Trapped Inside 100 Layers of Orbeez

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  1. JustDustin

    JustDustinMaand geleden

    Did you watch our last video 👀

  2. Billie Jarrett

    Billie Jarrett8 dagen geleden


  3. Ripped Kid Fun

    Ripped Kid Fun19 dagen geleden

    What kind of question is that?ofcourse I did

  4. Gabriel Delp

    Gabriel Delp23 dagen geleden

    hey dustin u da man peace

  5. Jhon Prince Angeles

    Jhon Prince AngelesMaand geleden


  6. Castro Kids

    Castro KidsMaand geleden

    Which one

  7. Sara Shoutz

    Sara Shoutz2 uur geleden

    Put him in titanium

  8. Keith Grove

    Keith Grove3 uur geleden

    In handcuffs

  9. Keith Grove

    Keith Grove3 uur geleden

    You should put Zach in a box of cement

  10. Keith Grove

    Keith Grove3 uur geleden

    In handcuffs

  11. Nicholas Gonzalez G

    Nicholas Gonzalez G4 uur geleden

    make a obsidian wall and make zach or zack break it in a box

  12. Brett_fitz 456

    Brett_fitz 45615 uur geleden

    i forgot i about your vids. glad i’m watching again!

  13. Brianna Li

    Brianna Li17 uur geleden

    He does realize that he can use both pick ax, one in each hand right????

  14. Ponchito Montaño

    Ponchito Montaño17 uur geleden


  15. Bob, the awaken one

    Bob, the awaken one21 uur geleden

    Put him in metal

  16. Travis B. Honest

    Travis B. HonestDag geleden

    If you can't break the wall, break the wall around the wall.

  17. Christina S

    Christina SDag geleden

    I think Zach you try this but way harder

  18. lfh broek

    lfh broekDag geleden

    Put Zack in obsidian

  19. Among us gaming NL

    Among us gaming NLDag geleden

    Do 10 layers of concreat

  20. Sidrah Mubashir

    Sidrah MubashirDag geleden

    Creative channel is fight like this video so

  21. Sidrah Mubashir

    Sidrah MubashirDag geleden

    You have to fight him in years you have never been Gabba Gabba Ranch

  22. Prankster master 69 BrUh

    Prankster master 69 BrUhDag geleden

    Its More like 1big layer of plastic

  23. Allen Oriño

    Allen OriñoDag geleden

    Put him

  24. Tyler Bailey

    Tyler BaileyDag geleden

    i call them ice picks

  25. Gaius Viviani

    Gaius VivianiDag geleden


  26. Ninja Philip

    Ninja Philip2 dagen geleden

    Put him im obsidian

  27. Markus Veskimae

    Markus Veskimae2 dagen geleden

    put zach in concrete

  28. Nate animates

    Nate animates2 dagen geleden

    You should of trailed the hammer down using the nail remover so the orbies don’t get more dense

  29. GL1TCH

    GL1TCH2 dagen geleden


  30. Helen Lambert

    Helen Lambert2 dagen geleden

    Put him in a glass box

  31. Xtremis the taquito

    Xtremis the taquito2 dagen geleden

    i know why they lost. It's because dustin didn't go for the blue ones

  32. Rachel Mason

    Rachel Mason2 dagen geleden


  33. A human

    A human2 dagen geleden

    Hmm I mean there seems to be an empty space where he could just climb over I understand the idea I'm not hating just making a comment

