Portugal scores three late goals to defeat Hungary


  1. brazza

    brazzaMaand geleden

    Your title spoilers are such a bummer

  2. makinoah cello duo

    makinoah cello duoMaand geleden

    I recommend both. Mike (Jonathan Banks) is Rossi's doppelgänger.

  3. Mihaly Kovacs

    Mihaly KovacsMaand geleden

    That’s sad being a Hungarian. Good game tho we coulda done better

  4. Csaba Kereszturi

    Csaba KereszturiMaand geleden

    They just made Ronaldo look too good. His second goal came after being off side, but they didn't bother reviewing and the penalty was very questionable. Overall Portugal deserved to win obviously. Hungary were not given any chance by the coward and corrupt leftist uefa, creating this group for them. Totally agree with those who decided not to watch this "Euro". The last legit euro was probably 1976, maybe 1980.

  5. Nelson Da Silva

    Nelson Da SilvaMaand geleden

    Bruno Fernandes is a bum no heart should not start next game the germans will eat him

  6. Kyrøx

    KyrøxMaand geleden

    U predict

  7. Victor Langton

    Victor LangtonMaand geleden

    Ronaldo's second was clearly offside though, anybody notice?

  8. Abdulaziz Saleban

    Abdulaziz SalebanMaand geleden

    Ronaldo is real athleteand champ. I hope he will lift the trophy again

  9. Lummi Sherkavo

    Lummi SherkavoMaand geleden

    good job my n word

  10. Ryan Rebelo

    Ryan RebeloMaand geleden

    Change my mind. If the line judge does not catch an offside it should not be able to be reviewed. Especially in this sport, it's too unnecessary to take back marginal offsides. Also I'm cheering for Portugal

  11. Louis-Philippe Bellier

    Louis-Philippe BellierMaand geleden

    So glad Ronaldo said no to Coca-Cola and pushed it aside on his conference, a huge message to the kids out there!!!

  12. uchibenkei

    uchibenkeiMaand geleden

    the give and go and give and go and give and goal is my favorite goal so far in the tournament.

  13. Мусорщик

    МусорщикMaand geleden

    *Hello everyone. Come see how I make money climbing Moscow trash cans*

  14. Alexander G. Tsakumis

    Alexander G. TsakumisMaand geleden

    Ronaldo is one the the Top 5 players ever. Just outstanding.

  15. Mitch Hakker

    Mitch HakkerMaand geleden

    Ronaldo: bitches at teammate for not passing to him, then proceeds to miss a sitter.

  16. Mitch Hakker

    Mitch HakkerMaand geleden

    Yep, you’re right. From “sitter” to “unlucky to miss.” Possible to adjust, but difficult and perhaps Ron wasn’t expecting a touch.

  17. uchibenkei

    uchibenkeiMaand geleden

    Jota made contact with that ball last second. impossible to adjust in time.

  18. FlawlessMMA

    FlawlessMMAMaand geleden

    █░█ █ █▄▄ █▀▀   █▀ █░█ █▄▄ █▀ █▀▀ █▀█ █ █▄▄ █▀▀ ▀▄▀ █ █▄█ ██▄   ▄█ █▄█ █▄█ ▄█ █▄▄ █▀▄ █ █▄█ ██▄

  19. Peter Ponomarenko

    Peter PonomarenkoMaand geleden

    If the Hungarian goal was scored from offside, then so was the last one by Ronaldo.

  20. uchibenkei

    uchibenkeiMaand geleden

    no. defender on far side played him on. they showed in slow-motion watching the game.

  21. Dr56gamez

    Dr56gamezMaand geleden

    Go portugal

  22. ObliviousGooberTrooper

    ObliviousGooberTrooperMaand geleden

    I had to slow it down to .25 speed to check, but it is indeed onside. WHat an amazing second goal!!!

  23. ArmaniStar1981

    ArmaniStar1981Maand geleden

    number 15 on Portugal is a ball hog fuck boy trash

  24. Leonegaming 03

    Leonegaming 03Maand geleden

    These man called Pepe pep😭😭

  25. Kevin Sabillon

    Kevin SabillonMaand geleden

    Fucking jota 0:37 wtf u doing man pass it to the best 👎

  26. Kevin Sabillon

    Kevin SabillonMaand geleden


  27. big lens

    big lensMaand geleden

    Bro get Jota off. That man is going to hurt this team with the selfishness, so many open chances.

  28. RasenRendan

    RasenRendanMaand geleden

    I'm so glad they listened to comments and started making highlights like DAZN

  29. Hiro Rei

    Hiro ReiMaand geleden

    Who is pep? Pep guardiola 🤣🤣

  30. Md Zad

    Md ZadMaand geleden

    Ronaldo great player with good record..best wishes to ronaldo

  31. Aditya Singh

    Aditya SinghMaand geleden

    Sunil Chetri is best


    MOHAMMAD AASIM RAZAMaand geleden

    C.Ronaldo, the legend!!

