THIS IS SO ROMANTIC | Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love | Allie Sherlock & Cuan D. cover

Hey everyone, this is "Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love" with my friend Cuan Durkin.
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  1. WarmTea

    WarmTeaMaand geleden

    The chemistry is exploding with this adorable pair.. Beautiful!!

  2. John Ridgway

    John RidgwayUur geleden


  3. John Ridgway

    John RidgwayUur geleden


  4. Django Jansen

    Django JansenDag geleden

    @Julia i understand he like her lol

  5. morii_98

    morii_984 dagen geleden

    Which pair though?

  6. Defence Warfare

    Defence Warfare5 dagen geleden

    It's more likely lust and not love

  7. bogipepper

    bogipepper4 minuten geleden

    Can she dance?

  8. bogipepper

    bogipepper6 minuten geleden

    You never know what you will find, just wow and Thanks.

  9. Chris Wicht

    Chris WichtUur geleden

    I can't help falling in love with Allie...........

  10. floyd udtohan

    floyd udtohan3 uur geleden

    I love wife and my daugther so much.. Please corona stay away in my family

  11. willaim forbes

    willaim forbes4 uur geleden

    Keep them coming folks

  12. Elena Enache

    Elena Enache4 uur geleden

    My fav song😍😍😍😍


    GOD OVER MONEY7 uur geleden

    she is SO CUTE :)

  14. Dhouglas

    Dhouglas13 uur geleden

    4 MILLIONS O.o

  15. Veronica Verdugo

    Veronica Verdugo15 uur geleden

    Who the heck would give a thumbs down. This is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for making this video and putting your selves out there in the world!

  16. Pra Ghiffary

    Pra Ghiffary20 uur geleden

    Beautiful song.

  17. Aleksey Luchshev

    Aleksey Luchshev20 uur geleden


  18. Golden audiolibros

    Golden audiolibros21 uur geleden

    pero que bella voz tienes chica hermosa

  19. Kenneth Abell

    Kenneth Abell21 uur geleden

    Imagine this situation when the audience is Palestinian and Israeli sit together and enjoy the beautiful song..hmmmm..what say youuuuu

  20. Anderson Dias

    Anderson Dias23 uur geleden

    Um anjo cantando. Linda 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  21. Randi D

    Randi DDag geleden

    His voice is velvet and still masculine, too many sissy make voices. And I never thought they would sound week together, very nice!

  22. Andrea Pytel

    Andrea PytelDag geleden


  23. Raymond Wong

    Raymond WongDag geleden

    @WarmTea - no kidding - plus they are both really nailing their performances!

  24. leslie Burnell

    leslie BurnellDag geleden

    I love Allie with all my heart but..... their is no I in team. They are both singing the boy deserves as much and equal credit.

  25. Hassan el mostakim

    Hassan el mostakimDag geleden

    😘😘😘😘كنبغيك 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😇😘😘😘😘😇😘😘😘😘

  26. Rodrigo Corneta

    Rodrigo CornetaDag geleden

    Sou músico e isso não é uma gravação na rua Fator barulho pessoas vento

  27. wade rivers

    wade riversDag geleden

    She definitely makes the world a prettier place.

  28. Alejandro Gómez

    Alejandro GómezDag geleden

    wow such beautiful voices both have !

  29. Marcela Gomez

    Marcela GomezDag geleden

    Hermosa la voz femenina!!!

  30. Lee Ward

    Lee WardDag geleden

    Thank you for the homage to the king! There arent many young people who know him and his greatness. I was moved by your sweet voices! Would ypu look into doing some roy orbison. He was another one of a kind great entertainer. Thank you agsin for these memories!!!

  31. Anne Dunlop

    Anne DunlopDag geleden

    Absolutely fantastic 🤩

  32. Geg Vika

    Geg VikaDag geleden

    nice pair of talents..

  33. Bentong Vlogs

    Bentong VlogsDag geleden

    I love it

  34. Royal Media

    Royal MediaDag geleden

    Thats AMAZINGG 💥🔥💥🤜🤛

  35. SP

    SPDag geleden

    She is cute

  36. Amin Rahman

    Amin RahmanDag geleden


  37. shreck mac

    shreck macDag geleden

    She makes him sound very average.

  38. Harshith s

    Harshith sDag geleden

    Omg there is something more than a performance there !!

