The World Cup of Takeaways (MUKBANG)

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  1. Destiny-Latesha Jones

    Destiny-Latesha Jones5 uur geleden

    personally i think you guys should’ve ordered pork cutlets bowls for the Japanese

  2. Aaron Zaki

    Aaron Zaki7 uur geleden


  3. og snips2

    og snips27 uur geleden

    'India and Japan are at war' 😆

  4. TheZProject115

    TheZProject1157 uur geleden

    tbh Japanese food ain't even a takeaway food lol

  5. Aaron Zaki

    Aaron Zaki7 uur geleden

    Ay yo its been YEARS. I'd completely missed you fam! Awesome to see you mate!

  6. Joseph Sanchez

    Joseph Sanchez22 uur geleden

    whats that outro song ugh

  7. Tj Hart

    Tj HartDag geleden

    3:53 This got me so bad 😂😂

  8. Phanthom Gamers

    Phanthom GamersDag geleden

    Ay big up India lol 😂

  9. SJ Bowron

    SJ Bowron2 dagen geleden

    Stephen: Is that the Indian? Will: You cannot call her that mate! 😂😂😂

  10. Liam Dalton

    Liam Dalton2 dagen geleden

    You should do an irl version of this

  11. agent orange

    agent orange3 dagen geleden

    Pad Ped Mamuang means just stir-fried cashews

  12. laith alfeeli

    laith alfeeli3 dagen geleden

    Love these videos. Keep em coming Chris

  13. Sam Broadbent

    Sam Broadbent3 dagen geleden

    Chinese>Indian all day

  14. Ryan

    Ryan4 dagen geleden

    Italian is not pizza

  15. Gooner69

    Gooner694 dagen geleden

    16:37 Stephen😂😂😂

  16. Thomas Searle

    Thomas Searle4 dagen geleden

    Harry is usually so grateful but as you can clearly see he wasn't happy without Chicken Ruby.

  17. BroDestruct 23

    BroDestruct 234 dagen geleden

    WillNE = Minecraft Steve

  18. Mason Daniel

    Mason Daniel5 dagen geleden

    The wealthy noodle thoracically suggest because dragonfly ultrastructually serve versus a puzzling tub. cooperative, ubiquitous diamond

  19. Shadow

    Shadow5 dagen geleden

    How has Thai gone out first round, smh

  20. starry sky

    starry sky5 dagen geleden


  21. Samuel Price

    Samuel Price6 dagen geleden

    Thai food is so much tastier and fresher than Chinese food 😂

  22. Yeltsa kcir (spell it backwards)

    Yeltsa kcir (spell it backwards)6 dagen geleden


  23. Cheeky Tev

    Cheeky Tev7 dagen geleden

    What’s Harry’s sweatshirt called anyone know?

  24. MKN RiZe

    MKN RiZe7 dagen geleden

    😂 peshwari naan is in Peshawar in Pakistan not India

  25. Meran H

    Meran H7 dagen geleden

    Oooh a doorbell... so the police are here

  26. Jian TUBE

    Jian TUBE7 dagen geleden

    Stephen people of India people of Japan you are at war me loading my shotgun the Japanese exchange dead 👍🤌

  27. TheLonelyTortoise

    TheLonelyTortoise7 dagen geleden

    chinese beats inidan 100%

  28. Kartikeya Agarwal

    Kartikeya Agarwal7 dagen geleden

    Indian have best taste in the world

  29. Reuben Singh

    Reuben Singh8 dagen geleden

    Now that is a big opening match

  30. Hero

    Hero8 dagen geleden


  31. Melvin Pereira

    Melvin Pereira8 dagen geleden

    Big up the Indian ting! Naans and tikka masalas all the way!

  32. Andrew K

    Andrew K8 dagen geleden

    Did harry fucking put mayo on his pizza

  33. Shauri Prasad

    Shauri Prasad8 dagen geleden



    YOUR DADDY8 dagen geleden

    Love from india


    YOUR DADDY8 dagen geleden

    India always 😎😎😎

  36. levaithan l

    levaithan l9 dagen geleden

    why is steven handsome now

  37. Kobi

    Kobi9 dagen geleden

    India vs Japan WC Final 18’ Harry Lewis HT: 1-0 Japan 46’ William Lenney 67’ Stephen Lawson (OG) 90+4’ Chris Dixon FT 2-2 120+2’ Stephen Lawson (assist Vikkstar123) AET India 3-2 Japan

  38. 35Xthunderblade X

    35Xthunderblade X9 dagen geleden


  39. Eryk Pulaniak

    Eryk Pulaniak10 dagen geleden

    chris ur girl is fit ngl

  40. Kacper Dobrosielski

    Kacper Dobrosielski10 dagen geleden

    Harry put mayo on pizza WTF HARRY!!!!

