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  1. Christian Jack

    Christian Jack30 minuten geleden

    Who is smarter Adam duh

  2. Jenevi Malalis

    Jenevi Malalis33 minuten geleden


  3. Relly stupid guy

    Relly stupid guyUur geleden

    "Probably nothing is gonna happen to the child of I will drink alcohol The child :

  4. Samia Aydi

    Samia Aydi2 uur geleden


  5. Hellen Hernandez

    Hellen Hernandez3 uur geleden


  6. Traffic Junky

    Traffic Junky3 uur geleden

    I want Thanos to wipe 99.99999999999999999999999999% of existence except for me

  7. Mega Does Things

    Mega Does Things4 uur geleden

    250m views damn

  8. Thyseer Backyard Garden

    Thyseer Backyard Garden4 uur geleden

    Can I get a shout out I really like your content.

  9. Mohamed Hm

    Mohamed Hm4 uur geleden


  10. Flame

    Flame5 uur geleden

    Not funny

  11. Sista Marie

    Sista Marie5 uur geleden


  12. daisy

    daisy5 uur geleden

    how does this has 242 million views, it has more views than music artists

  13. Hüseyin Altan

    Hüseyin Altan5 uur geleden


  14. Amany Amany

    Amany Amany6 uur geleden


  15. manoranjan sagar

    manoranjan sagar7 uur geleden

    😀😀 👍

  16. السرحاني السرحاني

    السرحاني السرحاني8 uur geleden


  17. Amy mbow

    Amy mbow8 uur geleden


  18. Татевик Василян

    Татевик Василян9 uur geleden

    Cpcfра егвр

  19. Татевик Василян

    Татевик Василян9 uur geleden


  20. dextroy eating pizza rolls

    dextroy eating pizza rolls10 uur geleden

    Bruh 🤨😟😔

  21. Thomas Moxon

    Thomas Moxon10 uur geleden


  22. Aladia Caceres

    Aladia Caceres12 uur geleden


  23. Teena Suryavanshi

    Teena Suryavanshi14 uur geleden

    Left one is very smart and write one is not smart

  24. Shatoya Barley

    Shatoya Barley14 uur geleden


  25. Shatoya Barley

    Shatoya Barley14 uur geleden

    It’s justin

  26. Shatoya Barley

    Shatoya Barley14 uur geleden

    I mean Justin I think

  27. Shatoya Barley

    Shatoya Barley14 uur geleden


  28. lvnaryii

    lvnaryii15 uur geleden


  29. Diksha Joshi

    Diksha Joshi15 uur geleden


  30. Neha Khanchandani

    Neha Khanchandani17 uur geleden


  31. محمد خليل

    محمد خليل19 uur geleden


  32. Michelle Paulo

    Michelle Paulo19 uur geleden


  33. John Paul Alpas

    John Paul Alpas19 uur geleden


  34. Emilio Gonzalez

    Emilio Gonzalez21 uur geleden

    I forgot he’s name but is the purple hair one I used to watch lanky box I just forgot bout lankybox

  35. pokemon gamer

    pokemon gamer12 uur geleden

    He is justin or justie kroma


    FUN WITH SMILE21 uur geleden


  37. Saratha Rani

    Saratha Rani22 uur geleden

    Both are smart

  38. Yeniz Murcia

    Yeniz Murcia22 uur geleden


  39. Roman Rodeiguez

    Roman Rodeiguez22 uur geleden


  40. GalaxyGamer569

    GalaxyGamer56923 uur geleden


  41. JamielGamerYT

    JamielGamerYTDag geleden

    I wish my little brother can understand this cringe video 😆

  42. karolina turtakova Karolína turtakova

    karolina turtakova Karolína turtakovaDag geleden


  43. IrOsi Collado

    IrOsi ColladoDag geleden

    Mejor comete toda la sal mejor de Charly

  44. Pereira Lea

    Pereira LeaDag geleden


  45. SanayPlayz

    SanayPlayzDag geleden


  46. G&K adnan

    G&K adnanDag geleden


  47. Yessica Cherres peche

    Yessica Cherres pecheDag geleden

    E xactos de la semana pasada porque mi tía monica no te preocupes nosotros estamos de lila ya lo compro una cartilla de lila ya lo compro una cartilla que tenga un 😂🤣

  48. Yessica Cherres peche

    Yessica Cherres pecheDag geleden

    E xactos de la semana pasada porque mi tía monica no te preocupes nosotros estamos de lila ya lo compro una cartilla de lila ya lo compro una cartilla que tenga un tema inte a la niñita Ponga en la Tarde y q tal como estas en el bono rural y la mamá Lila y nuestra salud cuidese saludos de lila ya lo compro una

