Skengdo x AM x Lil Rass x BM x Mini x Rack5 x TY x Mskum - Plugged In W/Fumez The Engineer

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  1. KingDra999

    KingDra999Uur geleden

    1:21 i get goosebumps by this godlike flow switch

  2. Elios_Soldier

    Elios_Soldier3 uur geleden

    That face he makes 😂 2:21

  3. Nat

    Nat5 uur geleden

    nobody gonna talk about how much of a underrated plugged it is.

  4. good shit

    good shit6 uur geleden


  5. Mohamed Mohamed

    Mohamed Mohamed7 uur geleden

    Everyone on the beat huh 🤔

  6. Jonathan Jimenez

    Jonathan Jimenez8 uur geleden


  7. Callme JoJoe

    Callme JoJoe8 uur geleden

    This giving me. Chills 🎸🎸🎸

  8. Jayc Koeldiep

    Jayc Koeldiep9 uur geleden

    This one is cold🥶


    KING BARR11 uur geleden

    Lill rass is cold 🥶

  10. abzblues9

    abzblues912 uur geleden

    Cant leave no trace like AJ it’s Mayday if I let that rise

  11. Casey Greenhalgh

    Casey Greenhalgh13 uur geleden

    Why isn't this on Spotify

  12. Livankar Nethikar

    Livankar Nethikar17 uur geleden

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  13. art get

    art get17 uur geleden


  14. Rahise Ameen

    Rahise Ameen21 uur geleden

    They see our face and they keep it gogo

  15. Aya Moyibe

    Aya MoyibeDag geleden

    “On the opp block parked up with the lights out creep up close so he knows it’s his time now” 🤮

  16. TOKYO

    TOKYODag geleden

    AM finally found a mask

  17. Isaiah 11

    Isaiah 11Dag geleden

    this is how many times i replayed a bar 👇



    Bao bao woooo shit if pop smoke and fivio foreign was in this they would killed it in any fuckin beat

  19. jett dunne.

    jett dunne.Dag geleden

    That shit went hard afff when mini hopped on there 💯🐐

  20. Alex Brown

    Alex BrownDag geleden


  21. Zynit

    ZynitDag geleden

    bro otp did good job holy those are the most underated rn

  22. Erzhan Graff

    Erzhan GraffDag geleden

    Hardest tune 👺

  23. fabio-on-games

    fabio-on-gamesDag geleden


  24. ProdBySLaYeR

    ProdBySLaYeRDag geleden

    Bm & Mini🔥🔥🔥🔥😭

  25. PhantasyWave

    PhantasyWaveDag geleden

    Them 2 after Am x skengdo and that went in harddddd! Overall tho everyone went in clean track no cheesy shxt!

  26. laree :O

    laree :ODag geleden

    BM and Mini never let us down'

  27. Mehmet Fatih

    Mehmet FatihDag geleden

    Mini is Turk

  28. FitzyTV2018

    FitzyTV2018Dag geleden

    I get called up when they need tha gun man bum men😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. -.--.-

    -.--.-Dag geleden

    Mini *.*

  30. KAY AY

    KAY AYDag geleden


  31. Euan Duncan

    Euan DuncanDag geleden

    Sold bars 10/10 for me 🔥🔥

  32. SiggeMusic

    SiggeMusicDag geleden

    I just Wanna spend a day with fumez in the studio. It feels like such Vibe💯

  33. GoGo NoMo

    GoGo NoMoDag geleden

    "They claim the OJ let's find out"

  34. abobaker abobaker

    abobaker abobakerDag geleden


  35. good shit

    good shit2 dagen geleden


  36. Radim Bandy

    Radim Bandy2 dagen geleden

    Skrrr skrrr smash smash


    DEUCALION x2 dagen geleden

    2:15 2:19

  38. Crhlyn

    Crhlyn2 dagen geleden

    Save like his iCloud sheeeeeeesh🥶

  39. Abdulrhman Al-sanousi

    Abdulrhman Al-sanousi2 dagen geleden

    Uncensored please 🙏🏼

  40. Królgier PL

    Królgier PL2 dagen geleden

    what are they even talking about

  41. youtube_jimmy_ k

    youtube_jimmy_ k2 dagen geleden

    dam he got the hole squad here

  42. Miro

    Miro2 dagen geleden

    I think rack5 is obsessed with usa

  43. Rico Freako

    Rico Freako2 dagen geleden

    3:09 to 3:16... jumped out my fucking seat...

