Swimming in a pool of oobleck #Shorts

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  1. Max Berger

    Max BergerUur geleden

    And then I put some on my face and slapped myself

  2. bnxna_milk

    bnxna_milk2 uur geleden

    This brings me back to the Collins Key days 😭 he filled up an inflatable pool with orange oobleck too... he did flips on it and ran over it 😔 he also hit it with a tennis racket!! 😭😭😭

  3. You just killed me. Good job -

    You just killed me. Good job -3 uur geleden


  4. Amelia Seibert

    Amelia Seibert5 uur geleden

    Only ogs remember when Collins and Devin Key did this first

  5. Djordje Blagojević

    Djordje Blagojević5 uur geleden

    I can't believe that i will be defending the guy with a cringe ecuvalent of a flash bang buuuuut yea colins key did this first.

  6. Kimmy Diaz

    Kimmy Diaz8 uur geleden

    Did you copy Collins key wait what

  7. Hey sisters it’s me fatt

    Hey sisters it’s me fatt9 uur geleden

    Bruh this one time I was at a park then I meet a guy playing tennis so I asked him can I play with you so he just said sure and we just play and this guy looks like him

  8. Joshua Slaughter

    Joshua Slaughter9 uur geleden

    My name is heaven and i am a fan

  9. Joshua Slaughter

    Joshua Slaughter9 uur geleden

    Wash off

  10. Joshua Slaughter

    Joshua Slaughter9 uur geleden

    I'm just 8

  11. Atombom 45

    Atombom 459 uur geleden


  12. OwOBoi

    OwOBoi9 uur geleden

    This stuff is also known as a non-newtonian fluid!

  13. Winnie Oladapo

    Winnie Oladapo9 uur geleden


  14. speak English or die

    speak English or die13 uur geleden

    Here's a question how tf are you going to discard it

  15. lâm trần

    lâm trần14 uur geleden

    Any one see this from conan ????

  16. roblox_adopt me girls

    roblox_adopt me girls14 uur geleden


  17. Renata

    Renata15 uur geleden


  18. Orange Austronaut

    Orange Austronaut22 uur geleden

    *ahem* oobleck is green not orange

  19. No

    No23 uur geleden

    I remember when this oobleck thing was really popular back then. Not sure if it still is but yea.

  20. Yen Le

    Yen LeDag geleden

    Wow i wanna do that!😃

  21. Gigi’s Galaxy

    Gigi’s GalaxyDag geleden

    Wow amazing

  22. R Chambers

    R ChambersDag geleden

    How much do u earn doing this $#@t?

  23. Winter Snow

    Winter SnowDag geleden

    I love oobleck!!!!!

  24. nada aqui

    nada aquiDag geleden

    i want a bed made of this

  25. Nimra Aslam

    Nimra AslamDag geleden


  26. Carla Flaute

    Carla FlauteDag geleden


  27. ratchy ratchy

    ratchy ratchyDag geleden

    Salmon eggs

  28. Cegato

    CegatoDag geleden

    Se llama líquido no newtoniano

  29. Mariah Ysabelle Mendoza

    Mariah Ysabelle MendozaDag geleden

    I made that using flour and soap

  30. Demon Slayer

    Demon SlayerDag geleden

    Milk and water

  31. XXXSusPiciOus

    XXXSusPiciOus2 dagen geleden

    Yay, you know the name of it

  32. Youmnaahmed

    Youmnaahmed2 dagen geleden

    Then my mom asked: WHAT ARE YOU DOING

  33. Duane S

    Duane S2 dagen geleden


  34. eleen Zalatimo

    eleen Zalatimo2 dagen geleden


  35. Izabel Moodley

    Izabel Moodley2 dagen geleden


  36. Brandon Carter

    Brandon Carter2 dagen geleden

    Dude that was pretty funny and cool

  37. Brandon Carter

    Brandon Carter2 dagen geleden

    Dude where do yall live?? Wish i lived in the country like yall man i hate the city

  38. Maple Gacha

    Maple Gacha2 dagen geleden

    Same phenomenon with custard

  39. Alyssa Rizvi

    Alyssa Rizvi2 dagen geleden

    This gives me very Collins key vibes....from 2017.....

  40. Eli H

    Eli H2 dagen geleden

    “Liquid solid” soooooo literally every liquid in existence?

  41. global pulse

    global pulse2 dagen geleden

    Heres an idea stop uploading utter shite. Generation Z are fucking up the planet more than any generation with pollution and youtube nonsense. Seriously use your high profile power to make a real difference.

  42. wintersnow

    wintersnow2 dagen geleden

    Fill it with slime pls 😢

  43. Bobbiejo Evans

    Bobbiejo Evans2 dagen geleden


  44. Ronalyn Esquin

    Ronalyn Esquin2 dagen geleden

    May mom buy that

  45. Ronalyn Esquin

    Ronalyn Esquin2 dagen geleden

    I got that

  46. BaNaNa GuY

    BaNaNa GuY2 dagen geleden

    bullet proof???

  47. Janiyah Long

    Janiyah Long2 dagen geleden

    Cool cool

  48. david adams

    david adams2 dagen geleden

    Do a slime pool

  49. Addison Sheffield

    Addison Sheffield3 dagen geleden

    You look like a orange


    FANNYLEROUX3 dagen geleden

    "comment any ideas" Stop making videos.

