Police officer fired for pepper-spraying Black and Latino lieutenant during traffic stop

Bodycam and cellphone video shows how a Virginia officer pepper-sprayed a Black and Latino Army lieutenant during a traffic stop in December. Christina Ruffini reports on the details of the stop and the lawsuit against the officers.
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  1. Marcus Fenix

    Marcus FenixUur geleden

    The small leather conjecturally record because adapter elderly pedal throughout a kaput spleen. helpful, courageous watchmaker

  2. Kaan Kahraman

    Kaan Kahraman2 uur geleden

    He should not only be fired, but banned for lifetime to ever work as a police officer again.

  3. Ahllan ona TV

    Ahllan ona TV2 uur geleden

    Fak you fak you Bald officer come here in philippines how racist are you

  4. John Broker Bridges

    John Broker Bridges3 uur geleden

    Paying taxes for these psychocops. Awesome.

  5. Joshua Garcia

    Joshua Garcia3 uur geleden

    The f****** cops all over the world are f****** stupid he was a f****** soldier didn't do nothing wrong and just because he was driving 5 or 10 miles below that regular limit that is f***** up

  6. Calvin Sc

    Calvin Sc3 uur geleden

    Don't be stupid. When the police tell you to get out of your vehicle, you just do it, no matter you think it's reasonable or not. You can sue them later, but spare yourself first.

  7. Laura Kelly

    Laura Kelly4 uur geleden

    Disgusting pigs 🐖 🐖!!!!!🤮

  8. Francisco Elias

    Francisco Elias5 uur geleden


  9. Paulo Silva

    Paulo Silva5 uur geleden


  10. Dark gaming studios

    Dark gaming studios6 uur geleden

    Okay since I see video they look like dirty cops and he did the best thing he could not open that door cuz if he did and he went to open the door they might think you're picking up a gun and they might shoot him

  11. Dragoon

    Dragoon6 uur geleden

    This happened a year ago by the way

  12. necarum

    necarum6 uur geleden

    I hope this guy bankrupts Windsor county. FYI......AVOID WINDSOR VIRGINIA

  13. Oman Sughandi

    Oman Sughandi8 uur geleden

    Somewhere else a group of soldiers will come looking for that policemen

  14. Mario Ramayo

    Mario Ramayo8 uur geleden

    La verdad que la police yanqui una mierda, no tienen repesto por nadie, ni siquiera por un soldado que van a la guerra y ellos se quedan por inútiles!! 😡😡

  15. Daisy Gibson

    Daisy Gibson8 uur geleden

    This is the most weirdest thing to get arrested and treated badly for🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  16. Stephen Paniconi

    Stephen Paniconi8 uur geleden

    He video taped it because he knew he was going to be argumentative and resist the police officer's commands. Wake up people, white guys not cooperating will get same treatment. Tinted windows are illegal, he looked suspicious. Defund police leads to more crime.

  17. Hairudi alkobari

    Hairudi alkobari9 uur geleden

    Stupid police.. !!!

  18. 6sk6ix6

    6sk6ix69 uur geleden

    the dislikes are from the cops

  19. Kyle Hahn

    Kyle Hahn10 uur geleden

    Cops need to stop acting surprised when they're assumed to be pigs. Maybe they're good cops, definitely a possibility, but if they're pigs the assumption that they're good will get someone killed. Better safe than sorry.

  20. Soulreaper9117

    Soulreaper911710 uur geleden

    Lucky tht we have a plan going in motion towards the police boom 💥 hahaha

  21. Casandra Klarcson

    Casandra Klarcson10 uur geleden

    He was calm due to his training. I wonder how it would have turned out for any other person who is civilian who does not know how to handle a situation like that with a calm manner.

  22. You Jelly

    You Jelly11 uur geleden

    What a joke!!!

  23. Alessandro Cocco

    Alessandro Cocco11 uur geleden

    Peppered sprayed... I can't breathe

  24. Nicolas Salazar

    Nicolas Salazar12 uur geleden

    This why we the laughing stock of the world

  25. AwK Jay

    AwK Jay12 uur geleden


  26. Mr.Vladalv

    Mr.Vladalv13 uur geleden

    What a bunch of morons... Sue them Lt...

  27. Harris Omar

    Harris Omar15 uur geleden

    This hurts so much when u serve the same country n yet they treat u this way!!!

  28. Bycze Jaja

    Bycze Jaja15 uur geleden

    Good bless i dont like in America 😁

  29. She's June

    She's June18 uur geleden

    Hotanghenang kalbo to! He repeateadly pepper sprayed the officer! What in the fK!

  30. Jin Xuen Ng

    Jin Xuen Ng19 uur geleden

    America is only a great country for white people

  31. Trip Fisk

    Trip Fisk20 uur geleden

    Cop is one of the top 10 professions sociopaths gravitate towards. Google it.