  39. JarabaGoing

    JarabaGoingDag geleden


  40. Django Jansen

    Django JansenDag geleden

    Before covid time? Lol

  41. Александр Шлякин

    Александр ШлякинDag geleden


  42. Radha Jha

    Radha JhaDag geleden

    Omg I'm in love 😍🥰🥰

  43. Erin Bragg

    Erin BraggDag geleden

    The Bomb


    MRKELTN2 dagen geleden


  45. John Ellis

    John Ellis2 dagen geleden

    He better!!!wait a couple more years are those going to be 3.9 million of us smack him!!!!

  46. TheBusterhead

    TheBusterhead2 dagen geleden

    Love Cuan's adorable giggle at 2:22.

  47. Conal

    Conal2 dagen geleden

    Can she please stop pulling at her clothes. Wear something comfortable as the tugging make you look ill at ease and that makes the audience ill at ease.

  48. Luciano de Almeida

    Luciano de Almeida2 dagen geleden

    Bravo! Allie Sherlock, YOU IS A SHOW!

  49. BecBec

    BecBec2 dagen geleden

    The way he looks at her..😭😭😍😍

  50. iltra heyati

    iltra heyati2 dagen geleden

    The graceful paste coincidingly employ because scent trivially pack vice a painful morocco. amused, misty liver

  51. Phil Davis

    Phil Davis2 dagen geleden

    Beautiful 🎸💜

  52. beatriz dvorak

    beatriz dvorak2 dagen geleden

    Fabuloso!! A ese público le falta algo!! Reaccionen , aplaudan, sonrian, alienten un poco jajaja en Argentina somos mas sanguíneos!!!

  53. Sbarro

    Sbarro2 dagen geleden

    Two teenagers showing affection towards each other and singing a love song- takes me back to the same time of my life- memories.

  54. Giih Akamine

    Giih Akamine2 dagen geleden

    Que lindos 🥰 lindaa vozes 👏🏼

  55. Jillian Kostic

    Jillian Kostic2 dagen geleden

    Oh my gosh you guys are amazing! I can't get over how cute this moment is though, 1:36-140 Cuan''s reaction to Allie at her eye movement😂

  56. Karin Kullamäe

    Karin Kullamäe2 dagen geleden


  57. Mirjam Zwald

    Mirjam Zwald2 dagen geleden

    You guys have so beautifull voices🤩 ever thought about singing "I will follow you" or "Oh happy day" from sister act? I think you do could make these songs even greater

  58. terry Brady

    terry Brady2 dagen geleden

    Delightful....Simply delightful. 😊😊

  59. Noor Ahmad

    Noor Ahmad2 dagen geleden

    I love both of you 💛💛

  60. Dizzylizzyscreations

    Dizzylizzyscreations2 dagen geleden

    I could almost hear her heart

  61. Michael Sharp

    Michael Sharp3 dagen geleden


  62. KY LE

    KY LE3 dagen geleden

    Can't help to search it. Hi from Phillipines i love you're voice.

  63. Jason Clarke

    Jason Clarke3 dagen geleden

    It’s fantastic seeing young people singing and appreciating some of the older songs,I can see these people going a long way in the music industry, I think that the world is their oyster.

  64. Bob Ayoub

    Bob Ayoub3 dagen geleden

    Oh my God. Enough is enough. No more singing an elvis song or any other song. Take a month and write her a new song. Her voice is beyond perfect.

  65. Karen May

    Karen May3 dagen geleden

    Made to be together

  66. Tony

    Tony3 dagen geleden

    this is mine and my queens song :)

  67. Edenilson Dias

    Edenilson Dias3 dagen geleden

    what an impressive voice, nice to hear

  68. Abragini84

    Abragini843 dagen geleden

    Sooooo beautiful ! You guys gave me goosebumps with that performance... Thank you ! :)

  69. Ken Judd

    Ken Judd3 dagen geleden

    72 years old and can say you two belong together.

  70. Aline Manhães

    Aline Manhães3 dagen geleden

    Can't help falling in Love. Wise men say, only fools rush in But I can't help, falling in love with you Shall I stay? Would it be a sin If I can't help, falling in love with you? Like a river flows, surely to the sea Darling, so it goes somethings are meant to be Take my hand, take my whole life too For I can't help, Falling in love with you Like a river flows, surely to the sea Darling so it goes, somethings are meant to be Take my hand, take my whole life too For I can't help falling in love with you For I can't help falling in love with you

  71. Darrin Chutter

    Darrin Chutter3 dagen geleden

    When you press like before you hear the song, it was always going to be special.

