The National Debt: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

The national debt has long been portrayed as a burden we’re placing on future generations. John Oliver discusses how national debt works, why people are so concerned about it, and why it might be more helpful that you think.
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  1. Peter Xian

    Peter XianMinuut geleden

    Interest rates normally correlates with risks. when they are low across the developed world, this should mean we are in a much safer environment than in the 80s... cold war, remember?

  2. agentchuck2

    agentchuck29 minuten geleden

    Yeah everyone, grow up! Ballooning debt under the democrats is clearly going to be a good thing for you and the future! I mean, it was awful under the other party, but this is clearly 'good' debt.

  3. Calie-Anne Caz

    Calie-Anne Caz12 minuten geleden

    I’ll never understand how governments always give tax cuts to the richest ppl and over tax the lowest earners? Wouldn’t it be a lot smarter to tax the top 10% of earners 2% of their earnings then to tax the lowest earners 20% (just estimating pls don’t fact check just making a point)I’m sure the 2% from rich ppls pockets would likely be a lot less noticeable by the tax payer and the government would be making way more then they would taxing the lowest earners 20% and they (the lowest earners) will feel it a lot harder then the top 10% will. Can someone in economics do the math cuz I do t see how no one sees this the only reason i can think of is they (the government) don’t want to Piss off their friends 🤯🤬

  4. jello hunter7

    jello hunter719 minuten geleden

    This argument makes the point that debt is an investment in schools/infrastructure, while completely ignoring that a large part of government spending is entitlements and the military.

  5. Peter Ilisituk

    Peter Ilisituk29 minuten geleden

    It amazes me that John Oliver didn't talk about the South Seas bubble debt.

  6. Jeremy Armstrong

    Jeremy Armstrong34 minuten geleden

    Texas Instruments 84 plus is obviously the best graphing calculator

  7. Guzwar

    Guzwar41 minuut geleden

    That poor polar bear.

  8. alexiane250

    alexiane25043 minuten geleden

    "we are worried about the children's future" says the party that is AGGRESSIVELY against anything to stop / reverse climate change

  9. despairedboy

    despairedboy43 minuten geleden

    Now we know where 45 learnt how to pronounce Chyena, as always, it all comes back to Sarah Palin.

  10. Shelly Justice

    Shelly Justice48 minuten geleden

    Republicans have memory loss of Bush's useless and extremely expensive wars... the only place that FBI said was where the planned 9/11 attacks came from was Saudi Arabia.... but the Bush's love Saudi so much, they attacked other nations that had never hurt anyone... because people wanted justice immediately.... they trained soldiers to just kill kill kill... they killed fucking civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan for no fucking reason!! Why would Bush punish bin Laden??? He was his business partner!! After 9/11 , Bush immediately chartered all Bin Laden living in the USA and flew them all back to Saudi Arabia for their protection??? -- on taxpayers money to boot.

  11. NB_Knight

    NB_Knight49 minuten geleden

    "that sounds like something that's gonna take about 3 pages of your notes app" thats GOLD

  12. bitsizecrayons

    bitsizecrayonsUur geleden

    Havent watched this fuck in four years. Still same whiny little bitch he was before

  13. Nathan Carmichael

    Nathan CarmichaelUur geleden

    That suit is a beautiful shade of mediocre

  14. K3VYK3V1

    K3VYK3V1Uur geleden

    .."going into debt can actually be a good investment in the country", and how much of the u.s. national debt has been a good investment?

  15. D Topa

    D TopaUur geleden

    Finally in Canada

  16. GiarkReleos

    GiarkReleosUur geleden

    17:08 the answer is greed. . . don't forget once you got more borrower's you can always increase the interest rate. AND remember that interest is not a capitalist tool, but a Fascist one !!

  17. 2HelpfulGuys

    2HelpfulGuysUur geleden

    How do you talk about debt and not address central banks...

  18. Custo

    CustoUur geleden

    Amusing that they made fun of Elon Musk, insinuating that government subsidies of EVs is bad?

  19. Artillery116

    Artillery116Uur geleden

    Aren’t the republicans the one that went farther into debt to give rich corporations more money?