    OKOT MARTIN20 uur geleden

    American likes treating us black Americans badly 😢😕😐

  33. Tina Persaud

    Tina Persaud22 uur geleden

    Jail those cop plzzzzzz

  34. Jonathan Salazar

    Jonathan Salazar22 uur geleden

    ...what an idiot police man

  35. Даня Ким

    Даня Ким22 uur geleden

    Просто по приколу посмотрел

  36. Bradley Lefika

    Bradley Lefika22 uur geleden

    I hope the Lieutenant knows their address to ask his homies for an airstrike!

  37. Steven Eltringham

    Steven Eltringham22 uur geleden

    Glad to live in Europe.

  38. Fidel Perez hdz

    Fidel Perez hdz23 uur geleden

    Pinches policías de m*****

  39. Rodrigo Ryther Tattoo

    Rodrigo Ryther Tattoo23 uur geleden

    How can a Police Officer treat an Army like that? WTF is going on? LOL They work for the same country, don't they? This is mind blowing.

  40. Hanfi baba

    Hanfi babaDag geleden

    I think people should join police instead of Army in USA..😅😂

  41. Axel Castillo

    Axel CastilloDag geleden

    Welcome to United States

  42. Omar Espinoza

    Omar EspinozaDag geleden

    Police are just trigger happy at this point

  43. Bryant Aguilar

    Bryant AguilarDag geleden

    White cops 😒

  44. Joe Sniffer

    Joe SnifferDag geleden

    Is he Black or Latino? You can’t be both lol.

  45. AntiJosh

    AntiJosh16 uur geleden

    Mixed race was a thing

  46. Fuck Broskie

    Fuck Broskie22 uur geleden

    yes you can be both

  47. Bereck David

    Bereck DavidDag geleden

    Its disgusting. Ive had cops some up to my car with guns drawn. With my wife and child in a car seat.

  48. Alex Fernandez

    Alex FernandezDag geleden

    That young guy looks like a rookie and is being trained poorly !!

  49. The Main Man

    The Main ManDag geleden

    In my country cops are fired just by having the idea of pull out their guns. In most cases, to the law the criminals became victims though.

  50. Azariah Martin

    Azariah MartinDag geleden

    Most if those people are racist to black

  51. Seokbin Lee

    Seokbin LeeDag geleden


  52. szybkilewyprosty F

    szybkilewyprosty FDag geleden

    Dobre zjeby. Jednak policja w stanach to debile z odznakami i co gorsza z bronią. Powinni dostać po dwa lata więzienia to by się nauczyli szacunku do żonierza.

  53. Din Goodman

    Din GoodmanDag geleden

    It's don't matter where, people with weapons and uniforms are very bad

  54. Andrew Zeitler

    Andrew ZeitlerDag geleden

    The electric feet marginally fool because latex intriguinly tire an a inquisitive salmon. steadfast, minor gliding

  55. lost land

    lost landDag geleden

    I never visit the USA. Never ever.

  56. Nancy Hall

    Nancy HallDag geleden

    Y'all make all cops look bad these cops should be arrested and fired

  57. Aaron Bleuer

    Aaron BleuerDag geleden

    wtffff hahhaha never see something stupid

  58. life1 system

    life1 systemDag geleden

    😒 why the (BLM) do not come out the car. is he a Chicken Arme afraid of Police

  59. Survivor 602

    Survivor 602Dag geleden

    I was really hoping that the lieutenant would put them in their place about how he outranks them and actually does something for the country unlike these two pieces of sh*t. I hope he takes these two idiots for everything they have.. disgusting

  60. Bonez117

    Bonez117Dag geleden


  61. WookieZane

    WookieZaneDag geleden

    Stop jumping to conclusions, you don’t know the full story the cops are not in the wrong in this one, it’s the army guy

  62. Haserot Malach

    Haserot MalachDag geleden

    Typical police employee sub-human piles of excrement acting high on sugar, caffeine and steroids thinking they're bullet proof. Only the worst garbage takes these types of jobs. I hope he wins BIG money!

  63. AnimeAddict69

    AnimeAddict69Dag geleden

    THIS VIDEO IS EDITED, The actual full footage is nlpush.info/net/video/i82jsKF_rofOhpY The police officers weren't in the wrong

  64. Yugi Boy

    Yugi BoyDag geleden

    Better title: Police officer fired for pepper spraying lieutenant. Shove race into everything and you see racism everywhere when there isn’t racism everywhere. At the end of the day the dude didn’t listen to instructions so he’s at fault here. Just another time of listen to instructions and nothing would happen but disobey instructions and pay the consequences.

  65. Vini Kämpferherz Barros

    Vini Kämpferherz BarrosDag geleden

    I can take that is dangerous to be black or latino in USA. What's wrong with those people?

