Polo G, Lil Wayne - GANG GANG (Official Video)

Official video for “GANG GANG” by Polo G & Lil Wayne

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  1. Monroe King

    Monroe KingUur geleden

    How is Wayne STILL better than everybody??🤦🏾‍♂️

  2. Samuel Graham

    Samuel Graham2 uur geleden

    I think we’re forgetting Weezy doesn’t write down his bars. He went TOO hard 🔥

  3. Kingsley Saseri

    Kingsley Saseri8 uur geleden

    It's the "I'll slide a nigga I'll slide a hoe " for me

  4. JC

    JC12 uur geleden

    so glad to have Wayne back 🙏

  5. The Dude

    The Dude13 uur geleden


  6. Jasmine

    Jasmine13 uur geleden

    Damn polo g was goin off

  7. مُحَمّد س'يف

    مُحَمّد س'يف13 uur geleden


  8. Dark Rabbit 30

    Dark Rabbit 3018 uur geleden

    Uh So used to them gray clouds, I might fuck around, drop the top in the rain For the squad, we don't play around, we'll lay him down, hit his top close range He just pretend, he not with the gang 'Member back then, ask an opp what he bang Runnin' from the jakes, block hot like I'm Wayne Spend a quarter mil' on the watch and the chain I'm just tryna put a lock on the game Hot shit from this Glock when it flame Young nigga up now, 'member back then niggas clowned on me Now from the Heaven gates only way a nigga lookin' down on me Keep at least 200 thou' on mе, keep at least like 30 rounds on me With my niggas 'til thе wheels fall off, don't care if my ride on E Gucci slides, Versace robes, palm trees, exotic hoes Snitchin', he can't right his wrongs once he play that writin' role Slime shit, we wipe his nose, feds watchin', might strike a pose Do a hit, take flight, we gone, we just take the dice and roll So used to them gray clouds, I might fuck around, drop the top in the rain For the squad, we don't play around, we'll lay him down, hit his top close range He just pretend, he not with the gang 'Member back then, ask an opp what he bang Runnin' from the jakes, block hot like I'm Wayne Spend a quarter mil' on the watch and the chain I'm just tryna put a lock on the game Hot shit from this Glock when it flame Soon as I touch down, them pussy feds be hot on me (woo) Heard niggas got money all on my head, tell 'em come crown the king (huh) Let the work thaw out for 14 days, that's quarantine (yeah) I'll pour my heart out before my lean, baby, no R&B (yeah) Six-six-deuce, MOB Piru, big SooWoo, slime my group Slatt, slatt, slatt, a-achoo, wipe his nose, God bless you Blatt-blatt-blatt, I'm not through Bratt-tat-tat, duck, duck, goose Two big guns on me for the smoke That's Uncle Snoop and Martha Stew' Call me Capalotty (woo), Big Slimalini (yeah), Lil Slime Gotti (uh) That ain't the 'Ghini, lil' bitch that's the 'Gatti (skrrt) Promethazine, need a P, I'm the wild me I hide fettuccine from the federales I'm like Rick Pitino or John Calipari I'm leadin' my team, yeah, right to the finals That money talking and we talkin' private I'm not correspondin', hold on Gucci slides and Versace robes (ooh) I'll slide a nigga, I'll slide a ho (ooh) I banged on anybody gang And I ball with all my slime-inos On gang gang, on Hollygrove No plain jane, I smoke Zario And when the rain came, I put the top down Under the dark clouds, I'm shining gold Used to the gray clouds I might fuck around and drop the top in the rain (yeah, yeah) For the squad, we don't play around We'll lay him down, hit his top close range (top close range) He just pretend, he not with the gang 'Member back then, ask an opp what he bang Runnin' from the jakes, block hot like I'm Wayne Spend a whole mil' on the watch and the chain I'm just tryna put a lock on the game Hot shit from this Glock when it flame, yeah Polo G, Tunechi Lee, yeah, yeah Call me Capalotty

  9. Paula Wooder

    Paula Wooder18 uur geleden

    The verdant crowd ultimately drip because piccolo resultantly part failing a common product. better, strong bonsai

  10. Bucket Boyz

    Bucket Boyz20 uur geleden

    Wayne said he smoking what pack?

  11. Robert Smith

    Robert SmithDag geleden

    Polo thats the same car X died in,id get outta that car

  12. lil Lutho

    lil LuthoDag geleden


  13. Willie Byrd

    Willie ByrdDag geleden

    Wayne rip that shiit good song

  14. Gabriel Gomez

    Gabriel GomezDag geleden

    lil Wayne fucKed this song all the way up👎

  15. OutLaw Shift

    OutLaw ShiftDag geleden


  16. prod. Heinz Schmidt

    prod. Heinz SchmidtDag geleden

    Polo’s hard but I don’t think anyone (even Polo himself) was expecting Polo to have the better verse. No beating Wayne

  17. Stephanie Ka

    Stephanie KaDag geleden

    My favorite song on the album🔥

  18. just a regular guy

    just a regular guyDag geleden

    If I ever get a chance to burn one with Wheeze, I'm doing it. I got that dank indica I hope he'll appreciate.