  20. James McCarte

    James McCarteUur geleden

    Funny how economists have NO idea what is going on, and yet the right STILL keeps telling us "listen to the economists"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Thirst Fast

    Thirst Fast2 uur geleden

    You know when you get so drunk when you don't think pounding a bunch more is a bad idea, but really that's going to guarantee that you're going to puke for 2 hours now, and then be sick the whole next day? America is that kind of drunk right now. Don't believe me? Think about how impaired the general intelligence is, and how ready to fight everyone is. USA making the decisions now that ensure she's gonna puke then hang over, and it ain't gonna be pretty.

  22. HoodieSticks

    HoodieSticks2 uur geleden

    I'm always impressed by LWT's ability to find child actors willing to drop F-bombs on TV.

  23. James McCarte

    James McCarte2 uur geleden

    debt = slavery. At certain times and places in history, people WERE enslaved for debt. Like in classical Greece and ancient Israel

  24. James McCarte

    James McCarte2 uur geleden

    Sarah Palin sounded like fucking Mickey Mouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. James McCarte

    James McCarte2 uur geleden

    Funny how the people who bitch about the national debt ALWAYS have more money for the military!!!!!!!!!!!!! And always find reasons to start a new fucking war!

  26. capefeather

    capefeather2 uur geleden

    Given what many of them do and where many of them get their money from, I'd argue that Republicans know exactly how debt works and are just lying to stoke racist fears.

  27. Slippy Slip

    Slippy Slip4 uur geleden

    Love it. Not an economist. Last national debt england had, ameribro bailed them out. This time, nobody remembers the 70's. All of you will learn what pain is, and crumbs, and lines, and lead.

  28. Nick R.

    Nick R.5 uur geleden

    He said yes to the Contras to allow the sale of cocaine in the US to raise money for a secret foreign war that was a complete failure.

  29. Fabricio Fercher

    Fabricio Fercher5 uur geleden


  30. Corey Fizer

    Corey Fizer5 uur geleden

    With Biden in office it will only skyrocket further. His policies are awful for the economy.

  31. Jason Anderson

    Jason Anderson5 uur geleden

    Republicans only care about debt when democrats are running it up with social programs. Democrats only care about it when the republicans run it up throwing money at the military industrial complex. You can easily find examples of right and left wing media personalities both defending and criticizing running it up. For an example just watch this. A left wing comedian/commentator defending a left wing president and senate running up the debt while having previously criticized the right for the same thing. If you really want to do anything about it, you will have to tighten up all spending and the only way to do that is stop electing people that you can assume their entire platform based on whether their last name is followed by R or D.

  32. William Johnson

    William Johnson6 uur geleden

    Honestly so many people don't know that you need to spend to gain, and I'm like... Have you not played a Clicker Game like cookie clicker or Adventure Capitalist? in those games you have to spend to earn.

  33. Affaan

    Affaan7 uur geleden

    I needed Dave Ramsey here!

  34. Donald Kronos

    Donald Kronos8 uur geleden

    Anybody who hasn't watched this video to the end really needs to watch the whole thing all the way through or at least pick up where they left off. That bit at the end is priceless, and it's even better in context.

  35. T Lindsay

    T Lindsay8 uur geleden

    The amount of respect I have lost for your work after finding out you’re associated with the next for autism event is astronomical. If you can’t do the one google search it takes to listen to autistic voices on this matter, then I dont trust you to properly research your stories. Nothing about us, without us!

  36. coda creator

    coda creator8 uur geleden

    Bank bailouts that create a deficit: Perfectly acceptable. Mortgage bailouts direct to homeowners that would have kept millions of families in their homes and mitigated some of the ridiculous hike in housing costs that resulted from the bank bailouts: Socialism It's a system that preys upon the working class for the benefit of the wealthy. We can run this level of debt because investors are confident in our ability to pay it back. Ironically, as incomes continue to shrink, jobs get automated out of existence and fewer and fewer people doing the work of more and more displaced workers, our tax revenues are shrinking, too. The transfer of wealth upward that has created some 660+ billionaires in America, must be reversed or our economy which depends for its existence on a consumer class with disposable income will implode. Warren Buffett knows this, we do most of the savvy investors. But we've let too many idiots into to the wealthy club (don't believe me? Listen to them speak) and the ridiculously destructive #mefirst mentality has taken over. They've gone on to convince their followers that the reason they're struggling is not because they're being cornholed by their rich and corporate handlers, but because the government is conspiring against them to take what they have and give it to poor, undeserving people who don't work -- which is absolutely bullshit. Good on ya', Trumpist/conspiracy/narcissists. YOU are the problem.

