Suction Cup Man 4: Business or Pleasure

Suction Cup Man is sued and taken to court for his sucky crimes. Hopefully he will be calm and well-spoken. haha

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  1. clockworkmind

    clockworkmind2 uur geleden

    7:20 Okay, I officially can't give this video enough likes. I'm frikin' Dyin over here ;'D

  2. E Sharp

    E Sharp2 uur geleden

    Suction cup man’s new catchphrase: Deez Nuts

  3. TB entertainment

    TB entertainment2 uur geleden

    DEEZ NUTS ☜(゚∀゚☜)

  4. awesomedangerboy 101 ROBLOX

    awesomedangerboy 101 ROBLOX4 uur geleden

    is the police officer voiced by someone who voices for EmKay?

  5. Jon Snowman

    Jon Snowman4 uur geleden

    "Suction cup therapy do not look that up" seriously don't

  6. CSDigitalDesign

    CSDigitalDesign4 uur geleden

    Suction cup man was basically: "Eat a room of dicks" lol

  7. Cosmonaut

    Cosmonaut5 uur geleden

    5:00 This part is funnier in 2x speed

  8. HudKing009

    HudKing0095 uur geleden

    An ad came up for DICKS sporting goods 💀

  9. Xander Coyle

    Xander Coyle6 uur geleden

    I like how you can see that Sir Cuppenstein is actually concerned if he’s causing damage to the tower in the montage

  10. Cheeki Breeki

    Cheeki Breeki6 uur geleden

    0:28 don’t touch me there

  11. Crazy Comments

    Crazy Comments8 uur geleden

    I want more

  12. moss

    moss8 uur geleden

    this is incredible. and so is the plushie. *especially* the plushie. i’m so proud of how far Piemations has come.

  13. Levi Langdon

    Levi Langdon11 uur geleden


  14. JShaw

    JShaw11 uur geleden

    Kid: I want to be Batman The Kids Parents: 7:43

  15. Aziz Mbazaa

    Aziz Mbazaa11 uur geleden

    I like to think suction cup man is just a humble farmer who annoys people in his free time, and just especially doesn’t like mr guy business.

  16. Country Nerd

    Country Nerd13 uur geleden

    no one's asking the real questions here, so I will. How the fuck is he getting the money for all this???

  17. Bass Record

    Bass Record16 uur geleden

    9:27 Pov: you're Penguinz0

  18. V

    V16 uur geleden

    They… they could’ve easily called him “Suction Cock Man”

  19. Simon Griffiths

    Simon Griffiths17 uur geleden

    Plankton from SpongeBob is the advertisement person!!! Am I just making it up?

  20. Mason plays vlogs

    Mason plays vlogs17 uur geleden


  21. Variks The Loyal

    Variks The Loyal18 uur geleden

    I love how he became European once he was depressed

  22. PhonabisoTheBootlegFan

    PhonabisoTheBootlegFan18 uur geleden

    "WHAT THE F*CK AM I A PLUSHIE" -Suction cup man plush

  23. • MoopIsmop

    • MoopIsmop19 uur geleden

    Omg I pissed my pants

  24. PumpkinPain

    PumpkinPain19 uur geleden

    This is my new favorite show on the internet

  25. Ganheso Laso

    Ganheso Laso20 uur geleden

    what happened to his voice, it got more nasally

  26. Panda DEV

    Panda DEV22 uur geleden

    is it weird i wanna see it uncencored?

  27. lol

    lolDag geleden


  28. Ranting Republican

    Ranting RepublicanDag geleden

    1. Will there be a 5th installment? 2. Why has no one tried to make you an offer to use your work on there networks/ streaming platforms

  29. Alex and Benji all Star reviews

    Alex and Benji all Star reviewsDag geleden

    I feel like on your petreon there’s an uncensored versioning this episode

  30. TheLeoShow!

    TheLeoShow!Dag geleden


  31. pile o' weirdness

    pile o' weirdnessDag geleden

    How is this funnier the SECOND time?!

