa12 uur geleden

    Here are people that will wait untill october cuz they have only netlflix and wont pay 6 dollars for watchin the premire

  42. Mathias Scherer

    Mathias Scherer13 uur geleden

    ansioso! vem 5° temporada

  43. Awesome_Name

    Awesome_Name14 uur geleden

    Hmm I am carefull after season 4..

  44. B. Richardson

    B. Richardson14 uur geleden

    I hope they heard how lame season 4 was compared to The Legendary Three and readjusted to compensate. With as long as we must wait between seasons, never fail us again.

  45. Cristian Adasme

    Cristian Adasme9 uur geleden

    There were some good episodes in season 4 but rest was lame

  46. HoKe Happy Donkey

    HoKe Happy Donkey15 uur geleden

    I see VOLTRON!!!

  47. Bubel

    Bubel16 uur geleden


  48. Zzz Zzz

    Zzz Zzz16 uur geleden

    I Love this show!!

  49. Thorxal

    Thorxal16 uur geleden

    I really love rick and morty and I´m happy about the trailer coming out, but I feel like it´s really lame.

  50. Nica

    Nica16 uur geleden

    Watch them not include anything.

  51. J B

    J B18 uur geleden

    So Noooooow it's time to raise some hell... gotcha

  52. Christopher Frost

    Christopher Frost18 uur geleden

    I feel like this season is going be game of thrones season 5🥺

  53. Jimmy Shearer

    Jimmy Shearer19 uur geleden


  54. patriot459

    patriot45920 uur geleden

    We’re we blades in that one? Tight.. This is why I love this show.

  55. tokranoire sg1

    tokranoire sg120 uur geleden

    Uh did they even finish season 4?

  56. DieselexKore

    DieselexKore20 uur geleden

    I came back to this video to talk about clone Beth realizing that when the trailer first came out no one mentioned her. But the first comment I see is talking about clone Beth. So I guess I wasn’t the only one.

  57. Furkan Akdarma

    Furkan Akdarma22 uur geleden


  58. faye holmes

    faye holmes23 uur geleden

    finally, some good fucking serotonin

  59. Matthew Moose Muffin

    Matthew Moose Muffin23 uur geleden

    where is space Beth?

  60. Biscmaster

    Biscmaster23 uur geleden

    love the white stripes

  61. B. KL.

    B. KL.Dag geleden

    I love that they used white stripes blue orchid for the promo music such a bad ass track👍🏽

  62. MasTer

    MasTerDag geleden

    2 MONTH WHYYYYYY???!!!

  63. DONT-SUB-TO-ME -

    DONT-SUB-TO-ME -Dag geleden

    Holy shit already 😳


    TESFAYEDag geleden


  65. origamipein18

    origamipein18Dag geleden

    Don't read too much into it. That's what I learned while watching Rick and Morty.

  66. Tokila

    TokilaDag geleden

    You know you're Rick, right?

  67. New Guy

    New GuyDag geleden

    meh, looks washed up already. I giggled at a few things.

  68. tymkuzma 123

    tymkuzma 123Dag geleden

    Fuck yeah

  69. Cagzz Quit

    Cagzz QuitDag geleden

    When’s it coming out

  70. Soufian Aoullad Sellam

    Soufian Aoullad SellamDag geleden

    Can’t wait for rick to beat the enter dragon without a mouse

  71. JorDef

    JorDefDag geleden

    why´s Rick no alcoholic anymore?

  72. Turkish doge

    Turkish dogeDag geleden

    Rick and morty producers:New season Fans:Finaly.....

  73. mALdambo

    mALdamboDag geleden

    995 season left....

  74. Stephenson

    StephensonDag geleden

    Got a feeling This show is gonna loose its charm like every other great show after season 4

  75. Shruti Huri

    Shruti HuriDag geleden

    i literally can't wait !!!

  76. frank stensli

    frank stensliDag geleden

    Is there something different in Ricks voice

  77. SenpaiSimp

    SenpaiSimpDag geleden

    best show ever

  78. Xaropinho

    XaropinhoDag geleden


  79. 8D Music

    8D MusicDag geleden

    SEASON 5 OMG!!!

  80. Miles McDonald

    Miles McDonaldDag geleden

    Where is the other Beth?