  37. danail iliev

    danail iliev8 uur geleden

    Why do i know what his opinoin is on everything

  38. coda creator

    coda creator8 uur geleden

    The reason we have the level of debt we do is that the country needs to spend money to maintain itself and for 40 years, we've been letting the rich and corporations pay far less than their share. Some of that falls on the middle class (pushing people into the false belief that its government spending that is eating their paychecks) and the majority gets calculated as debt because we've had to borrow what the rich and corporations haven't paid. We keep buying into the myth that if we don't keep subsidizing the rich and corporations, they'll stop investing in jobs and growth -- except it's not true on a couple of levels: 1) rich people don't create jobs, and 2) their relocation elsewhere to avoid paying taxes could easily be rectified. It's all about the will and ability to address inequality in America.

  39. coda creator

    coda creator9 uur geleden

    The greatest public expenditures in US history occured under FDR and built the nation that everyone so fondly remembers as Great. The irony of MAGA is that the level of ignorance as to this simple fact is astounding. The GOP uses Abraham Lincoln as the face of the party (which carries its own problems) that united America while completely glossing over the fact that Franklin Delano Roosevelt presided over the most aggressive public investment programs ever which represented the largest transfer of wealth in our history and resulted in our most successful, productive, and prosperous growth in history.

  40. Apologetic Antichrist

    Apologetic Antichrist2 uur geleden

    The irony is that government debt is corporate investment by another means. However, this way they are ostensibly guaranteed a return on investment. Increasing the debt is much like the government issuing shares of itself to whoever has the money to buy them, whether that be banks, pensions, hedge funds, or foreign investors. It’d be a challenge untangle it to see who, exactly, holds the most cards, but it isn’t going to be the government or all of the people it represents. Bear in mind that Wall St has held other countries hostage in this way. We’re better positioned than those countries, but I don’t see any guarantees.

  41. Apologetic Antichrist

    Apologetic Antichrist2 uur geleden

    Those expenditures were largely not “investment”. Those were just the costs of doing war. (Granted, military spending has a side effect of building industry, so your theory is not wholly off.) The New Deal represented far less public investment than we do now. I’d agree with you on some other points, but this little piece of propaganda seems like it might inform some poor judgments.

  42. Tgs T.Schuebel Tgs

    Tgs T.Schuebel Tgs9 uur geleden


  43. coda creator

    coda creator9 uur geleden

    A huge factor in debt, spending, and economic health is consumer confidence which can also be expressed as trust in our government and country. The irony is that the more the rich screw the poor, the more unstable and unpredictable the future outcome.

  44. Orange Juice

    Orange Juice9 uur geleden

    So the question becomes: what is America's credit score?

  45. coda creator

    coda creator9 uur geleden

    John Stossel flipped his ideology and went totally off the deep end. He's become a Conservative mouthpiece and fear monger. Sort of pulling his own Geraldo.

  46. coda creator

    coda creator9 uur geleden

    Ted Cruz: Rein in spending. For everyone else. Slip off to Mexico when the SHTF.

  47. coda creator

    coda creator9 uur geleden

    It all comes down to where the money goes. If it's intended to enrich the top, it's fine. If it's intended to build and lift the bottom, it's potentially destructive.

  48. coda creator

    coda creator9 uur geleden

    Terror tactics based on business principles applied to government for the express purpose of eliminating public spending like education that increases the earning power of the population in favor of "investment" like the military industrial complex, bank and Wall Street bailouts which does diddly shit for the people.

  49. Lucas Gardezani Abduch

    Lucas Gardezani Abduch9 uur geleden

    Have you heard of bitcoin? You may be interested on studying its history and also reading "debt: the first 5000 years"

  50. Cassie

    Cassie9 uur geleden

    What's your favorite kind of graphic calculator ?! Haha.

  51. AomiNe

    AomiNe9 uur geleden

    what the hell even is money?! it doesn't have a source, people just made it up by attributing value to certain items but we don't even do that anymore

  52. G Kul

    G Kul10 uur geleden

    The riots did happen, pushed with the presence of covid.

