Royal Blood - Boilermaker (Official Video)

The official video for Royal Blood - Boilermaker
Video created by and starring Liam Lynch
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I was looking for some kind of saviour
Someone still counting on
My worst behaviour
Knew there would be trouble
With devil eyes and magic hands
I’m all mixed up
Head like a cocktail shaker
Living in a house like an old bodega
Got the odds looking in my favour
Staring at the bottom of a boilermaker
So keep your feet on the ground
And listen to the sound of a real money maker
Something’s twisted up
Right inside me
I’ll let you use it up
So when you do leave
Take me to the edge and let me show you what was on my mind
Don’t put all your money on me cos you and me are two of a kind
I’m all mixed up
Head like a cocktail shaker
Living in a house like an old bodega
Got the odds looking in my favour
Staring at the bottom of a boilermaker
I’m all mixed up
Like a boilermaker
Head like a cocktail shaker
Staring at the bottom of a boilermaker
I’m all mixed up
Head like a cocktail shaker
Living in a house like an old bodega
Got the odds looking in my favour
Staring at the bottom of a boilermaker
About Royal Blood
Brighton duo Royal Blood comprising drummer Ben Thatcher and bassist/vocalist Mike Kerr formed at the beginning of 2013. They quickly made their presence known, with pounding drums and heavily distorted bass guitar defining characteristics of their ferocious blues-rock sound. The band gained many plaudits early in their career, touring with the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Iggy Pop and Foo Fighters, before going on to win Best British Group at the Brits in 2015 receiving their trophy from their musical hero and admirer Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page.
Their catalogue boasts the Mercury Prize nominated self-titled debut album released in 2014 that spawned hits such as "Out of the Black, "Little Monster:, "Come On Over" and "Figure it Out", as well as their second successive UK number one album "How Did We Get So Dark?" released in 2017 which featured "Lights Out" and "I Only Lie When I Love You".
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  1. Angel Glez

    Angel Glez2 uur geleden

    Chingona la máscara del Rayo de Jalisco 🤘🏿

  2. igloo zoo

    igloo zoo23 uur geleden

    I think this would make an awesome Dr Pepper commercial

  3. artvandelay1967

    artvandelay1967Dag geleden

    Songs about booze are awesome!

  4. Abbi Feazey

    Abbi FeazeyDag geleden

    big bang so ... GOOD!!!

  5. Mastah JC

    Mastah JCDag geleden

    Loved the "El Rayo de Jalisco" mask he used

  6. John .Eddison

    John .EddisonDag geleden

    walking with finger dance of 2021

  7. Selim Doğan

    Selim Doğan2 dagen geleden

    What is the clip meaning. Anyone understand ? xD

  8. Sandro Ænima

    Sandro Ænima2 dagen geleden

    now it's impossible to not walk like this

  9. Alessandro Stanziola

    Alessandro Stanziola2 dagen geleden

    Epic Song. It reminds me some of Led Zeppelin and Kasabian's compositions

  10. Thomas Windsor

    Thomas Windsor2 dagen geleden

    This is my wake up and get it song!!!

  11. Steven Harris

    Steven Harris2 dagen geleden

    Fantastic material 👍

  12. Cosmic Macaque

    Cosmic Macaque2 dagen geleden

    When one of the producers is Josh, the result is awesome!

  13. Polvonatico polvonatico

    Polvonatico polvonatico2 dagen geleden

    Symple and Awesome!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  14. Rebecca V.

    Rebecca V.2 dagen geleden

    Liam Lynch made this video as Liam Lynch-y as possible!

  15. Rick Rox

    Rick Rox2 dagen geleden

    Great song! Bur weak video to match it!

  16. Javier Nascimento

    Javier Nascimento3 dagen geleden

    Producer: Mike, how distorted do you want the bass? Mike: Yes

  17. Lausten Found

    Lausten Found3 dagen geleden

    Produced by Josh Homme. Reading that might make some sort of sonic connection for some of you here.

  18. Lorenzo Orbanic

    Lorenzo Orbanic3 dagen geleden

    Ahhhh, The Way You Used To Do :3​

  19. Ryanmplace

    Ryanmplace3 dagen geleden

    This inspires me so much musically.