    AFNAN MIRZANIDag geleden

    After wynes verse I forgot polo g was featured tooo!!!

  20. JoeTard

    JoeTardDag geleden


  21. Diamond Princess

    Diamond PrincessDag geleden

    Weezy F baby!! and the f is forever !!!!!

  22. Slatt Lewis

    Slatt LewisDag geleden

    0:45 is the best part of the song nobody can change my mind

  23. MiKe SkY

    MiKe SkYDag geleden

    Call me Kap-A-lot

  24. Matthew Bowe

    Matthew Bowe2 dagen geleden

    Let’s stop talking about bullets and guns wtf wrong wit y’all

  25. MrPs391

    MrPs3912 dagen geleden


  26. Larod Tucker

    Larod Tucker2 dagen geleden

    Song starts at 1:19

  27. Gbay

    Gbay2 dagen geleden


  28. a kkc

    a kkc2 dagen geleden


  29. Evgeniya Dordzhieva

    Evgeniya Dordzhieva2 dagen geleden

    Best duo ever

  30. Cameron Georgetown

    Cameron Georgetown2 dagen geleden


  31. bruce smith

    bruce smith2 dagen geleden

    Lil Wayne 😍

  32. j

    j2 dagen geleden


  33. THE G SHRIMP SHOW live from chiraq

    THE G SHRIMP SHOW live from chiraq2 dagen geleden

    Lil Wayne knew he had to come hard on polo G s*** and he did it's a banger here y'all

  34. Zeus Deuce

    Zeus Deuce2 dagen geleden

    Man this one goes too hard!

  35. Rondoefrmdaroad

    Rondoefrmdaroad2 dagen geleden

    2:05😂 OGWayne

  36. Mars The Prodigy

    Mars The Prodigy2 dagen geleden

    You made it to the T.O.P.

  37. Taylor shill

    Taylor shill2 dagen geleden

    This will be a classic in about 20 years. One of the Greatest tracks of all time

  38. Vladimir Nikolendzic

    Vladimir Nikolendzic2 dagen geleden

    This song is a HIT HIT boa. Polo snapped, but Wayne.... Holy JESUS he took it to another level🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🚦🎨🚦🚦🚦🚦🚦🚦🐐🐐

  39. Nicholas Archie

    Nicholas Archie2 dagen geleden

    This whole album is fire

  40. Iman Khamis

    Iman Khamis2 dagen geleden

    People are still sleeping you sheep baaaah

  41. Midnightt Wolf

    Midnightt Wolf2 dagen geleden

    I thoughtt I had a big ass nose but jesus christ.

  42. plank

    plank2 dagen geleden

    Damn Wayne went hard asf and sounded perfectly relevant. I can’t really think of older rappers who can do that rn

  43. Know- Ledge

    Know- Ledge2 dagen geleden

    Mainly because he is the originator of this new school sound

  44. Mexican Beauty Queen

    Mexican Beauty Queen2 dagen geleden

    My favorite 🤩 Wayne!

  45. Khris Ayers

    Khris Ayers2 dagen geleden

    Harddd af

  46. Brian Breezy

    Brian Breezy2 dagen geleden

    yall notice how Wayne been coming on hard on these new features// GOAT

  47. Hunter Bigras

    Hunter Bigras3 dagen geleden

    Lil wayne the goat 🐐

  48. Tyler Sepang 2

    Tyler Sepang 23 dagen geleden

    I didn’t notice how good Wayne’s verse was until I listened to this song way more

  49. A Bux

    A Bux3 dagen geleden

    Thanks homie for another banggerrr tunchi is a goat

  50. A Bux

    A Bux3 dagen geleden


  51. Omar Hakami

    Omar Hakami3 dagen geleden

    ksi made a song with lil wayne , he made a song with polo g , and he made a song called gang gang

  52. RL lee

    RL lee3 dagen geleden


  53. Devon

    Devon4 dagen geleden

    Weezy told Polo G hold my cup

  54. Stalin Lenin

    Stalin Lenin4 dagen geleden

    ‘Polo g’ more like ‘dababy’ more like ‘same flow same beat stupid album, only 1 banger cuz its all the same’

  55. Mackay Murphy

    Mackay Murphy4 dagen geleden

    Greatest rapper alive that keeps it coming still weezy lil tunchi

  56. Iced Out

    Iced Out4 dagen geleden

    Why noone talkin bout the editor of this video this is SICK i listened to this once and now im addicted