  53. G Kul

    G Kul10 uur geleden

    Jep, as stated the debt debate is used to create an unequal social equalibrium.

  54. A fat burn victim • 14 years ago

    A fat burn victim • 14 years ago10 uur geleden

    And was it about this?

  55. SpruceBruce8

    SpruceBruce811 uur geleden

    *Dave Ramsey enters the chat* "What is your household income?"

  56. Saurabh gupta

    Saurabh gupta11 uur geleden

    Oh the Ted Cruz poem. LOL. He is the worst

  57. benjamin rossignol

    benjamin rossignol12 uur geleden

    However, i'm pretty sure if 30% of debt is not refunded, those foreign countries might stop lending more money. Leading to more money printing and a dollar that wouldn't be worth much... Yeah, let's print more. What could go wrong, huh ? Let's bury our heads in the sand, since we can't do anything about it, and nobody knows how it works anyway...

  58. Apologetic Antichrist

    Apologetic AntichristUur geleden

    Yes. We should tax it instead. Or we could get a good 1-2 trillion back into the productive economy if we just banned inheritance (no need to tax it), trust funds, large gifts, and things like that. We could simply sell the deceased assets, stick the proceeds in an electronic account, and delete the account. Instant deflation of the money supply, supplemented by reprinting it. Oh, but we didn’t take it from you. We just exercised the governments’ Constitutional authority to manage the money supply, whilst prohibiting dynasties and prioritizing societally essential avenues.

  59. Peter Ellis

    Peter Ellis12 uur geleden

    “The face of a man who has a favorite graphing calculator...” I feel a little attacked! :p

  60. blissweb

    blissweb12 uur geleden

    Oh John, I love the show, but on this one, I'm not totally onboard ... First - "Clock" a measuring device resembling a clock for recording things other than time, such as a speedometer, taximeter, or odometer. ....or DEBT. Second - The greek debt hit 126% of GDP sustained. The US debt hit like 102% non-sustained. US predicted ? 130% by 2025. Third - For every decent CEO like Musk at Tesla, borrowing wisely, there is another like the idiot at Uber who could collapse his House of Cards company at any second. Fourth - Interest rates go up as well as down. We all have that friend with the variable rate mortgage on his mansion. So, I would say ... Feel free to worry about it. Greece can, and probably will happen otherwise. And there's a lot more guns in the USA.

  61. the physics guy

    the physics guy13 uur geleden

    21:20 what the HELL did you just make me watch keep your demon children from the future away from republican national debt commercials and out of my Christian Minecraft server

  62. Jackie371

    Jackie37114 uur geleden

    13:05 & that's a poem, Durst!

  63. Kenji Sakamoto

    Kenji Sakamoto14 uur geleden

    That outro though, they put in work.

  64. Mista Z

    Mista Z18 uur geleden

    Under clinton, the budget was balanced and there was a surplus for an unprecedented 4 consecutive years in a row. The deficit and balanced budget were big issues in the 1992 and 1996 elections. Clinton raised taxes on corporations and the wealthy, which helped pave the way for the eventual surpluses. These surpluses were in part used to pay off social security and medicare

  65. Azel Beckner

    Azel Beckner19 uur geleden

    A way to cut the national debt . Have equal amount added for each amount spent.

  66. Michael Hale

    Michael Hale19 uur geleden

    Stop spending on anything besides national defense and restrict defense spending to a balanced budget. Everything else moves to the private sector. Problem solved.

  67. Jeff Neufeld

    Jeff Neufeld20 uur geleden

    Brilliant as usual 👍

  68. juan cuello espinosa

    juan cuello espinosa21 uur geleden

    ooh, a lefty talking about debt. not to say republicans are any better at it when they're in control either

  69. Keyser Soze

    Keyser Soze21 uur geleden

    John we need less government! All politicians are crooks!

  70. Caroline Hart

    Caroline Hart21 uur geleden

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  71. Jeffrey Rolek

    Jeffrey Rolek21 uur geleden

    This John Oliver video is a huge hit on the Daily Stormer.