  49. roarwww

    roarwwwDag geleden

    Grey one is smarter

  50. Sakura Channell

    Sakura ChannellDag geleden


  51. Yong Wei Jie

    Yong Wei JieDag geleden

    Welp imma help Thanos collect infinite stones

  52. Jitendra Sinha

    Jitendra SinhaDag geleden


  53. Istvánné Jutka Gál

    Istvánné Jutka GálDag geleden


  54. Bindu Rathore

    Bindu RathoreDag geleden


  55. Лариса Чеботарь

    Лариса ЧеботарьDag geleden

    кто любит дошик лайк

  56. عبدالله تعلوب

    عبدالله تعلوبDag geleden


  57. Nataline Nyarko

    Nataline NyarkoDag geleden


  58. Rohlat Roawa

    Rohlat RoawaDag geleden


  59. Vanessa Katrina Omac

    Vanessa Katrina OmacDag geleden

    Another good reason why Thanos wiped half of the universe

  60. Elijah Nzayisenga

    Elijah NzayisengaDag geleden

    Justin but I think Adam but I don’t know but I think

  61. Samar Fatima

    Samar FatimaDag geleden

    BTS 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  62. Dream's Dad

    Dream's DadDag geleden

    If this is all I takes then why I'm I even putting effort into videos?

  63. Everything Mikeila

    Everything MikeilaDag geleden


  64. Хасан Кантаев

    Хасан КантаевDag geleden


  65. SF_Zach YT

    SF_Zach YTDag geleden

    Who’s smart adam

  66. eerieberie

    eerieberieDag geleden

    bro the fact that this has 251M views, a few months ago i checked their most viewed vid and it had only 30M views, and its not even this video

  67. Тыы Ктоо

    Тыы КтооDag geleden

    Очень познавательное,доброе,нн смешное видео.Ну можно было делать более реалистечнее

  68. Rita Juskeviciene

    Rita Juskeviciene11 uur geleden

    @Jose Guiel 0 1111

  69. Jose Guiel

    Jose GuielDag geleden



    ARIANNE GAMINGDag geleden


  71. Revathi Thangamuthu

    Revathi ThangamuthuDag geleden


  72. Ranjeet Singh

    Ranjeet SinghDag geleden

    Didi teide ekgf

  73. Km Tafsir

    Km TafsirDag geleden


  74. Awper Gaming

    Awper GamingDag geleden

    i don't know how this video got 251million view's in 2 months

  75. 4vd4g1cc

    4vd4g1ccDag geleden

    Why is this comment pinned?

  76. Chart Singh

    Chart SinghDag geleden

    Grey shirt boy

  77. Jyoti Pathak

    Jyoti PathakDag geleden


  78. vnjie75

    vnjie75Dag geleden

    I miss the old lanky box:(

  79. TiredTrufflex

    TiredTrufflexDag geleden

    both sides are cringe tbh

  80. JamielGamerYT

    JamielGamerYTDag geleden

    They do it now for money :(

  81. youssef moujtahid

    youssef moujtahidDag geleden

    i do too

  82. Ugou Gamer😉

    Ugou Gamer😉Dag geleden

    PROBALY adem is smarter i know its adam but! i LIKE to call him adem SOO adem is smart!

  83. Isaac Loh

    Isaac LohDag geleden


  84. Prashil

    PrashilDag geleden

    Thanos was a good guy

  85. Prashil

    PrashilDag geleden

    I wish thanos was alive and saw this he would snap half of the universe

  86. lvnaryii

    lvnaryii15 uur geleden


  87. ARTLiA Meyer

    ARTLiA Meyer Dag geleden


  88. ARTLiA Meyer

    ARTLiA Meyer Dag geleden


  89. Jenly Sevillino

    Jenly SevillinoDag geleden

    No one

  90. unicorn sprite

    unicorn spriteDag geleden

    0:01 eipc

  91. Siberena Young

    Siberena YoungDag geleden


  92. Sara Stafford

    Sara StaffordDag geleden


  93. Shajahan Alaudeen

    Shajahan AlaudeenDag geleden

    ahh sh*t another cringy youtuber having a lot of views..

  94. Izzah Amna

    Izzah AmnaDag geleden


  95. Asia Lesaldo

    Asia LesaldoDag geleden

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 happy joke

  96. Destiny Black

    Destiny BlackDag geleden

    The one on the right

  97. Jennifer Fitts

    Jennifer Fitts2 dagen geleden

    Justin is smarter because his pasta was very hot probably because he put hot sauce in it

  98. Dagne Dadi

    Dagne Dadi2 dagen geleden

    im more concerned on why they are eating normal spageti with utensils no sauce

  99. Dream's Dad

    Dream's DadDag geleden

    American life style lolololol

  100. Falil Sylla

    Falil Sylla2 dagen geleden


  101. Paul Oliver

    Paul Oliver2 dagen geleden

    None cause that could of never happened if he didn't leave and the purple hair is wasting food if they don't eat it

  102. gredis90com

    gredis90com2 dagen geleden

    Nice lankyboox niceeee is so funny l am a fan

  103. ELAINY hst

    ELAINY hst2 dagen geleden


  104. ‹ アマル •﴿ֆ ☕️✨

    ‹ アマル •﴿ֆ ☕️✨2 dagen geleden

    None of them

  105. Malik Hussain

    Malik Hussain2 dagen geleden


  106. bumptious bumptious

    bumptious bumptious2 dagen geleden

    BRUH 250M