Rowdy Rebel, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - 9 Bridge (Official Music Video)

Rowdy Rebel & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - 9 Bridge (Official Music Video)

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I know I don't ever make promises
This time I mean it I promise

If I tell you I got you my n***a I got you
If I say I love you my n***a I love you forever
Don't listen to rumors til you run it by me
Don't need to panic I know you my man
Let's just hold that shit down like we're Bobby & Rowdy
Imma let you know if you movin sloppy
Don't say you got me when you never look
Used to go to the PJs meet up in the lobby
Now we on the PJ right to Abu Dhabi

I just bought me a mulsanne
Took her to Spain
She ate me like Chicken Lo Mein
I just FaceTimed the whole gang
They in LA
They on their way to the Bay
Tell em I soon be there
Jet soon here
N***a I put that on Kane
I’m in Tampa Bay
I’m in some bands today ay

Stylists get their style from me
Nah Nah I Amiri the Jeans
Hold up
I aint never froze up
Til I went to Elliott
Now I see
Clarity in my Baguettes & VV’s
Apparently all of my n***as the flee-est
Louis Vuitton all the time
I got a house on my arm all the time
All my pieces is from Eliantte

Catch me drippin front of Barclays
Catch me flying out of parkways
Smoking backpack broccoli
It’s just me & Boogie back to back in the Maybach
N***a pardon me
Got my feet up with my heater tucked
If them woe n***as stop me
But it’s

Fuck everybody
That's just how I feel
I ain't feelin nobody
I pop on a pill and I'm flying in private
It give me the chills
And I land to an Audi
Paranoid that's why I'm movin in silence
They ain't playin fair I move with the chopper
Hit up browksi
He gon tear up the spot
Watch the pocket rocket
Put him right on his pockets

Yes I came up from nothing
Had no shmoney no clothes
Had to get it from nothing
I put the pot in the oven
Mixin and bakin and cookin that bitch with my cousin
He said he hot when he wasn’t
She said she not but she fuckin
I got that thot bussin
I got my jewelry bussin
I got my jewelry hittin
That’s end of discussion

19 I had dropped outta college
My favorite way to get money was the block
I got too addicted to the money
I'm honest
They thought I was tryna be Speaker Knockerz
I ain't tryna go out like Speaker Knockerz
Rest In Peace but I keep it 100
Got Peas on my head Andy Milonakis
I keep it G
Yea I keep it 100

I keep it G
I keep it 100
I’m the one that paid the fee for the dealers
I’m the one that bought the piece for the runners
N***a run on me I’m good with the numbers
Imma really fuck it for the summer
Drop top doing donuts in Hummers
Opp block with a chopper that studder
EBK I give a fuck bout a color
I ride for my brothers

If I say I love you my n***a I love you forever
Don't listen to rumors til you run it by me
Don't need to panic I know you my man
Let's just hold that shit down like we Bobby & Rowdy
Imma let you know if you movin sloppy
Don't say you got me when you never look
Used to go to the PJs meet up in the lobby
Now we on the PJ right to Abu Dhabi

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