  72. Garett Saltvick

    Garett Saltvick22 uur geleden

    The reason big Corporation get more money in tax cut is because they spend more on taxes

  73. BeeKindRewind

    BeeKindRewind22 uur geleden

    Honestly, we should not be borrowing too much... unless it's for health or to recover from this. The future is uncertain. WHY take more risks after this pandemic? Recover first please. Then we can have this conversation.

  74. Geraldo Luiz

    Geraldo LuizDag geleden

    The fact is that at the en of the day The USA is NOT creating debt to built a better future. The USA is using debt to finance short term consumption.

  75. Michael Gainer

    Michael GainerDag geleden

    typical immature discussion, even ended with children saying "grow the fuck up". I think they were talking to Oliver. No discussion of the US currency being the reserve currency of the world, making our currency in much greater demand than any other to include the Euro. This comedy bit failed to even scratch the surface of the debate on debt.

  76. Polymath Level8

    Polymath Level8Dag geleden

    I can predict with listening that Oliver will dismiss the debt a s a non issue. He's an agent of corporate media, and they collect interest on the debt. So both parties increase it using various excuses.

  77. Nathanael De Rosario

    Nathanael De RosarioDag geleden

    Please do a show on this disgrace that is the European Super League...

  78. Geraldo Luiz

    Geraldo LuizDag geleden

    Well, it is true but not the whole truth. There's another reason why US debt hasn't cause the same problem as in Greece: US dollar as an internacional currency. That means when US "prints" Money some of these don't stay in US and do not create inflation. He did not mention it! It would be very diferent if the US dollar wasn't an internacional trade currency like many others around the world are not. Including the chinese Money, for instance. China can not afford to run the same amount (in terms of GDP) of debt as US deu the fact that it would translate into inflation faster than in US case. And as most things there is a good and a bad side in both cases. The good side for China is it forces them to be more carefull about their nacional deficits and debt and the bad side for US is the opposite considering that a large portion of US dollars do not stay inside US it gives american monetary policy makers much more room to create debt without having to face the consequences of it like the people in Greece. But how much room? For how long they will be able to do that? That's the million dollar question....

  79. sun flower

    sun flowerDag geleden

    Politicians always lie about everything. They play dirty politics on people. Never trust them.

  80. Mark Vasiloff

    Mark VasiloffDag geleden

    Yawn 🥱.

  81. Mister G

    Mister GDag geleden

    So...... NOBODY is going to talk about pillow number 1 and pillow number wife? Just me? Ok.

  82. Rose Madder

    Rose MadderDag geleden

    We already screwed our great grandkids with the climate anyway..

  83. james small

    james smallDag geleden

    Re ii

  84. Scott Shaw

    Scott ShawDag geleden

    The Duke actually does appear in all of the novels..... And its only in his character to not knock up someone, if anything he self-destructively finishes what he started, otherwise why would he almost get killed in a duel?

  85. Pythonidae Praeceptor

    Pythonidae PraeceptorDag geleden

    Liberals actually are capable of talking about the national debt during their presidencies... Let's just hope that they actually do something about it, instead of just talk XD

  86. IMCR

    IMCRDag geleden

    Look at Sweden 1992... borrowing your way out of a crisis doesn't work, neither ignoring that it's coming you god damn simple Americans

  87. Bill Bolser

    Bill BolserDag geleden

    Come on people pull you head out. National Debt is a myth, Our Debt is a fictional concept. If it was real gas would be about two thousand five hundred dollars. So fuck the debt.

  88. Charles Amaral

    Charles AmaralDag geleden

    Trump added 7.5 Trillion to that Debt in 4 Yr.'s and the GOP helped in every way.

  89. John Mithen

    John MithenDag geleden

    This guy is a liberal mouth piece!

  90. Seth Britton

    Seth BrittonDag geleden

    That's really bot a rebuttal- is he lying or misrepresenting something? Does your chosen school of thought have any proof of its correctness on this topic?

  91. RobinsonMedia

    RobinsonMediaDag geleden

    Is this dude serious?