  57. NuGGetZ

    NuGGetZ4 dagen geleden

    shit goes hard

  58. Jay Som

    Jay Som4 dagen geleden

    Only thing im mad about is its only 2:47 long. Got this shit on loop. lol

  59. Wolfgang GN

    Wolfgang GN4 dagen geleden


  60. Slippy mass

    Slippy mass4 dagen geleden

    This should have more views

  61. Cameron Georgetown

    Cameron Georgetown4 dagen geleden

    go to 0:12

  62. Cameron Georgetown

    Cameron Georgetown4 dagen geleden


  63. Cedrick Honeywood

    Cedrick Honeywood4 dagen geleden


  64. Hachi Kyna

    Hachi Kyna4 dagen geleden


  65. Tukelo Mbongwa

    Tukelo Mbongwa4 dagen geleden

    😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 are you in

  66. Павел Лалетин

    Павел Лалетин4 dagen geleden


  67. Ak is Moist

    Ak is Moist4 dagen geleden

    Lil Wayne is the reason why the rap game is the way it is. He is what I say a part of the "founding fathers"!

  68. (지승우) 도미닉

    (지승우) 도미닉4 dagen geleden

    Polo g bro~💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  69. Alan Acosta

    Alan Acosta4 dagen geleden

    Lil Wayne popped off !

  70. david carriger

    david carriger4 dagen geleden

    5555 proud

  71. Eric Gallant

    Eric Gallant5 dagen geleden

    Polo g lil wayne montreal quebec show now

  72. youngha paik

    youngha paik5 dagen geleden


  73. AA 08

    AA 085 dagen geleden

    “Subtitles are not available for this video”

  74. Curtis Keil

    Curtis Keil5 dagen geleden

    They all gonna milk themselves... soon

  75. RedEdits!

    RedEdits!5 dagen geleden

    Lol.... later..... see ya

  76. RedEdits!

    RedEdits!5 dagen geleden

    *does the holy cross *

  77. RedEdits!

    RedEdits!5 dagen geleden

    He gonna kill it in my charger..... come bus it for me

  78. RedEdits!

    RedEdits!5 dagen geleden

    Chilling.....wouldn't you agree?

  79. Hasier Smith

    Hasier Smith5 dagen geleden

    The 2 🐐’s

  80. RedEdits!

    RedEdits!5 dagen geleden

    Its what you mfing get lol

  81. RedEdits!

    RedEdits!5 dagen geleden

    Plastic.... your fake snoop....thats how uncomfortable you prolly made him.... so ya know

  82. RedEdits!

    RedEdits!5 dagen geleden


  83. RedEdits!

    RedEdits!5 dagen geleden

    They're cc touches down.... or they ming on something.... they would have to where a diaper .....and I would have to bottle feed them

  84. RedEdits!

    RedEdits!5 dagen geleden

    They can't go there.... they are not immunizied.... marsha law

  85. RedEdits!

    RedEdits!5 dagen geleden

    They're saying e.d. leave now bitch..... Enforced disappearence..... like literally

  86. RedEdits!

    RedEdits!5 dagen geleden

    Get it.... *clear aligners* bitch

  87. RedEdits!

    RedEdits!5 dagen geleden

    *cough* *cough*..... so it's all aligned*

  88. RedEdits!

    RedEdits!5 dagen geleden

    Now I don't wanna be a part of it.... they was juken and finessen lol.... but im scared if I come in proximity.... there's other mfs.... that don't like me.... thats why they're calling him Danny.... Danny is my uncle who killed a man on heroin but doesn't remember doing it it

  89. RedEdits!

    RedEdits!5 dagen geleden

    And now.... its tilting backthe other way

  90. RedEdits!

    RedEdits!5 dagen geleden

    No its not its a sandwich My dad was doing his own thing.... my dad was not making full disclosures.... my dad got blamed for the nazis.... he got sandwiched in between... my mom is scared.... literally

  91. Bihan J

    Bihan J4 dagen geleden

    tf r u doing

  92. Noah Moses

    Noah Moses5 dagen geleden

    To be with Wayne you sold your soul to Satan. I can spell baphomet without my phone. ⌛✝️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  93. Nick Cann

    Nick Cann5 dagen geleden

    Been watching Lil Wayne since he mad, mirrors with bruno

  94. fabio conde

    fabio conde5 dagen geleden

    Lil Wayne has the worst verses in universe

  95. (지승우) 도미닉

    (지승우) 도미닉5 dagen geleden

    What is up polo g

  96. dashe boy

    dashe boy5 dagen geleden

    The lying nest individually spot because receipt oppositely dare afore a hideous high cafe. assorted, alert top

  97. (지승우) 도미닉

    (지승우) 도미닉5 dagen geleden

    Polo g💪🏾

  98. Someone1521

    Someone15215 dagen geleden

    The song started ok ....wayne came in and just murda the whole beat 30yr old still rapping like brand new

  99. AndreW LucerO

    AndreW LucerO5 dagen geleden


  100. Marcus Sykes

    Marcus Sykes5 dagen geleden

    This what you shall call a true masterpiece

  101. Who

    Who5 dagen geleden

    Underrated 🔥🔥🔥🔥