  20. Jonathan Rees

    Jonathan Rees3 dagen geleden

    This makes me very happy. I don't know why - maybe I'm just strange.

  21. David Scothern

    David Scothern3 dagen geleden

    I could watch this video continuously.

  22. Riad Bouguerra

    Riad Bouguerra3 dagen geleden

    Sound like the queen of the stone ages

  23. Steve

    Steve3 dagen geleden

    The new album is GREAT! and I love this earworm of a song that I cannot stop listening to!!

  24. Andy Capp

    Andy Capp3 dagen geleden

    Outstanding new sound and from 2 guys. Loving it.

  25. Leve levi

    Leve levi3 dagen geleden

    josh made this song im sure

  26. Music Collector

    Music Collector4 dagen geleden

    i am NOT gonna lie i thought that was an old song and i was talking about it with my friend. He asked me when was the song made and i head back here and i was like APRIL 13 2021 WHAT!

  27. Farbkanal

    Farbkanal4 dagen geleden

    Josh Homme‘s hands on! 👍🤪

  28. Dean Day

    Dean Day4 dagen geleden

    One of the best drummers I've heard in ages

  29. Bec White

    Bec WhiteDag geleden

    I thought so too!

  30. Florian BANCHET

    Florian BANCHET4 dagen geleden

    When I watch this, I can't stop thinking about Stupeflip - Vite ! It has the same energy and mood.


    DEVANSH4 dagen geleden

    I feel like this song is the worst one on the album. I love it though

  32. Bevin Giggle horn

    Bevin Giggle horn4 dagen geleden

    Love you Liam!

  33. Wutt Hlwar Mon

    Wutt Hlwar Mon4 dagen geleden


  34. Ebm DQR

    Ebm DQR4 dagen geleden

    lol, you filthy liar.

  35. Stefano Rosteghin

    Stefano Rosteghin4 dagen geleden

    I fucking love this video

  36. Allee11

    Allee114 dagen geleden

    Similar bands please???? (Groovy, heav-ish rock) So far I have : The Black Keys, Clutch...

  37. roberto giron

    roberto giron4 dagen geleden

    Rayos! La máscara del rayo de jalisco.

  38. Aram Gebretensae

    Aram Gebretensae4 dagen geleden

    I made an awesome Spotify playlist with alternative rock, post-grunge, and alt metal songs. Its called Gray Saturday on Spotify if anyone wants to check it out.......

  39. M. L

    M. L4 dagen geleden

    A for creativity!

  40. Benedek Frisnyák

    Benedek Frisnyák5 dagen geleden

    Ugyanitt bojler eladó!!

  41. Shawn Harper

    Shawn Harper5 dagen geleden

    I have never heard of this band before. This not my type of music. And yet, I watched the whole thing... and hit replay. Good fucking job guys.

  42. Adi

    Adi5 dagen geleden

    0:56 hits different 🤤🙏🏽

  43. howardshum

    howardshum5 dagen geleden

    Purdue University! This is our song! 😁🚂

  44. Antigone Jovic

    Antigone Jovic5 dagen geleden

    Sons father alcoholic

  45. Antigone Jovic

    Antigone Jovic5 dagen geleden

    Loads of personal family references, in my usual NLpush feed, Facebook etc google Amazon etc etc etc

  46. Antigone Jovic

    Antigone Jovic5 dagen geleden

    All my personal shit is out there...

  47. Antigone Jovic

    Antigone Jovic5 dagen geleden

    Tech support needed, love the video wondering how to teach my son this kind of IT skills private home schooler xxx


    NIC WHITE5 dagen geleden

    Hopefully that's a tip of the hat to the "residents" !!!

  49. Jesse Oliver

    Jesse Oliver5 dagen geleden

    I’m getting Spongebob vibes from y’all walking like that

  50. Stephen Naccarelli

    Stephen Naccarelli6 dagen geleden

    I cant be the only one that senses some Prodigy vibes goin on here.

  51. NightFox

    NightFox5 dagen geleden

    Guaranteed they're Prodigy fans. (Aren't we all?) 😃

  52. ThePhysicalReaction

    ThePhysicalReaction6 dagen geleden

    That is exactly how i walk to the fridge every morning

  53. Crash

    Crash6 dagen geleden

    At first it sounded like QOTSA.