  33. Tei Tei

    Tei TeiMaand geleden


  34. Deni Apriyana

    Deni ApriyanaMaand geleden

    c Ronaldo 👍

  35. So Cool

    So CoolMaand geleden

    Real Normal

  36. Andri Septian

    Andri SeptianMaand geleden

    Nah gini dong stadion penuh riuuuuh 🤙🤙🤙

  37. Umar Chaudhary

    Umar ChaudharyMaand geleden


  38. Handino Bandaso

    Handino BandasoMaand geleden


  39. Popou45

    Popou45Maand geleden

    Why are the commentators so unenthusiastic

  40. Harial Ansorilham

    Harial AnsorilhamMaand geleden


  41. muhammad fadyl

    muhammad fadylMaand geleden

    Jota is idiots

  42. Shahadath Alom Laskar

    Shahadath Alom LaskarMaand geleden

    Cr7 👍

  43. Buenos Aires Street Art

    Buenos Aires Street ArtMaand geleden

    Even better than Ronaldo's 2 goals was him hiding the 2 bottles of Coke put in front of him at the pre-match press conference & holding up a bottle of water & saying "água". Coke is venom - causes cancer, obesity & tooth decay. Best used for cleaning WCs & rusty metal not for human consumption.


    AZHAR ITEMMaand geleden

    How are you corona?

  45. vivek sekhar

    vivek sekharMaand geleden

    Everyone is bragging about Ronaldo not touched the ball, have anyone seen lewan during Slovakia game likewise Ronaldo played as a striker short pass quick movements without loosing possession, that's what a striker does come on guys enjoy the game don't spill hatred.


    SHREYANSH FFMaand geleden

    I love Ronaldo🐐 and Portugal Hungary did well but we should respect Hungary the way they play against one of the best team in the world was amazing

  47. Syed Moonis

    Syed MoonisMaand geleden

    It would be 5-0 if jota didn't act so selfish

  48. Baby Paul

    Baby PaulMaand geleden

    Will u be putting all european league highlights

  49. Benjámin Erki-Gyulai

    Benjámin Erki-GyulaiMaand geleden

    Ronaldos first was a penalty the second was offside...

  50. Mert

    MertMaand geleden

    Atilla Szalai is best defender in Euro 2020

  51. แพ็ค แปปเดียว

    แพ็ค แปปเดียวMaand geleden

    CR7 🇵🇹🔥

  52. gururajms

    gururajmsMaand geleden

    He scored 2 against Coca Cola too. 😂

  53. justtry shop

    justtry shopMaand geleden

    So sad that joao cancelo can't join to the squad🤧

  54. Riky Hermawan Official

    Riky Hermawan OfficialMaand geleden

    KERUMUNAN WOY.. wkwkkwkwk... Klo indo udah di pidanakan tuh..

  55. Sreerag M

    Sreerag MMaand geleden

    Everyone talking about Portugal's goals , but also appreciate the defence of hungary, they played very well, their defence was better than Portugal's.

  56. Sreerag M

    Sreerag MMaand geleden

    @Joe Sendao portugal are defending the poor attackers of hungary, but hungary was defending world class attackers, i only mean the defending not the defenders, i know the portugal have the best defenders at present.

  57. Joe Sendao

    Joe SendaoMaand geleden

    How can you say that their defense was better as they had 10 defenders versus Portugal's 4.

  58. László Kmetyó

    László KmetyóMaand geleden

    Thank god we lost, I just hope we fall out asap, this shit just hurts my eyes. I’m ashamed. Btw; more money goes to building stadiums than to education or healthcare

  59. Marlene Cardoso

    Marlene CardosoMaand geleden

    Go Portugal!!!!

  60. Ayesha Afroz

    Ayesha AfrozMaand geleden

    Why the second goal by Ronaldo is not called offside?

  61. keke

    kekeMaand geleden


  62. VilLaGer KiNg

    VilLaGer KiNgMaand geleden

    Second goal was just class ......

  63. Richie's Play

    Richie's PlayMaand geleden

    Ronaldo's second goal was awesome. But I feel so bad for Hungary. They played so well for 84 minutes; they really don't deserve a 3-0 loss. And talk about be unlucky, they got grouped with France, Germany and Portugal.

  64. MartinMShorty

    MartinMShortyMaand geleden

    I was there yesterday watching this game in the arena. Worst referee I’ve ever seen

  65. Mrs Kim

    Mrs KimMaand geleden

    Ronaldo ...

  66. observer

    observerMaand geleden

    diogo jota is a selfish football player, he is a good player, but he is hurting the portuguese national team.. he officially made him hate himself!.. C.Ronaldo is throwing, throwing, doing his job honestly as usual..👍🏻🌄

  67. Em Be

    Em BeMaand geleden

    Ria ria hungaria! 🇭🇺💪🇵🇱

  68. Gábor Kővári

    Gábor KőváriMaand geleden

    Heartbreaking to see Hungary collapse under this pressure, they couldn't hold on until the end. Gulácsy all alone can save many balls but not a whole match. Anyway, congrats to Portugal, killer team, still kicking b.


