Teaching a Robot Dog to Pee Beer

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come get yall juice
lilypichu came with me all the way to Boston to record a 10 second meme, thanks lily
Thanks Poki and Toast for helping w/ the dog
Funky Galileo - open.spotify.com/track/0TAHhMjG17P5pzlSm1sgSl?si=621fb254df494e50
Flamingosis - Sunset Park


  1. Michael Reeves

    Michael ReevesMaand geleden

    Godlike Merch: pissbaby.art/

  2. Roblox strimer

    Roblox strimerDag geleden

    what coding app u use i wanna lern to code too

  3. Miner Xen

    Miner XenDag geleden

    Make it secure first

  4. Stoopy

    StoopyDag geleden

    Hey Michael wanna hear something really stupid you should make a treadmill that moves in any direction

  5. Little Assassin Boy

    Little Assassin BoyDag geleden

    Build a rumba with a taser or taser gun and make it remont controlled with a camera

  6. jared banana

    jared banana2 dagen geleden

    p I s s b a b y

  7. Ian

    Ian15 minuten geleden

    Him ripstiking around the pissbot 9000 was too great

  8. Brappp Tuber

    Brappp Tuber29 minuten geleden

    I know you do not like people asking you to build things but could you make a Jarvis voice command AI from iron man that does stuff like turn on your car engine and stuff like that.

  9. Pis_feffy 123

    Pis_feffy 12340 minuten geleden

    You should do a robot that slabs you

  10. børge børgsen

    børge børgsenUur geleden

    Song is dope

  11. Doodlebob Shorts

    Doodlebob Shorts2 uur geleden

    make a robot out of pistons that makes your legs extend

  12. Aidan Graber

    Aidan Graber2 uur geleden

    Make a robot that looks like a target, like one of those dart targets that you throw darts at, but make it so that once it detects that the dart hits it, it pushes the dart off the the target didn’t like that. Basically, a target that’s had enough of everyone’s SH

  13. Bloogunner

    Bloogunner2 uur geleden

    Hey Michael I'm just curious but have you ever thought about teaching your viewers more about working with electronics like arduinos?

  14. [MC] Scratch

    [MC] Scratch2 uur geleden

    I have a question. What programming language do you use

  15. Sell Out

    Sell Out4 uur geleden

    Build a robot that cooks chicken nuggets through steam

  16. Andrew K

    Andrew K4 uur geleden

    you should now build a robot that poops on the carpet

  17. Conner Shyrock

    Conner Shyrock5 uur geleden

    Build a screaming nuclear bomb

  18. Hammarkids

    Hammarkids5 uur geleden

    Ok bad video idea just to piss mykull off: a robot that tazes/yells at you every time you slouch to improve posture.

  19. MysticalGames

    MysticalGames5 uur geleden

    Can u please upload already lol no offence but we waited 6 months until you uploaded and the video was about a robot dog that pisses beer💀😑😐

  20. Demi Sama

    Demi Sama5 uur geleden

    U should have it fight wild animals like a metal type Pokémon

  21. MicroMan264

    MicroMan2645 uur geleden

    Michael Reeves I Have A Request, Can You Make A Robot That Gives You The Middle Finger And Says F**k You Every Time You Say Something Nice To It. If You Can Make This In A Video For Me I Will Be Greatly Amused.

  22. Big Homo

    Big Homo6 uur geleden

    I like how he made it to act like a real dog

  23. Johann Baran

    Johann Baran6 uur geleden

    Now since you're Short Make a robot That makes You Taller

  24. p4nc4k3

    p4nc4k36 uur geleden

    *gets a flat tire * "btw I'm sponsored by honey"

  25. Crappy J

    Crappy J6 uur geleden

    Make a taser that screams when it tases someone but it also tases someone everytime it hears a scream


    LISCUMRANCH7 uur geleden

    Make a robot that shoots you when you follow thorough with a bad idea.

  27. Jake Kennell

    Jake Kennell8 uur geleden

    build the robot that detects "bruh" moments

  28. Shadow Evans

    Shadow Evans8 uur geleden

    dude when he came to Ohio he should have had a meet and great

  29. Mohamed Hannaoui

    Mohamed Hannaoui10 uur geleden

    This is the only man who makes ad reads funny

  30. DaBlincx

    DaBlincx12 uur geleden

    Make a robot, that lets a siren go, whenever someone flushes the toilet and dont tell anyone xD

  31. johnny horowitz

    johnny horowitz12 uur geleden

    such a cute slapface

  32. Kage Green

    Kage Green13 uur geleden

    you should make a robot that say "your ideas are bad"

  33. Magix

    Magix13 uur geleden

    The wait is worth it

  34. Jayden Ho

    Jayden Ho14 uur geleden

    The funniest part 11:33

  35. Ben Paul

    Ben Paul14 uur geleden

    What the fuck this is so fuckin sick

  36. Aaron Duty

    Aaron Duty14 uur geleden

    Could you build a drone to spray beer at people’s butts and set it loose at Virginia Tech?