  54. caleb

    caleb6 dagen geleden

    0:32 me and the boys walking home after mom says they can sleepover

  55. Nevaeh Rae Rintala

    Nevaeh Rae Rintala6 dagen geleden

    Dis song turs me into David 4 rAilzzz"!! & All dat sheet" ..

  56. TZninjaskill

    TZninjaskill6 dagen geleden

    pretty sure this guy walks like Brak

  57. Lalu Mixus

    Lalu Mixus6 dagen geleden

    i have the LP! really nice, guys! i love it !!

  58. Keena Feng

    Keena Feng6 dagen geleden

    This music video gives me a HUGE Rusty Lake vibe

  59. korsunhoox

    korsunhoox6 dagen geleden

    Royal Blood is one of those bands that when a „new” song out comes out, you can bet your money it’ll be a riffoff or voc-off, etc. This time riff from Korn’s „Justin”.

  60. korsunhoox

    korsunhoox5 dagen geleden

    1. don’t bro me bitch 2. if u were korn’s fan or had at least ears, u’d know it 3. u paid troll or what, u sound like one shut da F up fanboi

  61. Shawn Harper

    Shawn Harper5 dagen geleden

    The Justin riff is fucking monotone bro. Know your shit or shut the fuck up and stop making KoRn fans look bad.

  62. NightFox

    NightFox5 dagen geleden

    Ok then, if you say so. You should start making videos about that, cuz everyone believes you and also really cares. Oh and Korn ain't done anything this hot.

  63. Shawn Collins

    Shawn Collins6 dagen geleden

    I'm not sure what I just watched. But I liked it.

  64. Johnny Terra

    Johnny Terra6 dagen geleden

    This video is actually a Lil bit lame fuer the song. It just doesn't do anything good with the vibe.... Except when shit turns red at the end... And then it reminds me of Allready seen stuff

  65. Terry Curtin

    Terry Curtin6 dagen geleden


  66. Aditya Espada

    Aditya Espada7 dagen geleden

    This is my favorite song rn

  67. Christina Haugan

    Christina Haugan7 dagen geleden

    This video made me smile...and the song is pretty cool too.

  68. Florin Geukens

    Florin Geukens7 dagen geleden

    You guys remember the lost spongebob episode, where spongebob just walks on some funny music while doing weird faces?

  69. Hasan ibn-Sabah

    Hasan ibn-Sabah7 dagen geleden

    Can we just combine Royal Blood and Arctic Monkeys and have the ultimate English (modern) rock band?

  70. NightFox

    NightFox5 dagen geleden

    Arctic Monkeys don't have a hard enough sound to work with RB.

  71. MultiSuperderp

    MultiSuperderp7 dagen geleden

    killer song! just got the album. Great stuff!

  72. MortorV

    MortorV7 dagen geleden

    Awesome song. Awesome video!

  73. WitcherTym 1

    WitcherTym 17 dagen geleden

    Siema Polska

  74. Petros Barbosa

    Petros Barbosa7 dagen geleden

    I smell Josh Homme

  75. Petros Barbosa

    Petros Barbosa7 dagen geleden

    @Leve levi remembered me of a feat that he did with an artist named U.N.K.L.E, the song is called Restless. Take a look:

  76. Leve levi

    Leve levi7 dagen geleden

    his style is all over on this song

  77. Shota Abe

    Shota Abe7 dagen geleden

    In the first 3 second, l realized this song has QOTSA taste.

  78. n3zyd

    n3zyd7 dagen geleden

    I like this it rocks, but I wish I could be here in 40 years when your Grandkids look at music of the 20's. now go watch walk like an Egyptian or safety dance. done? opinions? yep that's what you will hear too.


    SHIBENDU BANERJEE7 dagen geleden

    The song was good but not great but the video is very unique......

  80. Justin Jennings

    Justin Jennings7 dagen geleden

    My 72 year old grandmother was forced to listen to this when I took her to her Dr appointment. She made me repeat it...twice.

  81. Donna Richardson

    Donna Richardson4 dagen geleden

    Love it !!!

  82. korsunhoox

    korsunhoox5 dagen geleden

    feel sorry for Her grandson’s taste

  83. yukimaruzam

    yukimaruzam6 dagen geleden

    She was immediately cured! Skip the doctor and go to the casino and rock!