  32. R3D4CT3D

    R3D4CT3DDag geleden


  33. PaRappa The Rapper

    PaRappa The RapperDag geleden

    Am i the only one who was worried about SCM possibly trying to off himself or sum 💀

  34. Jack Curtis

    Jack CurtisDag geleden


  35. Tophatter Studios

    Tophatter StudiosDag geleden

    Can't wait for the sheriff hayseed sequel if it ever happens

  36. Jack Curtis

    Jack CurtisDag geleden


  37. RubyShadow

    RubyShadowDag geleden

    Anyone else gonna mention how the cops both have the same gold ring on their right hands! Mike! Are you implying something here?

  38. JulioRolio

    JulioRolioDag geleden

    "I'MMMM PENIS MAN!" -Suction Cup Man 6:52

  39. james among us

    james among usDag geleden


  40. Damian Valenzuela

    Damian ValenzuelaDag geleden

    Are you prepare to hold these nuts was the best part

  41. Bacon Hair :0

    Bacon Hair :0Dag geleden

    Suction coc* man

  42. ZachThyeProductions [ZachThye4567]

    ZachThyeProductions [ZachThye4567]Dag geleden

    I Like How Suction Cup Man's House Has A Sink But No Toilet. So He Either Uses Public Restrooms, *or pees in bushes.*

  43. Patches Gaming

    Patches GamingDag geleden

    I like when he was mellow for like a minute before turning back into Gilbert Gottfried.

  44. Geekazoid

    GeekazoidDag geleden

    I knew as soon as I saw the blurred shapes where it was going.

  45. Kate plays

    Kate playsDag geleden

    0:08 holy shit the cop with brown hair sounds like robin from emkay

  46. Ken Masters

    Ken MastersDag geleden

    Suction Cup Man lives in a bathroom-turned-clubhouse?!

  47. Cryptonaph

    CryptonaphDag geleden

    the case number is the same as the original suction cup man animation upload date, neat.

  48. Xander Coyle

    Xander CoyleDag geleden

    So suction cup man is an Aussie? Noice

  49. amanda mccormack

    amanda mccormackDag geleden

    does anyone relise that that is Robin for emkay voicing a police man

  50. Nomster Monster

    Nomster MonsterDag geleden

    I love how he straight up uses straight up questionable items to climb.

  51. Dragasaur

    DragasaurDag geleden

    I love this so much hahahahaha:))

  52. SOSOGamer

    SOSOGamerDag geleden


  53. pugsly810

    pugsly810Dag geleden

    suction cup man could have turned into base jumper man he goes skydiving jumps and parachutes (with his chute) onto the tower repack his chute and base jump maybe even mission impossible it by flying through the window into the dudes office repacking the chute and jumping as the cops get there

  54. the unofficial Russian Badger meme clip channel

    the unofficial Russian Badger meme clip channelDag geleden

    We all need a friend like sex shop worker

  55. GLaDOS

    GLaDOSDag geleden

    I love this so much

  56. dinoandscooter

    dinoandscooter2 dagen geleden

    👏 you 👏 need 👏 to 👏 do 👏 sister 👏 location 👏


    THUNDER FLAME2 dagen geleden

    I just found out something when the judge said 10.4.16 that was the date of the first suction cup Man video. October 4th 2016

  58. Alex Gerges

    Alex Gerges2 dagen geleden

    7:43 “WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY MOTHER?????!!!!!!!!!!”

  59. Venotron The Warrior

    Venotron The Warrior2 dagen geleden


  60. Thunderstorm Gaming

    Thunderstorm Gaming2 dagen geleden

    Why does adult swim not produce this

  61. sHamU_s

    sHamU_s2 dagen geleden

    officers incumming

  62. dumbass

    dumbass2 dagen geleden


  63. Isaac Tran

    Isaac Tran2 dagen geleden

    this is the funniest video i've ever seen😂

  64. Pvt Caboose

    Pvt Caboose2 dagen geleden

    This is so good. I can't even begin to explain the genius of this man for doing this shit. I laughed the hardest I ever had in the past few years thanks to this video.