  41. Dhruv Bragta

    Dhruv Bragta10 dagen geleden

    I knew that Indian would win!!(I’m Indian)

  42. Tyler Augusti 10

    Tyler Augusti 1010 dagen geleden

    13:13 my all time favourite 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  43. Eva Donnelly

    Eva Donnelly10 dagen geleden

    All I could think of was Louis Tomlinson on gogglebox saying fucking avocado trendiest food of all time hate avocado

  44. Dav0tr0n MK

    Dav0tr0n MK10 dagen geleden


  45. Shani

    Shani10 dagen geleden

    Well that's Pakistani food they ate 😂 yeah it's quite similar to indian but end of the day it is Pakistani 😂

  46. Hope De souza

    Hope De souza11 dagen geleden

    Anyone else noticed how buff Stephen is looking?! And the facial hair has come in! He has gone from 16 to 30 in a year! Anyone else agree?

  47. cold noodlin

    cold noodlin11 dagen geleden

    Their pronunciation of japanese words 😂😂😂

  48. Maj1234 :

    Maj1234 :11 dagen geleden

    the amount of times i‘ve watched this video is actually crazy

  49. One Pond Fish

    One Pond Fish11 dagen geleden

    I declare WillNE an honorary Indian

  50. simone duncan

    simone duncan11 dagen geleden

    Does steven tries look so much bigger and older in this vid or is it just me

  51. Nicholas Traskey

    Nicholas Traskey11 dagen geleden

    11:32 stephens reverb moan😂😂

  52. Ig jmcky__

    Ig jmcky__12 dagen geleden

    6:30 Police arrive and smudge is trying to get out of the window because smudge doesn’t give a fuck

  53. Ig jmcky__

    Ig jmcky__12 dagen geleden

    6:29 police arrive but smudge still makes an appearance

  54. Kyle 2003

    Kyle 200312 dagen geleden

    Got an idea why don’t they get 2 Wetherspoons tables and make a good and bad team and order food and drink for each other

  55. Toby Strickland

    Toby Strickland12 dagen geleden

    will waayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tooooooooooooooooooooooooo fffffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  56. Maxbertomg 2

    Maxbertomg 212 dagen geleden

    thai is actually the best

  57. Brick Movies

    Brick Movies12 dagen geleden

    Genuinely this was such a shit video

  58. andrewgreenway

    andrewgreenway12 dagen geleden

    They lost me as soon as they put chinese vs Indian in the first round. That’s a major L

  59. Robyn Daniels

    Robyn Daniels12 dagen geleden

    Taking Indian past round one was like a crime, choosing it over italian is just ridiculous 😂

  60. Matt Ames

    Matt Ames13 dagen geleden

    Japanese respect👏

  61. gen

    gen13 dagen geleden


  62. Alex Manion

    Alex Manion13 dagen geleden

    Disappointed of the lack of gone wrong in the title

  63. Freeman Fitness

    Freeman Fitness13 dagen geleden

    Absolutely baffled that Indian takeaway has been classed as better than Chinese takeaway. Chinese is miles ahead!

  64. Rohan 02

    Rohan 0213 dagen geleden

    Indian lads💪🏻🇮🇳

  65. Vishaal Doppalapudi

    Vishaal Doppalapudi13 dagen geleden

    Did anybody see that Harry put Mayonnaise on his Pizza

  66. R / / F

    R / / F13 dagen geleden

    7:11 " Will's just really really thick" lmao Context : 2:14

  67. Samhita Sunil

    Samhita Sunil13 dagen geleden

    Any Indians here?

  68. Thegameboy69

    Thegameboy6913 dagen geleden


  69. Marvin Gracious

    Marvin Gracious13 dagen geleden

    "Thai is Chinese but a bit worst"

  70. _ FI3RC3_

    _ FI3RC3_14 dagen geleden

    Italian should have won

  71. Ali Saleh

    Ali Saleh14 dagen geleden

    1:25 “I haven’t eaten all day” me over here fasting 🧍‍♂️

  72. Sarah Dlugopolski

    Sarah Dlugopolski14 dagen geleden

    So is nobody gonna talk about the globs of mayonnaise Harry but on his pizza....?

