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Directed by Wowa

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  1. Devon Coetzer

    Devon Coetzer6 uur geleden


  2. Osama Elsehity

    Osama Elsehity8 uur geleden

    Respect from egypt

  3. User 3344

    User 334411 uur geleden

    Dope song

  4. Никита Иванов

    Никита Иванов12 uur geleden


  5. sarah kabila

    sarah kabila12 uur geleden

    Hmm hmm killed me

  6. Ilqar Paşayev

    Ilqar Paşayev13 uur geleden


  7. rueben manning

    rueben manning15 uur geleden

    I wish I could make a music video with you guys

  8. Naruto uzumaki gaming Edgington

    Naruto uzumaki gaming Edgington17 uur geleden

    This is fire 🔥🔥🔥

  9. Robert Muyonjo

    Robert Muyonjo17 uur geleden

    Cool man🤟🤟🤘

  10. KAEZ

    KAEZ23 uur geleden

    He said free sj I thought they were opsss

  11. User

    UserDag geleden

    I searched suck ya mudaaa

  12. Armando H

    Armando HDag geleden

    wouuuuuuu 🔥🔥🔥🔥🇦🇱👋

  13. timmy tim tim

    timmy tim timDag geleden

    who up for the new season im going to anfield with green puppies for sale try get me a box seat

  14. Zakiyah Jamil

    Zakiyah JamilDag geleden

    Sorry for commenting and being mean

  15. Tripy Grubego

    Tripy GrubegoDag geleden

    Mmm mmm ecin orb oediv, i ees dnerfid aedi, erom noitca ,peace👌

  16. Aisha Real

    Aisha RealDag geleden


  17. clobber online

    clobber onlineDag geleden


  18. Jaspreet singh

    Jaspreet singhDag geleden

    Waiting celebrity killer 😭🔥


    CRAZY_WAVYDag geleden

    This is a Tune

  20. Vintje 123

    Vintje 123Dag geleden

    That shottas line😂😂🔥🔥💯💯

  21. Gregory Pijlman

    Gregory PijlmanDag geleden

    Damn son tion is killing it!!

  22. Wi3rCiX xD

    Wi3rCiX xDDag geleden

    Grove Street


    ALBERTORO2 dagen geleden

    Saludos pa la africa west side normal community great obra

  24. James Gillard

    James Gillard2 dagen geleden

    Whose color is green?

  25. kevin ocansey

    kevin ocansey2 dagen geleden

    This is the best song

  26. Iris Cardoso

    Iris Cardoso2 dagen geleden


  27. César Sylvester

    César Sylvester2 dagen geleden


  28. Mason Paine

    Mason Paine2 dagen geleden

    The car what they did use in the video is for sale on eBay

  29. Natural Born

    Natural Born2 dagen geleden

    lil wine sweine

  30. Yosra Rom

    Yosra Rom2 dagen geleden


  31. Sean Karleone

    Sean Karleone2 dagen geleden

    This guy don't miss.

  32. Rani Devi

    Rani Devi2 dagen geleden


  33. Sandra Asika

    Sandra Asika2 dagen geleden

    Made me love green

  34. ῖϭῖνεlϩxΘxツ

    ῖϭῖνεlϩxΘxツ2 dagen geleden

    all of tion song go hard 🔥🔥

  35. Jay Joshua

    Jay Joshua3 dagen geleden


  36. BigD_Selecter SMG

    BigD_Selecter SMG3 dagen geleden


  37. 823_ALLDAY

    823_ALLDAY3 dagen geleden

    nigga got a whole tank 💀

  38. Callum Hills

    Callum Hills3 dagen geleden

    Im sorry but man taking shots at Harry maguire 🤣🤣

  39. AJ SINGH

    AJ SINGH3 dagen geleden

    Sidhu Army

  40. ッSynncher

    ッSynncher3 dagen geleden


  41. Decrypted

    Decrypted3 dagen geleden

    M4 move mad move!

  42. Penelope cruz vissalhassan mi

    Penelope cruz vissalhassan mi3 dagen geleden

    Ohheres princess no crimi nal

  43. Isaac Garcia

    Isaac Garcia3 dagen geleden

    Mano os cara tem um tanque de guerra kkkk como assim??

  44. Britney Willockx

    Britney Willockx4 dagen geleden

    The accent is litttt


    MAD HROAD4 dagen geleden


  46. Luke Sheppard

    Luke Sheppard4 dagen geleden

    Iv listened to this song aboutb 36 times and it's on fire

  47. Im_Rageee

    Im_Rageee4 dagen geleden


  48. mihir rahate

    mihir rahate4 dagen geleden

    Doner kebab 💖

  49. HugoEW3L

    HugoEW3L4 dagen geleden

    il s'est pris pour fianso à bloquer les routes ?