  37. James Williston

    James Williston14 uur geleden

    Only real problem is that you were handling the machine while it was in motion, there were tons of opportunities to slip up and lose a finger or break something else if you also slipped.

  38. step_ bro007

    step_ bro00714 uur geleden

    I want one

  39. space phoenix

    space phoenix14 uur geleden

    can u make a physcopathitc robot that enters ur room in 3am and says (it is feeding time ), then it starts throwing tomatoes at u, then goes to ur roomate and throws their least favorite vegie or fruit at them too,(but not allergies fruit )

  40. space phoenix

    space phoenix14 uur geleden

    incase if that's way too brutal (or craszy) to do what about a tazer nerf dart

  41. Prathmesh Soni

    Prathmesh Soni15 uur geleden

    Robot dog swears when hits anything

  42. polycjant

    polycjant16 uur geleden

    I'm waiting for a 'taser robo-dog'

  43. AngryShark

    AngryShark16 uur geleden

    Wtf Michael you just made it into an actual fucking dog.

  44. Shamare Silver

    Shamare Silver16 uur geleden

    I need to see a trigger me elmo version for this robodog and just let it walk around the house and scream *a bit* racial slurs at everyone

  45. pickleboi

    pickleboi17 uur geleden

    make a robot that pours hot soup on your lap of you dont eat it fast enough

  46. Maeric Bell

    Maeric Bell18 uur geleden

    He calls himself a dipshit but he’s very smart

  47. Raven Sixsixsix

    Raven Sixsixsix19 uur geleden

    You look like Craig Roberts

  48. Rem The Dreamer

    Rem The Dreamer19 uur geleden

    Now teach the robot dog to shit chocolate pudding

  49. Nick and Matt Dickson

    Nick and Matt Dickson19 uur geleden


  50. Elia Pombi

    Elia Pombi20 uur geleden

    couldy with a chance of meantballs: origins

  51. - TheKingOfMeep -

    - TheKingOfMeep -20 uur geleden

    I think the dislikes are from Boston Dynamics. Why wouldn't someone like this video?

  52. CC_Caleb14 Gaming

    CC_Caleb14 Gaming21 uur geleden

    what i know is that making a Human Robot or an Animal Robot walk like the actuall living thing it is, is nearly impossible to make but not impossible, we’re just not advanced enough yet

  53. Chunkymilk

    Chunkymilk23 uur geleden

    Michael needs to turbocharge a bicycle

  54. andrew2586

    andrew2586Dag geleden

    you should make a book that attacks whoever opens it

  55. bears are bros.

    bears are bros.Dag geleden


  56. Cyber Pizza

    Cyber PizzaDag geleden

    make a wrist tazer where you have to solve a rubix cube in under 1 minute or youll get tazed

  57. Caden Can't play video games

    Caden Can't play video gamesDag geleden

    he returns after 20 years...

  58. animecheeze

    animecheezeDag geleden

    so that's what he's been doing for 8 months.. Well worth the wait xD

  59. Joseph Joestar

    Joseph JoestarDag geleden

    I hate how good the pissbot ad thing is

  60. Roman Muzzarelli

    Roman MuzzarelliDag geleden

    11:41 lmaoo

  61. Zion Centeno

    Zion CentenoDag geleden

    Why don't you make a gun that shoots electric bullets

  62. Carson Englert

    Carson EnglertDag geleden

    Make a robot where you flip a switch, just for a hand to come out and flip it again

  63. **********

    **********Dag geleden

    I would literally sell my left kidney and spleen to work with you on literally any project.

  64. Eleanor English

    Eleanor EnglishDag geleden

    Bostan dynamics Company: i- is that..our robotic dog? WAIT IS IT PISSING?!??!?!!

  65. Elliot Wibbenmeyer

    Elliot WibbenmeyerDag geleden

    Make a racist sink that only works for white people

  66. Marietta Donatella

    Marietta DonatellaDag geleden

    How do we know he didn't just travel to Boston Dynamics and kidnap Spot?