  92. Luke Thibodaux

    Luke ThibodauxDag geleden

    I have been pointing out the double standard of the Republican party for years, only a fool would think this is anything but a political game that they are playing, which as a fiscal conservative troubles me deeply. I know that there is a lively debate to be had about when debt should be used but I am one of those people who considers it a last resort, bought my car in cash and my last two houses in cash all on a $2,200/mo income, so I really believe in saving for what you need and not charging it on a card and I REALLY wish that either party could be as responsible as a well managed household. So Biden's "infrastructure" plan which is only 6% for roads and bridges seems like a looser to me, the other 94% seems like pork barrel projects and pandering and those of us in small town America will get nothing but higher taxes and the resulting inflation. I am all for cutting out the tax loopholes for mega corporations (aka "the job creators" according to the Republican LOL) and the 6% going to repairing actual hard infrastructure but the rest of that is just wasteful junk IMHO.

  93. Harry Banks

    Harry BanksDag geleden

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  98. Harry Banks

    Harry BanksDag geleden

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  99. soinu foig

    soinu foigDag geleden

    What's your favorite kind of graphic calculator ?! Haha.

  100. MegaDove

    MegaDove36 minuten geleden

    Population has built in sinking vibes.

  101. Mikoto Misaka

    Mikoto MisakaDag geleden

    You know this is a rare John Oliver episode. Instead of pointing out something miserable, he literally pointed at the National Debt and said "Guess what, it's not as bad as you think! In fact it's way better and growing the economy!"

  102. Michael Patton

    Michael Patton18 uur geleden


  103. Alpha Bravo

    Alpha BravoDag geleden

    Liberal propaganda from a liberal, aimed at liberals. Nothing he said is true. His belief system is based on emotions that have their genesis in desire to shed the reality of the situation.

  104. Seth Britton

    Seth BrittonDag geleden

    Kay. Point out a mistatement or a lie. If it's so easy to dismiss, it should be triply easy to dismantle it. Pull the thread, point out the lie. Does the Debt Clock actually count as a clock? How much our debt does China own? Etc. Etc.

  105. Scott Chelmford

    Scott ChelmfordDag geleden

    our currency is essentially worthless as it is tied to nothing of value and its supply is controlled by private interests.

  106. Otis Spunkmeyer

    Otis SpunkmeyerDag geleden

    This is ruling class propaganda. And people think it’s funny. Amazing.

  107. sala320

    sala320Dag geleden

    Dumb puppet

  108. Gustavo B.

    Gustavo B.Dag geleden

    I've generally approached this show with superficial knowledge of the subject at hand... pretty much all the time, and I have taken a comedians opinion, John Oliver, pretty much at face value. On this matter, on the other hand, things get tricky VERY quickly. The US has the planets TRUST it will honor its debt, and that WHY it can offer BONDS at such low rates. The dollar is the facto currency in international trade, another great advantage. If China pulls of this One Belt initiative and pushes the dollar outside as the international reserve currency and the Great US of A has, at the same time, an economic crisis, then interest will increase... and with that, every single American is, then, FUCKED. Too many IFFs in what I said... but for sure it is not all rosy BS like John Oliver is portraying...

  109. Nico Martín

    Nico MartínDag geleden

    +"Please uncle Sam, stop digging", -"BUT I SMELL OIL!"

  110. Thomas CS

    Thomas CS35 minuten geleden

  111. Jack Gaines

    Jack GainesDag geleden

    John, you and you’re team have constructed better arguments on other issues. This one came out to moral equivalency verses discussing the percentage of national debt compared to the GDP and how it narrows the dollar value and puts the nation’s economic system at risk if the interest rate climbed over 5 percent. The reason the interest payment went down is that the debt was refinanced during the last administration. It makes the debt load easier to manage, but if interest rates increase, it would collapses the financial markets. It’s a slippery slope.

  112. pacojoe1

    pacojoe1Dag geleden

    If you don't accept Modern Monetary Theory, grow the f*ck up!

  113. abeezer kachwala

    abeezer kachwalaDag geleden

    Hi john, please do an episode on India's horrific covid situation. Our politicians are still doing huge rallies, and we are facing massive shortages of beds, oxygen, medicines available. Govt is not reporting accurate deaths accross country.. I urge u make an episode n spread awareness

  114. Mathew Thomas

    Mathew ThomasDag geleden


  115. John Rice

    John RiceDag geleden

    I wish John Oliver fans who only get thier news from him and cnn would branch out to fox News or Newsmax. Because the truth lies in between from both.