  65. Golden Freddyت

    Golden Freddyت2 dagen geleden

    These are werid and funny

  66. YT Tayzrfase

    YT Tayzrfase2 dagen geleden

    This man isn’t cared of demonitization

  67. MonkyAceStudios

    MonkyAceStudios2 dagen geleden

    Why not show the permission thing he got from the President?

  68. James Bartoloms

    James Bartoloms2 dagen geleden


  69. mallows

    mallows2 dagen geleden


  70. Robloxian

    Robloxian2 dagen geleden

    The moment he hears the suction cups his PTSD kicks in.

  71. Les Racz

    Les Racz2 dagen geleden


  72. Cailey Adams

    Cailey Adams2 dagen geleden

    Whats is that pic tho? 6:13

  73. Hank

    Hank2 dagen geleden

    we need part 5

  74. Robert Williams

    Robert Williams2 dagen geleden

    You know after re-watching this why didn’t the guy just turn it into a advertising campaign. like seriously make sc man climb with his brand of plunger The ads would write themselves

  75. Bendy The ink demon

    Bendy The ink demon2 dagen geleden

    7:43 me when I got 405 gateway time out

  76. Imagination Bolt

    Imagination Bolt2 dagen geleden

    I want this to be a series on adult swim, I’d pay to see this on any channel 🤔

  77. Hell Vixen

    Hell Vixen2 dagen geleden

    "...Like, you have nothing, literally nothing! Goodbye!" (Walks away)....

  78. Draven Huffman

    Draven Huffman2 dagen geleden

    This should be on adult swim

  79. Andrew D-W

    Andrew D-W2 dagen geleden

    bruh emkay the cop

  80. G-Max

    G-Max2 dagen geleden


  81. funtime freddy

    funtime freddy2 dagen geleden

    dick man... shall he reaturn?

  82. Dockboy 2007

    Dockboy 20073 dagen geleden

    When he went into his room at the end ... 🤣

  83. Mr. RøckTable

    Mr. RøckTable3 dagen geleden

    fun fact: the judge from the first scene is ambidextrous

  84. Gleeful Winner

    Gleeful Winner3 dagen geleden

    "thats what good mac-n-cheese sounds like" hahaha thats what she said

  85. Mr Man

    Mr Man3 dagen geleden

    1:11 This is loooooong suction cup man

  86. Eze De anda

    Eze De anda3 dagen geleden

    The return of the king

  87. HelpyLeBean

    HelpyLeBean3 dagen geleden

    Haha... wait who's deez

  88. Thefakesullyg

    Thefakesullyg3 dagen geleden

    Glues hands to window The auto generated captions: A P P L A U S E

  89. Thefakesullyg

    Thefakesullyg3 dagen geleden

    Do you even have deez nuts absolutely killed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  90. Lorewalker Maohao

    Lorewalker Maohao3 dagen geleden

    3:40 Holy shit, did not expect a Swedish summer hymn in this

  91. Anxu OMG

    Anxu OMG3 dagen geleden

    "Penis" -penis man

  92. Ghaloushi productions studios

    Ghaloushi productions studios3 dagen geleden

    2:29 this guy he fucked up I want suction cup man 5 I still

  93. Bob the rock

    Bob the rock3 dagen geleden


  94. ReStrife

    ReStrife3 dagen geleden


  95. TheAdvertisement

    TheAdvertisement3 dagen geleden

    I would have never thought seeing a man wearing dildos could be so inspiring.


    PEPINO_TACTICO3 dagen geleden


  97. Ethan Dimmie

    Ethan Dimmie3 dagen geleden

    the epic conclusion the Suction Cup Man trilogy... starting with lawsuits and sex toys

  98. linguine gang

    linguine gang3 dagen geleden

    There was a missed apoertunity to call him suction cock man

  99. Potatoons

    Potatoons3 dagen geleden

    no yes maybe cool /\ random assortation of words | also nice very funno funny why the fuck am i on youtube its fusking 12 35am eeda fuckxsusv f

  100. minimations

    minimations4 dagen geleden

    Anyone seen what the moving truck says

  101. Nate's Page

    Nate's Page4 dagen geleden

    wait is 618 a gravity falls refrence?