  51. Nikita Dzougoutov

    Nikita Dzougoutov3 dagen geleden

    this is almost same as collins key ;-;

  52. nadia borel

    nadia borel3 dagen geleden


  53. GioGio

    GioGio3 dagen geleden

    Just don’t dunk ur head in it

  54. ImGrant

    ImGrant3 dagen geleden

    If u color it blue like almost like water it look like ur running/walking on water

  55. Lily Moody

    Lily Moody3 dagen geleden

    That unironically looks fun

  56. Kate Blumberga

    Kate Blumberga3 dagen geleden

    Copying @collinskey?

  57. Carlos Cervantes

    Carlos Cervantes3 dagen geleden

    That's cool

  58. Pretty Janea

    Pretty Janea3 dagen geleden


  59. 4k Daemon

    4k Daemon3 dagen geleden

    havent heard if oobleck in a while

  60. craig short

    craig short3 dagen geleden

    Are you dum

  61. Lana Abdulsamad

    Lana Abdulsamad3 dagen geleden

    I did that to

  62. Matthew Albassit

    Matthew Albassit3 dagen geleden

    Make it look like you are running on water

  63. Penelope Able

    Penelope Able3 dagen geleden

    You should make a giant fishbowl in fill it up with real fish maybe you get in it

  64. Whitney Foster

    Whitney Foster3 dagen geleden

    literally everything he did, collins key did a few years ago😂

  65. Tami Romero

    Tami Romero3 dagen geleden

    5th graders dream

  66. TicTok. .complications.

    TicTok. .complications.3 dagen geleden

    We made oobleck in school today

  67. Amira Mccauley

    Amira Mccauley4 dagen geleden

    good idea boy

  68. ultimate gaming

    ultimate gaming4 dagen geleden

    I love that stuf

  69. front flip master

    front flip master4 dagen geleden

    Fill a pool with pancake mix and swim in it has to be at least 4 ft deep

  70. Banned Conservative

    Banned Conservative4 dagen geleden

    Why do you do this mate is it for clout or you making money

  71. Nod Bee

    Nod Bee4 dagen geleden

    Y'all be just doing anything what is the point of this

  72. Mary Higgens

    Mary Higgens4 dagen geleden

    Hi! I just wanted to remind you that Jesus Christ loves you. Please love him with all your heart ❤️ (I’m not trying to force my religion into anyone just trying to spread positivity)Have a nice day/night everyone

  73. Theresa Garganera

    Theresa Garganera4 dagen geleden

    Can you try swiming in maybee slime

  74. `Cyra ́

    `Cyra ́4 dagen geleden

    Collins key did this

  75. Bojack Horseman

    Bojack Horseman4 dagen geleden

    Question: what happens to all the wastes after satiating desperate need for internet content!?

  76. Everlxxing

    Everlxxing4 dagen geleden

    Why need a green screen when you can green screen some oobleck?

  77. Amber Castilla

    Amber Castilla4 dagen geleden


  78. zenitsu agatsuma

    zenitsu agatsuma4 dagen geleden

    This is the type of guy to not get type of guy comments

  79. Muhammad Zaid

    Muhammad Zaid5 dagen geleden

    "and then i commented on your video"

  80. Desire Cardona

    Desire Cardona5 dagen geleden

    That’s cool

  81. Juan F Mejia

    Juan F Mejia5 dagen geleden

    That is cool no way

  82. the33_bacon_king

    the33_bacon_king5 dagen geleden

    I wanna see how bullet proof it is

  83. Kay LEWIS

    Kay LEWIS5 dagen geleden

    Do gold fish

  84. roger jay Schroeder

    roger jay Schroeder5 dagen geleden

    I made oobleck yesterday

  85. Mia DeBusk

    Mia DeBusk5 dagen geleden


  86. What’s the tea Sis

    What’s the tea Sis5 dagen geleden

    I made this at school in like 5th grade I think lol

  87. Random leaʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Random leaʕ•ᴥ•ʔ5 dagen geleden

    Wow wow wow wowwww

  88. Mono 7

    Mono 75 dagen geleden


  89. 🅵🆄🅽🅴🅷

    🅵🆄🅽🅴🅷5 dagen geleden

    You can make that with cornstarch and a lil bit of water.

  90. Tamiah Casimir

    Tamiah Casimir5 dagen geleden

    Next time do an tub

  91. Marissa Hayes

    Marissa Hayes5 dagen geleden

    file it with slim.

  92. Ela Naz Meral

    Ela Naz Meral5 dagen geleden

    With salt and paint

  93. Delonix Regia

    Delonix Regia5 dagen geleden

    Oobleck armor

  94. Richard Kiaaina

    Richard Kiaaina5 dagen geleden

    Do magic I don't know what

  95. B B

    B B6 dagen geleden

    This is what happens when you grow up in a dry county

  96. Leroy Bahney

    Leroy Bahney6 dagen geleden

    That's so cool I wish I could do that but I can't I don't know what to do so that's so cool bye

  97. Montano Gracious

    Montano Gracious6 dagen geleden


  98. Bentley Davidson

    Bentley Davidson6 dagen geleden

    No your not

  99. Jayden Crawford

    Jayden Crawford6 dagen geleden

    Where did you get the materials?