    SHAHAANMaand geleden

    Ronaldo Siiiiiiiiii❤🔥🔥

  70. Dek Rio

    Dek RioMaand geleden

    Jota out


    KOREA KELINKMaand geleden


  72. Akmal Dwi Permadi

    Akmal Dwi PermadiMaand geleden

    Apa itu corona

  73. PD

    PDMaand geleden

    oh man, I miss these crowds & I love Hungary - because of that crowd! They are not "covid preachers", they just take a test and go to the game. Excellent support and congrats Portugal for the win!

  74. Bernardo Bahia

    Bernardo BahiaMaand geleden

    Portugal ❤🤝🏽🇧🇷

  75. Soft Super

    Soft SuperMaand geleden


  76. Ihsan Syahputra

    Ihsan SyahputraMaand geleden


  77. Texan Spring

    Texan SpringMaand geleden

    deflected goal and a dubious penalty. nonetheless a relief that shit bruno fernantrash didn't take the penalty with his shit cheating hop skip shit of a penalty. useless player who can't hold the ball and wearing a no 11 shirt. shameless shit


    NOB GAMINGMaand geleden


  79. Rizwan

    RizwanMaand geleden

    Andrea Silva , striker of Portugal scored 28 Bundesliga goals last season !!!

  80. 林先生

    林先生Maand geleden

    Hey, it is really looking forward to it.

  81. Texan Spring

    Texan SpringMaand geleden

    bruno fernantrash!

  82. Afonso Vaz

    Afonso VazMaand geleden

    There were 2 chances where Portugal could’ve scored and didn’t because of Jota. I hope he either wakes up and stops being selfish or he doesn’t start at all There was no reason for this game to have been as close as it was until the end

  83. Glhod Fall Tcho Ng

    Glhod Fall Tcho NgMaand geleden

    Bravo Portugal

  84. X NAME

    X NAMEMaand geleden

    but if they give the first goal they will breastfeed

  85. Thor Alfafa

    Thor AlfafaMaand geleden

    Feel the crowd:)

  86. Afonso Vaz

    Afonso VazMaand geleden

    Jota was so selfish. I hope he doesn’t start again

  87. Dhiraj Chettri

    Dhiraj ChettriMaand geleden

    Ronado is a great person im big fan from india..


    RAISTARMaand geleden


  89. Ghx Ghb

    Ghx GhbMaand geleden

    Jota had three defenders marking him plus the goalies positioning was good and Ronaldo free so that's what I call bad decision making and selfishness @1:05 he could just passed it to Bruno who had a better chance. Not hating on Jota he is a wonderful player with massive potential but if he doesn't improve his decision making it's going to cost Portugal in big games.

  90. Aman Deep

    Aman DeepMaand geleden

    Rafa Silva looked determined

  91. Stretford Enders

    Stretford EndersMaand geleden

    pepsi : Lol 👍

  92. Tails 13

    Tails 13Maand geleden

    My congratulations to the Hungarians, the result does not reflect how difficult the game was. My congratulations to the public, from what I saw, all Portuguese were treated well in Hungary. From a portuguese

  93. Tails 13

    Tails 13Maand geleden

    @KinkyTail Mapogo wasnt with intention sorry just let me disagree in "best place in world" hehe good luck vs France

  94. KinkyTail Mapogo

    KinkyTail MapogoMaand geleden

    Hungary capital H... best place on earth!

  95. Gorethy Afonso

    Gorethy AfonsoMaand geleden

    So many haters oh my godd

  96. luffy0190

    luffy0190Maand geleden

    Cant believe i switched off at 80mins.watching hungary play 11men on defence the whole game pissed me the fuck off.

  97. Badmus Qudus

    Badmus QudusMaand geleden

    Ronaldo is the goat

  98. Hasibul Hasan

    Hasibul HasanMaand geleden


  99. Aswathy S

    Aswathy SMaand geleden

    Ronaldo ❤❤❤

  100. mesa's artworks

    mesa's artworksMaand geleden

    2:10 what a beatuful action -even the goal was canceled- scored by a 17 yrs old replacement player

  101. Errol Bruintjes

    Errol BruintjesMaand geleden

    Hungary shouldv just hosted the tournament outright haha that’s the best crowd in a long time Fckn awsome game to watch

  102. shafay alee

    shafay aleeMaand geleden

    We have to accept Cristiano is a real 🐐

  103. KC the dude

    KC the dudeMaand geleden

    wtf is jota doing??

  104. Tyler Durden

    Tyler DurdenMaand geleden

    Good Job Ronaldo and Portugal ! These Neo Nazis from the 'Carpathian Brigade' in the Hungary block got a fresh dose of reality.

  105. Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad AliMaand geleden

    he would have a hattrick if jota used his head at that moment

  106. Diane Ring

    Diane RingMaand geleden

    Fake penalty, fake VAR, fake refs

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    No masks, Hungary understands it 👏

  108. Bruce Lee

    Bruce LeeMaand geleden