  81. Raadical

    RaadicalDag geleden

    Funny how its returning on fathers day

  82. Tom van den Bosch

    Tom van den BoschDag geleden

    For the people that want to hype themselves up and don't watch R&M that often: If you start watching around 4 episodes per week, you will be good in synch to watch season 5 the week after you're done watching the old ones.

  83. Carlos Palmero

    Carlos Palmero3 uur geleden

    Is that even possible??

  84. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin8 uur geleden

    I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly yelled out in exctasy and were suddenly happy.

  85. Sunnex

    SunnexDag geleden

    Summer has a new boyfriend?

  86. XXX shiloh

    XXX shilohDag geleden

    Adult swim should Free the Children. Fr

  87. MAD WICK

    MAD WICKDag geleden

    Soon (in 3 years)

  88. Burawi didit

    Burawi diditDag geleden

    Someone has to break the silence, and only one line will do It's quiet summer... too quiet for danger

  89. MysteryCats

    MysteryCatsDag geleden

    I hope for a planet made of ice cream!!!

  90. Hazey

    HazeyDag geleden

    how come it doesn’t feel like rick and morty? 😭

  91. Άγγελος Αβεντισιάν

    Άγγελος ΑβεντισιάνDag geleden

    You know it's gonna be a good season when they use the white stripes as the background music

  92. Lenny

    LennyDag geleden

    "don't hunt him to completion"

  93. Mr Whiskers

    Mr WhiskersDag geleden

    why is s1-4 not on amazon's hbo max but on hbo max? HUH! make that happen please

  94. G A T O A L A D O

    G A T O A L A D ODag geleden


  95. Code Ten

    Code TenDag geleden

    Ha jokes on you, i havent watched since i get to binge

  96. Klusimodo

    KlusimodoDag geleden


  97. masaruuu daimonnn!

    masaruuu daimonnn!Dag geleden

    tbh this show is a major part of the reason i havent offed myself yet, excited as fuck for season 5

  98. Jamarcus Yates

    Jamarcus YatesDag geleden

    Season 4 was trash

  99. RihisKing RR

    RihisKing RRDag geleden

    when, When, WHEN, WHEEEENNNN

  100. Alexander Lloyd

    Alexander LloydDag geleden

    June 20? That's toooooo late :( Make it April 20

  101. saturner 420

    saturner 420Dag geleden

    the only reason why i don’t watch this anymore is because of that idiotic long waiting period, is it necessary to make us wait 3 years, next to that adult swim has more than enough episodes to drop 3 seasons at once

  102. Paul Kurtz

    Paul KurtzDag geleden

    Cool but what happens to evil morty

  103. Plant Based Gaming

    Plant Based GamingDag geleden

    I think this is all a lie, wheres 2nd beth

  104. Lewis Truong

    Lewis TruongDag geleden

    Wonder why we dont see 2 beths

  105. MisstressMourtisha

    MisstressMourtishaDag geleden


  106. Jalmaurer Gaming

    Jalmaurer GamingDag geleden

    *Theory* and *Spoilers* I think after the events of s4 ep10 rick might have jumped into another dimension because the family disowned him and from seeing this trailer two things are very evident #1 Space Beth is gone #2 At 1:06 Beth sounds reliant on rick due to the fact of when being questioned if she is with rick or not she quickly says I'm in when in season 4 episode 10 Beth shows no reliance on rick that's something I noticed If you agree or want to speculate make sure to *Comment!*

  107. Eiaja Gabriel Tabor

    Eiaja Gabriel TaborDag geleden

    Y E S

  108. Aleta Nook

    Aleta NookDag geleden


  109. Archie Campbell

    Archie CampbellDag geleden

    will it be on Netflix at the Same time it releases

  110. sleestakgod

    sleestakgodDag geleden

    I'll be ready for the new season. And I really want Summer to wear that look she wore in "The Rickchurian Mortydate" again. I like her legs and her sandals. And I want her to step on car pedals with those sandals.

  111. Cat Guy

    Cat GuyDag geleden

    Is Rick... grayer than usual?

  112. Donny F

    Donny FDag geleden

    Starting to think he is A bit of a poor creative, should have so many options for storylines with a show like this but he seems to have already used up all his brainpower trying to be ironic

  113. Qbaca

    QbacaDag geleden

    I am Rick

  114. _peachiiipop_

    _peachiiipop_Dag geleden

    I really hope there's a least some development with evil Morty