  44. Supper Abdul

    Supper Abdul2 dagen geleden


  45. Can G.

    Can G.3 dagen geleden

    Damn so glad that I find that channel great work men and this guys are awesome 🤳🎉

  46. Subhan Amar

    Subhan Amar3 dagen geleden

    The beat is mad 🥶🔥😱

  47. Kyion 184

    Kyion 1843 dagen geleden

    Bruh the dude at 1.21 went crazyyyyy

  48. Browner Gaming HD

    Browner Gaming HD3 dagen geleden

    Yo fumez is just next level

  49. BlazedUp

    BlazedUp3 dagen geleden

    Mini has to Kill The UK SCENE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  50. Rxith15

    Rxith153 dagen geleden

    first bars are too cold

  51. Shamarel Ogunbameru

    Shamarel Ogunbameru3 dagen geleden

    These were probs group of boys that sat in the back of the class freestyling 😂💯

  52. Kisharo YT

    Kisharo YT3 dagen geleden

    Whos made the beat

  53. Itz Pappy-_-

    Itz Pappy-_-3 dagen geleden

    Who’s the mandem who went first

  54. watch Dominion documentary

    watch Dominion documentary2 dagen geleden

    First was 410 then OTP then CGM

  55. Casey Greenhalgh

    Casey Greenhalgh3 dagen geleden

    Anyone agree that this is one of the best plugged ins?🤷‍♂️

  56. Richard Kwangbo

    Richard Kwangbo3 dagen geleden

    Napster ?

  57. Otti4k

    Otti4k3 dagen geleden

    2:36 has me dying😭😭

  58. dgamingz Z

    dgamingz Z3 dagen geleden

    cgm g said 5+5 hes of the 10s but dont fuck with 4.4s 💯💯

  59. dgamingz Z

    dgamingz Z3 dagen geleden

    deep it

  60. Joanne Rock

    Joanne Rock3 dagen geleden

    Ssssssiccccckkkk gwan u lot !!!!!!8

  61. Alex _7

    Alex _73 dagen geleden

    Pete & Bas were better

  62. Jest Zdravo

    Jest Zdravo3 dagen geleden

    dat dude faking fumez reactions is fcking cringe af

  63. Hexted

    Hexted3 dagen geleden

    You know I can’t sleep on viles, I don’t care how long it takes I’m not gonna end up on an instabio

  64. Dox

    Dox4 dagen geleden

    fuck this crip shit man ffs

  65. #THE CEO# • 678 years ago

    #THE CEO# • 678 years ago3 dagen geleden

    Ye its so fucking cringe

  66. Lemon cake

    Lemon cake4 dagen geleden

    Load of shit.

  67. Justin Harr

    Justin Harr4 dagen geleden

    This is tuff but who is who?😂 I'm American.

  68. watch Dominion documentary

    watch Dominion documentary2 dagen geleden

    0:27 Lil Rass 0:41 Skengdo 0:55 AM 1:08 BM 1:21 Mini 2:29 Rack5 2:43 TY 2:57 Mskum

  69. Kact1s

    Kact1s4 dagen geleden

    Mini and the guy went dummy

  70. beast

    beast4 dagen geleden

    MY SOUL😳

  71. F02 TC

    F02 TC4 dagen geleden

    When gcses finish and the teacher lets the mandem jam around the desk 😭

  72. vapii

    vapii4 dagen geleden

    Is this on spotify

  73. Outlaw_BTW

    Outlaw_BTW4 dagen geleden

    Which other gang is in this apart from 410 and CGM

  74. Nico

    Nico4 dagen geleden


  75. Hernandez Owusu Innocent

    Hernandez Owusu Innocent4 dagen geleden

    Bars bars🔥🔥🔥

  76. Donovan Bent

    Donovan Bent4 dagen geleden

    gets called up when they need that gunman? aint nothing to be proud about you just someone's scapegoat

  77. LND_ ATUM

    LND_ ATUM4 dagen geleden

    AM's voice 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  78. Bailey SCOTT

    Bailey SCOTT4 dagen geleden

    Is this song on Spotify ?