  73. Teo Vezmar

    Teo Vezmar14 dagen geleden

    I wish they said it's a thai

  74. Sonny Irving

    Sonny Irving14 dagen geleden

    Lit 🔥!

  75. Dumb Channle

    Dumb Channle14 dagen geleden


  76. Gh0zt123

    Gh0zt12314 dagen geleden

    When did Stephen hit puberty???

  77. ZuesPK

    ZuesPK15 dagen geleden

    This was clickbait wtf

  78. Joseph Kay

    Joseph Kay15 dagen geleden

    Imo Thai is better than Chinese. Both amazing though

  79. Jesse de Groote

    Jesse de Groote15 dagen geleden

    I strongly disagree with this list....

  80. James Harper

    James Harper15 dagen geleden

    Guys, there is more to Japanese food than just sushi, you got Ramen, Gyoza, Katsu, I think Japan got fucked over here

  81. Ash Sawyer

    Ash Sawyer15 dagen geleden

    Chinese or Italian is the goat for me

  82. Sutty

    Sutty15 dagen geleden

    Cmon Chris, bevs of the world w the bois next

  83. kshitij gaming hut

    kshitij gaming hut15 dagen geleden

    I am from India and I love that you all like Indian food.

  84. Vinay Kumar

    Vinay Kumar15 dagen geleden

    18:16 That was like goal on last minute of extra time!

  85. Joseph Francis

    Joseph Francis15 dagen geleden

    I swear Stephen shaved mid video 🥲😂

  86. Nathan R

    Nathan R16 dagen geleden

    Never been prouder to be a Indian British lad

  87. Nathan R

    Nathan R16 dagen geleden

    Bro proper Indian food compared to Indian takeaways is a whole other ball game

  88. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy15 dagen geleden

    Alternatively titled: Privileged white boys spend money on stuff 🤪

  89. French Dave

    French Dave16 dagen geleden


  90. Nathan R

    Nathan R16 dagen geleden

    Just started the video, I’m backing Italien >>

  91. Heung Min Son

    Heung Min Son16 dagen geleden

    Next thing you know Chris is gonna be in a NLpushrs “ToP 5 yOuTuBeRs WhO gOt SwAtTeD!?!?”

  92. Seamus Doherty

    Seamus Doherty16 dagen geleden

    Chicken corma,pilau rice,pishwarie naan,mango lasse That explains it all

  93. 256

    25616 dagen geleden

    How tf is tikka masala British? 😭

  94. 20UJMC006 Digvijay Singh

    20UJMC006 Digvijay Singh16 dagen geleden

    I am an Indian and I was soo happy u to see u guys enjoying indian food #yeppee

  95. Cassie

    Cassie16 dagen geleden

    More fun when Harry’s drinking

  96. Brandee Cline

    Brandee Cline17 dagen geleden

    Did this mans put Mayo on his pizza???

  97. cool guy

    cool guy17 dagen geleden

    Willne is so unfunny why would you type that in? It's not even funny

  98. Esther

    Esther17 dagen geleden

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  99. Hayyaan Anwar

    Hayyaan Anwar17 dagen geleden

    16:32 Hmm, chris if you ever are coming to Peshawar please let me know before hand, might want to tell the people from the tandoor to keep an eye out for a naan shagger

  100. Hayyaan Anwar

    Hayyaan Anwar17 dagen geleden

    So were not gonna acknowledge how stephen said that mia was enjoying michaels mixed meat😂😂

  101. Ibraheem Hussain

    Ibraheem Hussain15 dagen geleden

    @Joanna Indian food > Japanese food

  102. Joanna

    Joanna17 dagen geleden

    Harry clearly hasn’t had much Japanese food if thinks Indian has more to offer

  103. S.E. 18

    S.E. 1817 dagen geleden

    It's one thing to put pineapple on pizza. But it's ANOTHER THING ENTIRELY to even suggest putting pineapple on pizza in a video in which you want to represent Italian pizza

  104. Joanna

    Joanna17 dagen geleden


  105. Mr.inconspicuous

    Mr.inconspicuous17 dagen geleden

    Alternatively titled: Privileged white boys spend money on stuff 🤪