weki meki's sei being the most underappreciated kpop idol for 18 minutes straight

pls enjoy my emotional support kpop girl

0:23 sei's voice being heaven
2:48 sei being a cutie patootie
6:20 sei being a DUMBASS with ZERO shame
8:21 sei's laugh being a literal antidepressant
9:03 sei being fluent in english
10:06 sei not knowing wtf is going on/vibing by herself
11:31 sei being a dork in weki meki relay dances
12:21 angery sei
14:41 sei being the president of Gay Panic™



  1. Chaewon Kim

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    Everyone line up fill the forms everyone will experience a day with Sei

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    now I need Sei to debut as an actress too rtghauiorgnuirg

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    Sei are cute, I love her voice, thanks for the video

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    RINI DAUD3 maanden geleden

    i just know her from into the new world cover shes soooooooo cutee btw im a wizone

  6. AnotherUser

    AnotherUser4 maanden geleden

    Sei is the best. I've been listening to a lot of pop music lately, and I would have missed out on it all, if not for Sei's captivating vocals in "Crush". And when she sings with Ants! And everything about her performance for "Whatever U Want!" She's so great.

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    Please make a compiled video of Doyeon/members adoring Sei.🙂

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    update i am now a sei stan thak you for this video i will watch it religiously

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    sei is my bias wrecker. her stans get fed so well especially on twitter 💔

  11. klaudia

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    my babyyyyy i'm so in love with her

  12. leeknow ssi

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    Hey where you get the vlive 2:37?

  13. Goblin Girl

    Goblin Girl5 maanden geleden

    www.vlive.tv/video/208404 ❤️


    J.Y PANCAKE5 maanden geleden

    Sei forehead is brighter than my future:")why she has to cover it

  15. Goblin Girl

    Goblin Girl5 maanden geleden

    love is stored in sei’s forehead

  16. That Dude

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    Stan wekimeki *mwah*

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    Hey there birthday girl ;) #happyseiday

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    She just deserves the world honestly and I’d give it to her but I need someone to reach it for me since I’m so short....

  20. Funis Awesome

    Funis Awesome5 maanden geleden

    Quick question ? Has Sei ever dye her hair blonde? , sorry if I'm acting dumb I don't know if that is between brown or blonde

  21. Goblin Girl

    Goblin Girl5 maanden geleden

    As far as I know, she has never been fully blonde, just light brown/gingerish 🧡

  22. Torcik

    Torcik6 maanden geleden

    hello i am a kiling for over 2 years now and i was having a really hard week but today after i watched your video i feel like im cured from all the sadness and bad thoughts... sei really is an amazing person :(

  23. Goblin Girl

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    i’m so glad my video helped make you feel better, stay strong love!

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    ahhhh tysm for making content about this babyyyyy

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    Which song did she sing at 2:13

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    @Goblin Girl thank you so much 💜

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    Every Day, Every Moment by Paul Kim

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    i love her sm

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    Thank you for Sei content :)

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    thank you so much for this videoo:((((

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    she is the cUTESt girl in this world !! jdsjjdks thanks for this video :(

  32. Sony Aja

    Sony Aja6 maanden geleden

    She's the prettiest member of Weki Meki, but she's rather boring. Boring + Fantagio's "Dodaeng and Friends" policy = unseen.

  33. Sony Aja

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    @markigirl27 My opinion is only as boring as Sei.

  34. markigirl27

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    @Sony Aja dude U knew what u were doing trying to be negative and now u deserved to be called out on ur biased boring opinion.

  35. Sony Aja

    Sony Aja5 maanden geleden

    @빛나는윜밐 So it's the other way around? Well, if Lua can "force" Fantagio to let her have short hair, then what is stopping Sei to be less stiff?

  36. 빛나는윜밐

    빛나는윜밐5 maanden geleden

    @Sony Aja still, its better that she can be the one she wanted to be and do the things she wanted to do so...

  37. 빛나는윜밐

    빛나는윜밐5 maanden geleden

    @Sony Aja oh its lua who wanted the haircut fantagio rejected her a few times

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    YESES im so glad to see this vid

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    Sei you Sei me Sei it together that's the way it should be🙌😂👍😎

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    thank you so much for sei content shes the best!!

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    ahhh u don’t need to thank me, she’s the best and so are u for loving her 😳👉🏻👈🏻

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    thank you sm for making this beautiful 18 min video of the loml sei omg,, the editing looks good and I can tell you worked hard on it, and it's always great to see other seiluvrs

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    thank u so much ahhhh ur kind words mean so much to me

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    Nice. And pls add this tag 위키미키, so when they search for Weki Meki theyll find your video👌

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    QUEEN SEI is gorgeous & very pretty, beautiful mind, perfect personality, calm and soothing energy, mutitalented, got that angelic voice with powerfull vocals, great and flowless dancing, can play the guitar and piano perfectly, and hella charismatic In conclusion she is the definition of QUEEN 👑 QUEEN SEI YOU'RE VERY PRECIOUS AND WE ADORE YOU THANK YOU FOR YOUR💕 CONTINUOUS HARD WORK & I'm sure a bright future waiting for you 🙏

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    Yesss WEME content and especially Sei content!!!!!! Thank you so much

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    she is literally the light of my life and it’s so sad that there’s so little content for her :(