  67. Shaden Alkhateeb

    Shaden AlkhateebDag geleden

    Can you do a robot that can dispense Coca-Cola

  68. Ronnie Marath

    Ronnie MarathDag geleden

    Lad it’s cg



    I Wonder how pointless ur inventions can get

  70. Jacob Swiger

    Jacob SwigerDag geleden

    Well we won't have to worry about the cops pulling out a taser on him

  71. Hdhdd Hdhdhdhd

    Hdhdd HdhdhdhdDag geleden

    Robodog :What is my purpose? Micheal :you piss beer robodog :oh my god! That is actually acceptable!

  72. 黄小美

    黄小美Dag geleden

    Make a walking alarm clock that yells fuck loudly during midnight

  73. Idk

    IdkDag geleden

    I love that Micheal hasn't been consumed by that PG 13 child friendly bs

  74. Markus Møller

    Markus MøllerDag geleden

    9:19 69

  75. Nome

    NomeDag geleden

    Only michael would have such brainless ideas and is smart enough to make them work

  76. Aldridge517

    Aldridge517Dag geleden

    Pissbot 9000: What is my purpose? Michael Reeves: You piss beer.

  77. HYDRA Plays

    HYDRA PlaysDag geleden

    HM po kuya??

  78. thegamingdragon

    thegamingdragonDag geleden

    yooooo when spot slips that software is fucking incredible

  79. Kurumi Tokisaki

    Kurumi TokisakiDag geleden

    Amother 8 moths of waiting boys lesss goo

  80. fruit loop toilet

    fruit loop toiletDag geleden

    make a robot that plays the banjo for you

  81. ShadowKatto

    ShadowKattoDag geleden

    Make a Furby that is only able to say cuss words, I like when you corrupt children’s toys.

  82. Nøbødy

    NøbødyDag geleden

    I know this may be outdated since there is already a vaccine and all but it would be fun to see Micheal Reee-ves make a wearable disk that's 6 feet wide that tazes people if they get too close.

  83. Harith Studios

    Harith StudiosDag geleden

    Hey if you know uncle Roger can you make a robot that makes egg fried rice

  84. b s

    b sDag geleden

    The high-pitched jellyfish intuitively pause because cushion daily last forenenst a dead charles. hissing, faithful toothpaste

  85. Conrad Davis

    Conrad DavisDag geleden

    god i love this

  86. Cosmo VG

    Cosmo VGDag geleden


  87. DJ Jaxxon

    DJ JaxxonDag geleden

    So I'm just going to wonder do you work with DedSec at all? :P


    THE_MINER _RJDag geleden

    Its elon musk sons dog

  89. Darrell

    DarrellDag geleden

    michael you gotta upload more lmao. im here since 100k lol

  90. Dimas arya pangestu

    Dimas arya pangestuDag geleden

    make a robot that can build a robot

  91. Hm Polarized

    Hm PolarizedDag geleden

    Literally got an ad for alcoholics anonymous in this video

  92. Ábel Szakály

    Ábel SzakályDag geleden

    a drone that shits on people on command, sounds like Michael Reeves video to me

  93. Hunterdude 9368

    Hunterdude 9368Dag geleden


  94. 〈Spengy3

    〈Spengy3Dag geleden

    "let start where most things do, thats right, the p e n i s" oh so its a male...?

  95. Doom Slayer

    Doom SlayerDag geleden

    Please do a rust video that includes a bot that teases you when your getting raided if your asleep or away from base or even just give the bot to welyn or something

  96. Marwan Ahmed

    Marwan AhmedDag geleden

    make a robot that prints our robot ideas and then piss on them

  97. The Gamers2017

    The Gamers2017Dag geleden

    Watch the next episode where he turns it into a taser dog

  98. chuamishael

    chuamishaelDag geleden

    This guy reminds me of Harry Potter 🤓🤫

  99. Nitroca

    NitrocaDag geleden

    I feel like the kids should have McDonald’s sprite in a cup

  100. Scroff Toffee

    Scroff ToffeeDag geleden

    Micheal's garage reminds me a lot of Tony Starks garage, but instead of building the iron man suit he built a dog that urinates beer into cups that have been placed on the floor.

  101. Ellow E

    Ellow EDag geleden


  102. Sebastian Pottle

    Sebastian PottleDag geleden


  103. david beckner

    david beckner2 dagen geleden

    Can you please upload

  104. Ameet Rahane

    Ameet Rahane2 dagen geleden

    THis was the best video I have ever seen. Ever.

  105. Raven Copon

    Raven Copon2 dagen geleden

    It would be better if the robot dog stops after filling a cup. Either he could've put a if statement where the robot stops after filling a cup and finds another cup after pushing a button or after a certain amount of time

  106. James Gean

    James Gean2 dagen geleden

    Make a robot that pikes out good comments

  107. Yelpeter

    Yelpeter2 dagen geleden

    On behalf all of ohio we apologize for existing