  34. ballistic whitty

    ballistic whitty3 dagen geleden

    Put him in titanium 500 layers

  35. James_Boom 76

    James_Boom 763 dagen geleden

    100 layers of cement

  36. Christopher Channing Roper

    Christopher Channing Roper3 dagen geleden

    You should do one with Trent in a box


    LAZARUS MALDONADO3 dagen geleden

    5:38 that was so smooth

  38. Daniel

    Daniel3 dagen geleden

    A good video but it does not look like 100 layers

  39. 1200hp

    1200hp3 dagen geleden

    do titanium with c

  40. 1200hp

    1200hp3 dagen geleden

    dustin brake a weapon every vid

  41. keunta12 parks

    keunta12 parks3 dagen geleden


  42. Leslie Anklam

    Leslie Anklam3 dagen geleden

    Put Zach in 100 layers of steel

  43. Samalique Jarrett

    Samalique Jarrett3 dagen geleden


  44. Samalique Jarrett

    Samalique Jarrett3 dagen geleden

    Use the same thing about it and I will be in the morning 🌄🌄🌄🌄🌄🌄🌄🌄🌄🌄🌄☺️

  45. Angelica Wolfspeed

    Angelica Wolfspeed3 dagen geleden

    Put in candy,chocolate or stone

  46. Jore Fransen

    Jore Fransen4 dagen geleden

    A box of rubber

  47. Blox Boy

    Blox Boy4 dagen geleden

    How can u get trapped in 100 layers of orbies?

  48. TheBig SausageMan

    TheBig SausageMan4 dagen geleden

    When the dog says 6:48


    ESTEPHAN ERAGON4 dagen geleden


  50. Kylie Wilson

    Kylie Wilson4 dagen geleden

    You’d think it’s easy but then you see that wall sheesh

  51. FIRBALL297 Gaming

    FIRBALL297 Gaming4 dagen geleden

    You dustin where these mr beast looking thumbnails come from

  52. Lol

    Lol5 dagen geleden


  53. Gianne Carl Ramos

    Gianne Carl Ramos5 dagen geleden

    Put him in rocks

  54. h2ldn_

    h2ldn_5 dagen geleden

    Jesus died on the cross for our sins, he payed the price we deserved so we could spend eternity with him it’s all about grace

  55. FiveMinutes

    FiveMinutes3 dagen geleden

    if ya don’t sin a little jesus died for nothin!

  56. Scott’s gaming

    Scott’s gaming6 dagen geleden

    Whatever happened to the OG TRAVIS

  57. Tiffany Brown

    Tiffany Brown6 dagen geleden

    I like trent's shirt

  58. ETWOW1 Ethan

    ETWOW1 Ethan6 dagen geleden

    Do concrete next

  59. deborah singh

    deborah singh6 dagen geleden

    put him in deflated basketballs

  60. Micro Guardian FanEver

    Micro Guardian FanEver7 dagen geleden

    Put Zack of a box of fruit by the foot

  61. Lenard Jandayan

    Lenard Jandayan7 dagen geleden

    I love the man she so strong 💪

  62. Freddy Lemm

    Freddy Lemm7 dagen geleden

    y e s

  63. Onii-chan UwU

    Onii-chan UwU7 dagen geleden


  64. Luxe H8ted

    Luxe H8ted8 dagen geleden

    Dustin x wall

  65. Blaize Contee

    Blaize Contee8 dagen geleden

    Hard 💩 that’s what you should put him in

  66. Rick Pellegrin

    Rick Pellegrin8 dagen geleden

    Put zack in concrete

  67. Trent T

    Trent T8 dagen geleden

    100 layers of that wonderboard!

  68. The Cool Cannon

    The Cool Cannon8 dagen geleden


  69. Tyler Nutgrass

    Tyler Nutgrass8 dagen geleden

    The ultimate wall is the titanium trap them in that

  70. Donutpanda_21

    Donutpanda_219 dagen geleden

    That face protection and his hat faced backwards make it look like he is using a face visor and a helmet

  71. Agent Hp

    Agent Hp9 dagen geleden

    8:33 he should try mining as a hobby


    RECTIONAL GAMER9 dagen geleden

    He sounds like unspeakable

  73. DogenZgaming

    DogenZgaming9 dagen geleden

    The Quality of this has gone down

  74. Microphone 69

    Microphone 699 dagen geleden

    Make a wall of ooblek

  75. Ace 25

    Ace 259 dagen geleden

    It’s like mrbeast but he uses weapons

  76. Damion Conroy

    Damion Conroy9 dagen geleden

    Pls change the music

  77. Tia Wilson

    Tia Wilson10 dagen geleden

    Yes yes Yessssss

  78. Modi Lønfeldt

    Modi Lønfeldt10 dagen geleden

    Do 100 Lægers of Steel

  79. Sabrina Evans

    Sabrina Evans10 dagen geleden

    The walls is a wallpaper

  80. Rafael Flagg

    Rafael Flagg11 dagen geleden

    Put him in a pool of hot sauce

  81. Pokemon Jeremy

    Pokemon Jeremy11 dagen geleden


  82. Caleb Reed

    Caleb Reed12 dagen geleden


  83. Kenan Hadzimujic

    Kenan Hadzimujic12 dagen geleden

    Put him in 100 layers of titanium or steel or anything thats metal

  84. Vihaan Bundhun

    Vihaan Bundhun12 dagen geleden

    put zach in a wall of 100 layers of duck tape

  85. debra nisbit

    debra nisbit12 dagen geleden

    100 LARS OF SLIM

  86. Eric Adams

    Eric Adams12 dagen geleden

    POV: your bilding a snow hill and digging a tunnel through it

  87. Isaiah Martin

    Isaiah Martin12 dagen geleden

    That paper is looks like Orby‘s but that’s not what you’re breaking through you’re breaking to leave it real or bees

  88. Isaiah Martin

    Isaiah Martin12 dagen geleden

    Oh no

  89. UNKNOWN !!!

    UNKNOWN !!!13 dagen geleden

    Put Zack in 100 layers of bullet proof glass lmao that would be cool

  90. Noah Smeathers

    Noah Smeathers13 dagen geleden

    Are all the wall with concrete at the back foit

  91. Mckenzie Harris

    Mckenzie Harris13 dagen geleden

    Put Zack in the dunk tank and put slime in the water and ice cold water

  92. Gale Gomez

    Gale Gomez14 dagen geleden

    you should put him in next

  93. Denise Collins

    Denise Collins14 dagen geleden


  94. WR_Kodakk

    WR_Kodakk14 dagen geleden

    I have a great idea for Zack to be trapped in! Paper and Glue wall

  95. Omg adventures

    Omg adventures14 dagen geleden

    Trap him in 100 layers fiber concrete like you did with trent

  96. Isaac Duncan

    Isaac Duncan14 dagen geleden

    we have mr beast at home

  97. Mamuanadude 3

    Mamuanadude 314 dagen geleden

    Can you do 100 layers of glue

  98. adam gaming

    adam gaming14 dagen geleden

    100 layers wit bricks

  99. Rando And Things

    Rando And Things14 dagen geleden

    Sorry to be... "THAT G U Y" but I hate the fact that they use the B A C C of pickaxe and/or ice climbers.

  100. Zayden Robinson

    Zayden Robinson14 dagen geleden


  101. Marie Lewis

    Marie Lewis14 dagen geleden

    I know what u should pit him in next u should pit him in a house like this orby one BUT in stead on orbys pit a lay of glass then wood then mettal =w= this probley my best idea i have ever thought of lol

  102. Fintan stewart-pullan

    Fintan stewart-pullan15 dagen geleden

    3:40 This is me on mine craft trying to get through obsidian with a iron pickaxe

  103. Jax Martin

    Jax Martin15 dagen geleden

    You should be in a nice cage but instead of ice it should be hot sauce

  104. Jax Martin

    Jax Martin15 dagen geleden

    Frozen hot sauce

  105. Rfsdf Drfdef

    Rfsdf Drfdef15 dagen geleden

    100 layers of steel shet

  106. Jermon Garrison

    Jermon Garrison15 dagen geleden


  107. Jermon Garrison

    Jermon Garrison15 dagen geleden


  108. Jermon Garrison

    Jermon Garrison15 dagen geleden

    Put him in gravel/metro/cement