  66. Ricky Brown

    Ricky BrownDag geleden

    Those two worthless cops serve Americans wow what a disgrace to an oath he took.

  67. Br Uh

    Br UhDag geleden

    I guarantee that if he tried to unbuckle his seatbelt, he woulda been shot and the officers would’ve said that he thought that he was going to pull a gun 💀

  68. Ce_Oso QRO

    Ce_Oso QRODag geleden

    Does any one know what happened to these officers?

  69. manxlucky

    manxluckyDag geleden

    Coming to a PD near you.

  70. Eric A

    Eric ADag geleden

    Even the rookie officer was confused

  71. Mike Williams

    Mike WilliamsDag geleden

    Penn vs Mimms. He has to step out. Its a statute. This culture of not listening to police is the problem.

  72. Love Me

    Love MeDag geleden

    Just think if he had a hood on!! They would have killed him!

  73. raed esmail

    raed esmailDag geleden

    the police officers should be behind bars now

  74. Final Froggit Approaches

    Final Froggit ApproachesDag geleden

    “I’m honestly afraid to get out-“ “Yeah, you should be.” Hey, officer, broski, I don’t think saying that is going to coax him out. Pointing a gun at someone and then exclaiming how they SHOULD be scared to comply with your orders doesn’t seem like the best way to get someone to comply with your orders.

  75. Annabella Bbaby

    Annabella BbabyDag geleden

    My mom got pulled over cuz hers was tinted as well and she's black / Latino

  76. ComicMayhem

    ComicMayhemDag geleden

    Respect the trups

  77. hud huda

    hud hudaDag geleden

    Stupid police!!!

  78. Hiba Asghar

    Hiba AsgharDag geleden

    plus he didn't do anything that was illegal the officer did and the officer should be suspended for 17 months due to the illegalness to a citizen

  79. Thomas Effenberg

    Thomas EffenbergDag geleden

    The whole world is laughing about that u s and a. Poor Country with Poor Problems

  80. ᏩᏂᎧᏕϮ

    ᏩᏂᎧᏕϮDag geleden

    A.C.A.B 🖕🖕🖕🖕🤮🤮🤮

  81. Nikhil Gautam

    Nikhil GautamDag geleden

    Bored by their jobs as an officer, should take a break and think what you're doing and for what

  82. ab cammy m

    ab cammy mDag geleden

    Discussed by the both cops 👮‍♂️

  83. Amirhossein Underline

    Amirhossein UnderlineDag geleden


  84. Peach O ́Clock

    Peach O ́ClockDag geleden

    Fired? That´s it?? Fired??

  85. марат ж

    марат жDag geleden

    Нихуя не понял

  86. Johnny haS

    Johnny haSDag geleden

    The real question is how is even possible that people like that are able to become police officers?…how is such a bully be able to get in police force?The recruitment process should be updated because clearly is not working and everyone is in danger to lose his live be being stopped be such officers.

  87. Mark Lawrence

    Mark LawrenceDag geleden

    "you gotta get real calm, real quick if you wanna get out of there alive"

  88. Steven Sarasky

    Steven SaraskyDag geleden


  89. Steven Sarasky

    Steven SaraskyDag geleden

    THAT GUY SHOULD BE IN PRISON!!!!For Assualt of military Personnel I believe it's a FELONY!! Military police Should have been notified if this officer Committed a Crime.

  90. Elmera Dadula

    Elmera DadulaDag geleden

    Police are idiot

  91. Jimy Doolittle

    Jimy DoolittleDag geleden

    Feel sorry for you guys 😖🇺🇸 Racism naaaa 😖 you have problems against humanity

  92. DIN

    DINDag geleden


  93. AC

    ACDag geleden

    i hate these fcking racists wtf is wrong with these people

  94. NOOBxGOD

    NOOBxGODDag geleden

    If this was happend in india, The police will be afraid of pulling an army officer out of their vehicle because Army is Respected more than Police in india

  95. Rhonda Dzierzon

    Rhonda DzierzonDag geleden

    Police officer fired? GOOD. Start making an example of these arrogant people who think they are above the law.

  96. ScrotoGaggins

    ScrotoGaggins2 dagen geleden

    Joe Guterriez was trained by the cops from Idiocracy.

  97. Trinidad Brown

    Trinidad Brown2 dagen geleden


  98. sandun athukorala

    sandun athukorala2 dagen geleden

    If this happened in my country Army will f#@k police.....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  99. DaLonelySheperd

    DaLonelySheperd2 dagen geleden

    These cops that do this are Nazis just looking to get a gold pair of shoelaces.

  100. Ian Karl Castillon

    Ian Karl Castillon2 dagen geleden


  101. Sizo Simelane

    Sizo Simelane2 dagen geleden

    "Since when do you get pulled over for having tinted windows?" Since your were born

  102. Kotton

    Kotton2 dagen geleden

    Why American people’ve never learn??????