  84. Paul Coletti

    Paul Coletti6 dagen geleden

    What a LEGEND. Rock on Justin's Gran 🎸❤️

  85. Roland Ybarra

    Roland Ybarra8 dagen geleden

    Long live fucking rock!!!!😃

  86. Tonylee Mulholland

    Tonylee Mulholland8 dagen geleden

    Nobody else get massive Noel Fielding vibes from this?

  87. Bingo Gaming

    Bingo Gaming8 dagen geleden

    If Typhoons does not get a Grammy nomination I will be very angry.

  88. Luis Felipe Azevedo Giacomin

    Luis Felipe Azevedo Giacomin5 dagen geleden

    @Mauro Piredda so true. Grammy is a joke.

  89. yukimaruzam

    yukimaruzam6 dagen geleden

    What do they know? We know better.

  90. Mauro Piredda

    Mauro Piredda7 dagen geleden

    It's REALLY IMPORTANT for ROCK MUSIC win Prizes?

  91. Tommy Hooligan

    Tommy Hooligan8 dagen geleden

    And Just like that Ten Tonne Skeleton moves to Number 2 on my All time Favorite Royal Blood Tracks. 🤘🏻

  92. omyyer

    omyyer8 dagen geleden

    I don't know what a boilermaker is but this guy sure seems to.

  93. Dan Willemse

    Dan Willemse8 dagen geleden

    Just solid...solid rock...yes yes

  94. L4NOO

    L4NOO8 dagen geleden

    Came here from the btcc video. Didn't disappoint 🔥🔥🔥

  95. Egle Eglena

    Egle Eglena8 dagen geleden

    I saw the Behind the scenes. Damn, no I wanna do my own music videos. LOL

  96. HairySteveUK

    HairySteveUK9 dagen geleden

    Johnny Vaughn played this on Radio X the other day while I was on my way home. I nearly blew up the speakers in my car. :)

  97. Anthony P

    Anthony P9 dagen geleden


  98. avengineer01

    avengineer019 dagen geleden

    This band is the bomb....

  99. Elio De Luca

    Elio De Luca9 dagen geleden

    The macabre dance is a late medieval iconographic theme in which a dance between men and skeletons is represented 😉

  100. nymarkmusic

    nymarkmusic9 dagen geleden

    Liam Lynch is a genius

  101. SVK RUSKO

    SVK RUSKO9 dagen geleden

    This is trash

  102. Marty Doyle

    Marty Doyle10 dagen geleden

    Next video idea is just do I wanna know by arctic monkeys

  103. ghaza abdou

    ghaza abdou10 dagen geleden 😀

  104. Caidan Vandermeersch

    Caidan Vandermeersch10 dagen geleden

    0:46 me and da bois when gta 6 comes out

  105. Lamb3y

    Lamb3y10 dagen geleden

    1:53 Me and the bodyguards ready to fight the school bullies

  106. renato jose

    renato jose10 dagen geleden

    When you think rock n roll is dead, it kicks you in the balls and laughs in your face

  107. Space Age Shakespeare

    Space Age Shakespeare10 dagen geleden

    Lame ass video. Why this little weirdo freak? Get someone who actually looks cool for real 😴

  108. The Noobest Dev

    The Noobest Dev10 dagen geleden

    Why am I watching this haha. Weird AF.

  109. Logan Delgado

    Logan Delgado10 dagen geleden


  110. Brandon Griffin

    Brandon Griffin10 dagen geleden

    Great tune

  111. Mitchel Paulus

    Mitchel Paulus10 dagen geleden

    Just dance 2021 looks great

  112. Bryan Martinez

    Bryan Martinez11 dagen geleden

    where are they walking?

  113. Capital Zero

    Capital Zero11 dagen geleden

    I wil not rest until this song is featured on just dance.

  114. Wicho Chicken Shit

    Wicho Chicken Shit11 dagen geleden

    Sound: Queens of the stone age

  115. becky cult

    becky cult11 dagen geleden

    Absolutely great!

  116. Resh

    Resh11 dagen geleden

    This is SICK!! It's like a perfect mix of Rage Against the Machine and Muse... with a little bit of "somethin, somethin"