  50. wumi Oni

    wumi Oni4 dagen geleden

    Wow manda manda

  51. María Flores

    María Flores4 dagen geleden

    this is fucking amazing and their drip is just another level

  52. Supremecd2

    Supremecd24 dagen geleden

    This is HEAT🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  53. Leila Mohseni

    Leila Mohseni4 dagen geleden

    Are you on my side

  54. Big Man

    Big Man5 dagen geleden


  55. Emily Thomas

    Emily Thomas5 dagen geleden


  56. Zurst

    Zurst5 dagen geleden

    🟩🚗 TION

  57. Mateo Basha

    Mateo Basha5 dagen geleden

    Sick 🔥

  58. DeliAdam

    DeliAdam5 dagen geleden


  59. Jeremiah Lavalle

    Jeremiah Lavalle5 dagen geleden

    They’re most definitely repping Xbox

  60. Tritler Pozza

    Tritler Pozza5 dagen geleden


  61. 1108 6 Gaurav Singh

    1108 6 Gaurav Singh5 dagen geleden

    Who is here after celebrity killer

  62. 1108 6 Gaurav Singh

    1108 6 Gaurav Singh5 dagen geleden

    Sidhu moose Wala

  63. furkan arslan

    furkan arslan5 dagen geleden

    Turkish doner len aq

  64. Kimmie Wallis

    Kimmie Wallis5 dagen geleden

    This is fire


    SWAGER PUBG MOBILE5 dagen geleden


  66. Angelo Koeiaman

    Angelo Koeiaman5 dagen geleden

    Love the motocycles

  67. Neha Islam

    Neha Islam5 dagen geleden

    The fact that im a girl and i memorized this coz of my brothers and cousins😎

  68. Louis Agu

    Louis Agu5 dagen geleden


  69. B Town Media

    B Town Media5 dagen geleden


  70. Nemi - 47

    Nemi - 475 dagen geleden


  71. WA$A

    WA$A5 dagen geleden

    Lol mans got the whole Grove Street Families HERE

  72. Rygwan

    Rygwan5 dagen geleden


  73. Stief miester

    Stief miester6 dagen geleden

    Grove street knows how to turn up fr..

  74. MC Tuy

    MC Tuy6 dagen geleden

    this soo hot 🇧🇷🇧🇷🔥

  75. Tekzz_ GB

    Tekzz_ GB6 dagen geleden

    How's tion gonna shut down SJ like that when he's locked up 🔒

  76. Baboucarr Sonko

    Baboucarr Sonko6 dagen geleden

    Man u on fire

  77. LO NER

    LO NER6 dagen geleden


  78. Ujjol Rahman

    Ujjol Rahman6 dagen geleden

    Grove St would be happy

  79. Karim Assane-Aly

    Karim Assane-Aly6 dagen geleden

    Green money MOH

  80. constance amankwah

    constance amankwah6 dagen geleden

    Why Wold u name the song wow but i didn't here the word Also that beat was hard

  81. D J

    D J6 dagen geleden

    It did have the word

  82. Denis Mwangi

    Denis Mwangi6 dagen geleden


  83. trajko veljanov

    trajko veljanov6 dagen geleden

    haha he pulls up with a panzer. Another lvl flex :D

  84. ManeScreen

    ManeScreen6 dagen geleden

    They literally shut off the m4 bridge for a video shoot, money and power in the music scene.

  85. Tyrece Williams

    Tyrece Williams6 dagen geleden


  86. dbcs

    dbcs7 dagen geleden

    This is sick af. ngl

  87. AyeK4777

    AyeK47777 dagen geleden

    They have a gotdamn tank

  88. Rafael Marques

    Rafael Marques7 dagen geleden

    This is STIFF HARD


    VOID MAGMA YT7 dagen geleden

    Ramos is waiting for his call aswell

  90. liam freedom

    liam freedom7 dagen geleden

    Man shutdown Dartford Bridge 😂

  91. Jasmin Jahn

    Jasmin Jahn7 dagen geleden

    geklaut von luciano ( Drilla)

  92. ÖmssDeBömss

    ÖmssDeBömss7 dagen geleden

    Best clip of the year 4 sureeee!!

  93. BoomBonPlays

    BoomBonPlays7 dagen geleden

    Mm Mm grrrr bow

  94. G morreale

    G morreale8 dagen geleden

    These rappers crying about how they got a million views kmt

  95. Joao Silva

    Joao Silva8 dagen geleden

    The car of my dremas. That green lambo

  96. Just_swanz

    Just_swanz8 dagen geleden

    Tion wayne with a tank man thats a different level

  97. k3nshi

    k3nshi8 dagen geleden

    Nice to see Denis on the old block. C-BLOCK forever 💚💚💚

  98. Guilherme Lima

    Guilherme Lima8 dagen geleden


  99. Vincenzo

    Vincenzo8 dagen geleden

    Respect from italy 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹❤️