weki meki birthday kisses compilation

i love these lesbians so much it's unreal

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  1. Snatching Careers

    Snatching Careers12 dagen geleden

    The amount of gay panic in this video‼️🤣

  2. GISELLE Is Here

    GISELLE Is Here28 dagen geleden

    This a Twice tradition too 😂but I think the members in Twice don’t mind but Weki Meki being disgusted but got used to it

  3. GISELLE Is Here

    GISELLE Is Here28 dagen geleden

    I find it cute when Lucy turn Yoojung head around 😂 And also there Doyeon being shock while she watched a whole movie that probably includes that

  4. Heloisa Baierle

    Heloisa BaierleMaand geleden

    Lua and yoojung are so gay 😂❤️

  5. Jan Brianna Buan

    Jan Brianna Buan2 maanden geleden

    It’s still a mystery how yoojung could kids the girls on the lips so casually and confidently 😭😭

  6. yoonnie min

    yoonnie min5 maanden geleden

    heteros les dicen

  7. theo✔💎

    theo✔💎5 maanden geleden

    3:05 doyeon 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. theo✔💎

    theo✔💎5 maanden geleden

    Yoojung cute

  9. Zalfa Izdihar Marha

    Zalfa Izdihar Marha6 maanden geleden

    weme: "goodbyee~" *doyeon suddenly kiss yoojung sei: aH i DiDnT sEe It

  10. Ciber Oyuncu

    Ciber Oyuncu6 maanden geleden

    ME watching that and smiling like idiot :D

  11. dinohaseul

    dinohaseul7 maanden geleden

    Other members: kisses on the cheek Yoojung: GIVE ME A REAL DAMN KISS

  12. LiviA

    LiviA7 maanden geleden

    lua and yoojung: yeah we gay keep scrolling

  13. Goblin Girl

    Goblin Girl8 maanden geleden

    Sei constantly going 😙😖😙😖😙😖 and backing out of her kisses askdhsjsj she’s sO CUTE???

  14. Mllz Toxic3

    Mllz Toxic38 maanden geleden

    I'm living for Lua and Yoojung

  15. Jazzy Mintz

    Jazzy Mintz8 maanden geleden

    I’m just 4 seconds into this video and I’m already a gay mess

  16. Marya

    Marya8 maanden geleden

    2:18 PLEASE the gay vibe

  17. Goblin Girl

    Goblin Girl8 maanden geleden


  18. Az119

    Az1198 maanden geleden

    Yoojung and lua are such confident gays lmao gotta love it

  19. Cris o

    Cris o8 maanden geleden

    🤣 i was waiting for suyeon kiss birthday too 💕

  20. WANI Yusuf

    WANI Yusuf8 maanden geleden

    This is yoojung who start this kiss bday hahaha yoojung lua confudent gay

  21. JAY KAY

    JAY KAY8 maanden geleden

    Lua&Yoojung: it’s our time to shine!😘💋

  22. Maritha Sodrono

    Maritha Sodrono8 maanden geleden


  23. 0lA noc que poner aqui uwu

    0lA noc que poner aqui uwu8 maanden geleden

    Están reforzando la amistad JDKSJDKSHKDHD

  24. iLuvSeveN07

    iLuvSeveN0710 maanden geleden

    I think only leader-nim don't have bday kiss version.

  25. Life Die

    Life Die8 maanden geleden

    @iLuvSeveN07 vlive

  26. iLuvSeveN07

    iLuvSeveN078 maanden geleden

    @Life Die Any link?

  27. Life Die

    Life Die8 maanden geleden

    She has

  28. Purple Lyrics

    Purple Lyrics10 maanden geleden


  29. luli :D

    luli :D11 maanden geleden

    yoojung said lesbian rights

  30. Felix Fynn

    Felix Fynn11 maanden geleden

    yoojung really went for that huh

  31. Shin Nie

    Shin Nie11 maanden geleden

    We needed one of these videos

  32. Coffee drinker

    Coffee drinker11 maanden geleden

    Awwww ❤️❤️

  33. Catherine T

    Catherine T11 maanden geleden

    I found it so funny that after a couple of birthdays the girls are just started putting on lipstick before the kiss to make a good mark 😂😂👀

  34. Believe in your intuition

    Believe in your intuitionJaar geleden

    Their jaw line is no joke 😍

  35. Hirohito Wesker

    Hirohito WeskerJaar geleden

    The Queens 💜💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️❤️ #StanWekiMeki

  36. Harmony

    HarmonyJaar geleden

    14:00 got me like 😳😳

  37. muffin roha

    muffin rohaJaar geleden

    Please make a video of astro and weki meki moments

  38. muffin roha

    muffin rohaJaar geleden

    @liquidmalice omgggggg!!!!!!! Yessss

  39. liquidmalice

    liquidmaliceJaar geleden

    i would love to, it's on my list!

  40. KICKS.

    KICKS.Jaar geleden

    Other members: "Kyaaaaaaa!" Lua and Yoojung: "GIVE THEM TO ME NOWW!!!"

  41. princx_

    princx_Jaar geleden

    Doyeon's jawline can cut my life span in half

  42. princx_

    princx_9 maanden geleden

    Stan straykids okay? oh that's me with a snapchat filter on

  43. Stan straykids okay?🧑‍🎤

    Stan straykids okay?🧑‍🎤9 maanden geleden

    @princx_ yes

  44. princx_

    princx_9 maanden geleden

    Stan straykids okay? are you talking about me?

  45. Stan straykids okay?🧑‍🎤

    Stan straykids okay?🧑‍🎤10 maanden geleden

    Who's the one on ur profile picture

  46. Iskra Flores

    Iskra Flores10 maanden geleden

    1:58 ikrr lile sweetie end my life already

  47. eduarda oliveira AC

    eduarda oliveira ACJaar geleden

    "weki meki birthday kisses compilation" * i click * few seconds later: 0:04 me pretending to be shock: :0

  48. v i n t a g e

    v i n t a g eJaar geleden

    a foto KKKKKKKK

  49. Syifa Lubna Salma

    Syifa Lubna SalmaJaar geleden

    Yoojung is the confident gay haha

  50. core encore

    core encore5 maanden geleden

    @Melanie Charles Chirinos she said, don´t care the gender

  51. Melanie Charles Chirinos

    Melanie Charles Chirinos5 maanden geleden

    @live유시아 when did she say that? In Vlive?

  52. isa mi mujer

    isa mi mujer7 maanden geleden

    and lua?

  53. 愛—𝑘1𝑡𝑡𝑦 𝑐0𝑟3.

    愛—𝑘1𝑡𝑡𝑦 𝑐0𝑟3.8 maanden geleden


  54. Mónica Faggioni

    Mónica FaggioniJaar geleden


  55. WJen8

    WJen8Jaar geleden

    I stopped studying for 17 and a half minutes for this. Worth it.

  56. Secretpop

    SecretpopJaar geleden

    Lua and Yoojung are almost always the first ones to give the kisses ahah I love this tradition 🥰

  57. Jenna Beales

    Jenna BealesJaar geleden

    They are the best

  58. haerims hamster

    haerims hamsterJaar geleden