  79. Lord Spongebob

    Lord Spongebob4 dagen geleden


  80. Groggooya 0

    Groggooya 04 dagen geleden

    I know these guys bruv.. they always at church on sundays .... good guys man......... Been lockdown tho havent seen them for while so they kinda changed stiiiiiilll

  81. Abdul-Aziz Joseph

    Abdul-Aziz Joseph5 dagen geleden

    Tpl mini x BM 🔥🔥

  82. Kele Maduike

    Kele Maduike5 dagen geleden

    "i can't leave no trace like AJ"

  83. marcosxfern

    marcosxfernDag geleden

    Ur a bit late mate 😭

  84. Jayden’s Mum

    Jayden’s Mum3 dagen geleden


  85. PhoenixK1991 Inoke

    PhoenixK1991 Inoke5 dagen geleden

    Violence 🥶🥶🥶

  86. Jeffrey Mendez

    Jeffrey Mendez5 dagen geleden


  87. EnErGYy

    EnErGYy5 dagen geleden


  88. tyl3r _gxd

    tyl3r _gxd5 dagen geleden

    That is insain love it

  89. Joseph !

    Joseph !5 dagen geleden

    nothing but hoodrich

  90. A1WS

    A1WS2 dagen geleden

    well fumez is sponsored by dem

  91. Dany Audet

    Dany Audet5 dagen geleden

    my new training song🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 salute from Canada

  92. theman

    theman5 dagen geleden

    mini came in the hardest 'fuck a hideout, we rideout' FAM!

  93. Sorry Sorry

    Sorry Sorry5 dagen geleden

    All the gangsters take turns singing and dancing

  94. Josh Gamez

    Josh Gamez5 dagen geleden

    Soooo shit

  95. Netanel Bayhc

    Netanel Bayhc5 dagen geleden

    What he say 0:55

  96. Abi AMG

    Abi AMG5 dagen geleden

    1:23 who is that?

  97. Lord Spongebob

    Lord Spongebob4 dagen geleden

    Bm x Mini

  98. George Nathan

    George Nathan5 dagen geleden

    Na the bm Jojo diss 🥶

  99. George Bush

    George Bush5 dagen geleden

    Hardddd 🔥 that's all I can say

  100. Naseem Ahmed

    Naseem Ahmed6 dagen geleden

    don’t mind me making myself a repeat button 1:07

  101. Kedzy

    Kedzy6 dagen geleden

    0:55 damn

  102. Mathieu Channa

    Mathieu Channa6 dagen geleden

    Trop fort

  103. shizzy_6

    shizzy_66 dagen geleden

    TY was the hardest on this thing

  104. shizzy_6

    shizzy_66 dagen geleden

    This is hard af 💥💥💥💥

  105. Primus Invictus

    Primus Invictus6 dagen geleden

    Joo I was already subbed but everything on this channel is lit asf. Wtf?

  106. joe squire

    joe squire6 dagen geleden

    1:47 coldest bar on the track

  107. Phantom Mc5

    Phantom Mc56 dagen geleden

    the legend says that Bm and Mini ate Sava

  108. Phantom Mc5

    Phantom Mc56 dagen geleden

    @#THE CEO# • 678 years ago ik but still

  109. #THE CEO# • 678 years ago

    #THE CEO# • 678 years ago6 dagen geleden

    Ur not funny

  110. Némorin Chatagny

    Némorin Chatagny6 dagen geleden


  111. DK Drill

    DK Drill6 dagen geleden

    Where tf is Sava from OTP?

  112. Jay Clarke

    Jay Clarke6 dagen geleden

    Mad ting