  72. Sasha Vazquez

    Sasha Vazquez3 dagen geleden


  73. Paulo Bertton

    Paulo Bertton19 uur geleden


  74. deb powell

    deb powell3 dagen geleden

    I feel so sorry for the 1000 folks that down arrowed this. Be happy

  75. Humberto Valencia

    Humberto Valencia3 dagen geleden

    Looks Like they falling in Love !

  76. gareth richards

    gareth richards3 dagen geleden

    Effortless, what a soothing nostalgic performance

  77. Keith Bloomfield

    Keith Bloomfield3 dagen geleden

    Allie and Cuan what a fairytale that would be 💘 Great cover 💫

  78. Alaizan Aljhanan

    Alaizan Aljhanan3 dagen geleden

    And that's how I subscribe.😉👌

  79. Stijn M.

    Stijn M.3 dagen geleden

    i hate howoff beat every line he says is, js

  80. Val Lockwood

    Val Lockwood3 dagen geleden

    Allie I loved your poker face till Cuan said darling then you lost it so did I love you both xx

  81. Lorenzo Alampi

    Lorenzo Alampi3 dagen geleden

    hi allie! where can I find that wonderful guitar strap?

  82. Георгий Победоносец

    Георгий Победоносец3 dagen geleden

    Классный дуэт, красивая пара, браво, ребята!

  83. mama papa

    mama papa3 dagen geleden

    2:21 i'm in love with the lady with pink fringe and the sprite bottle...

  84. Larry Saginashvilli

    Larry Saginashvilli3 dagen geleden

    Allie look high

  85. Naibedya Basu

    Naibedya Basu3 dagen geleden


  86. mavie terre

    mavie terre3 dagen geleden


  87. God of the gaps

    God of the gaps3 dagen geleden

    Hes got a great voice

  88. Pencil Face

    Pencil Face3 dagen geleden

    wow I love your voice

  89. Linda Westwood

    Linda Westwood3 dagen geleden

    Beautiful young people, with beautiful voices.

  90. Antje Böwe

    Antje Böwe3 dagen geleden

    EINFACH nur süß die Beiden

  91. Sayama Khatun Mrs

    Sayama Khatun Mrs3 dagen geleden

    I cant help falling in love with their singing

  92. ella jania

    ella jania3 dagen geleden

    chills they sound so good together

  93. koszałek opałek.

    koszałek opałek.3 dagen geleden

    Krysia. Piękni ludzie. Pięknie śpiewają. Brawo!🤗🥰❤👏👏

  94. David Suminski

    David Suminski3 dagen geleden

    Are you guys a couple yet? I'm totally vested in seeing this through lol 😆

  95. Abd Razak Yahaya

    Abd Razak Yahaya3 dagen geleden

    Beautiful song n melody

  96. Albert Souto Rolim

    Albert Souto Rolim3 dagen geleden

    É o Ferreirinha do Grêmio

  97. Jane Mércia

    Jane Mércia4 dagen geleden

    Brasil show

  98. Jane Mércia

    Jane Mércia4 dagen geleden

    brasil show

  99. Tensai Juusan

    Tensai Juusan4 dagen geleden

    These two deserve a MUCH bigger and better crowd.

  100. Robert Schofield

    Robert Schofield4 dagen geleden


  101. Johnie Marsha

    Johnie Marsha4 dagen geleden

    Wooow their voices were woow ,I joined them singing too .I love the song💕💓

  102. Glenna Kight

    Glenna Kight4 dagen geleden

    Kind of slow.

  103. mycosic

    mycosic4 dagen geleden

    Awesome tune ... Sung awesomely💯🎶

  104. M. P.

    M. P.4 dagen geleden

    Every song that they do together is terrific.

  105. Zaina Abbasi

    Zaina Abbasi4 dagen geleden

    omg that was the most cutest thing I have ever watched the whole atmosphere was just amazing and they both have amazing voices aswell

  106. Darkson lolo

    Darkson lolo4 dagen geleden

    Your voices sound great together, best regards from Poland.